Derivatives track has become an industry consensus. Bitcoin will be up to 20,000 US dollars in the year?

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2020 cryptocurrency market welcomes a good start: BTC rose more than 29% in January, and regained the 10,000 yuan mark on February 9! At the same time, on February 10, OKEx announced that the destruction of 700 million uncirculated OKBs caused another wave of "destruction." Many platform currencies have increased to varying degrees. Stimulated by the rising market sentiment, what are the trading platforms' plans for next? play? According to Tokeninsght's 2019 Annual Derivatives Exchange Research Report, the trading volume of digital currency derivatives in 2019 has increased dramatically, and the futures trading volume of the entire market is expected to reach more than double the spot trading volume in 2020! In transaction business, contracts, options, ETFs and other derivative products are gradually enriched; in the ecological layout, public chain, DEX, mining pool and other services are becoming more comprehensive. What will be the core competition points on the exchange track in 2020?

In this live broadcast, we will invite OKEx's chief strategy officer, Bybit co-founder and CEO Ben Zhou, and TokenInsight partner Zhao Wei to discuss the beginning of the bear and the beginning of the bull. The trading platform moves frequently. Should we get on the bus?

[Live Program List]

14: 00-14: 20 Xu Kun, Chief Strategy Officer

14: 20-14: 40 Bybit co-founder and CEO Ben Zhou

14: 40-15: 00 Zhao Wei, Partner of TokenInsight

15: 00-15: 30 Roundtable Dialogue

[Guest Introduction]

Xu Kun , Chief Strategy Officer of OKEx. Yangtze River EMBA, Chinese Psychological Research on the Application of Chinese Blockchain, Expert Committee Member of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, Deputy Secretary-General of the Blockchain Branch of CCPIT, First Female Instructor of Guangzhou Huangpu Blockchain Training Academy, Early Participant of Digital Currency Market, The founder of the first IP blockchain project in China and a former head of the Tianfeng Securities Blockchain Research Center, has extensive financial market experience and accumulation of blockchain industry resources.

Ben Zhou , co-founder and CEO of Bybit. He has more than 10 years of management experience in the financial industry. He has served as the executive director of the world's largest retail foreign exchange dealer ( in Greater China, focusing on the traditional financial and derivatives fields, and has a deep understanding of how to meet the transaction needs and trading experience of retail users. In 2017, he devoted himself to the blockchain industry, carried out industry status analysis and market demand research, and founded Bybit in March 2018, focusing on the digital asset derivatives field, comprehensively solving user transaction pain points and industry disadvantages, and creating benign digital asset transactions. surroundings.

Wei Zhao , Master of Economics, University of Edinburgh, Partner of TokenInsight. Responsible for the TokenInsight rating and research department, leading the construction of rating, research and data systems. In 2012, he began to contact Bitcoin, researched more than 800 projects, and completed more than 200 research reports.

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Derivatives track has become an industry consensus. Bitcoin will be up to 20,000 US dollars in the year?

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