5G commercial is really coming! Staking 5G project Amino Network called COSMOS

5G commercial license issuance edge calculation wind outlet is about to break out


On June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G commercial licenses to China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Radio and Television. China officially entered the first year of 5G commercial use.

The commercialization of 5G means that it will bring new changes to our lives, and the Internet of Everything will no longer be a dream. Perhaps the most intuitive is the speed of the network. But 5G is far from being as simple as a simple upgrade. 5G upgrades the online world from "two-dimensional" to "three-dimensional." Driverless, automatic driving, etc. will become a reality. 5G can also be “enabled” and artificial intelligence is more powerful.

The first vent of the 5G era – edge computing will also come early!

Edge computing technology has become an inevitable choice because of the low latency and high reliability communication requirements of 5G transmission. At present, the process of standardization and industrialization of edge computing is rapidly advancing. It is expected that the market size will exceed one trillion in 2020. The computing field will enter the era of complementary computing between cloud computing and edge computing.


The wind has come, how to choose a good edge computing investment target in the face of the trillion future market? The Amino Network gave its own answer.

The recent heavy release of the Amino Network "Fog Plan" announced that the 5G edge computing field has finally ushered in the first blockchain project.

Amino Network's "ambition"


Amino is a commercially available 5G intelligent Cloud-edge cloud-side computing network. It is a blockchain project that truly empowers the real economy and has been commercialized. Currently:

 More than 4,000 computing nodes have been connected to the Asia Pacific region for more than 3 years.  Signed Cloud-Edge cloud computing services worth more than $15 million with Fortune 500 companies.  Deep learning cloud service platform with more than 10,000 registered users of AI engineers.


(Amino Network's business model)

Amino has done a lot of research and investment in high-performance cluster computing, AI computing, and cloud rendering. At the same time, it will further strengthen cluster computing management and better undertake the commercial market of edge computing.

Amino's vision: The Amino Network has been "ambitious" since its inception – becoming a decentralized computing network that goes beyond the Amazon cloud!

Because the decentralized Amino Network has many advantages over traditional cloud computing centers in terms of price, construction cost, expansion speed, elastic computing, and cloud-edge architecture:


Centralized companies such as Amazon Cloud and Alibaba Cloud rely on investment to drive the growth of the number of nodes to earn a lot of money; and Amino's "fogging plan" relies on the contribution of the community to complete the growth of computing networks to increase revenue.

The biggest builder and beneficiary of the traditional business ecosystem is the company, and the builders and beneficiaries of the Amino decentralized network are the communities.

Relying on the core technologies of the community and the amino OS, the community becomes the builder and beneficiary of Amino, so that the Amino Network can achieve a lower cost and unlimited number of computing nodes than traditional cloud computing centers.


The “Fog Plan” was released, and the community built and shared the revenue of the trillion market.

The “fogging plan” is the community plan for the Amino Network to build a decentralized computing network. Users can: $ Staking participate in community network construction (node ​​pledge contribution mining) $ Provide computer computing power to participate in computing network construction (node ​​power contribution Mining

Both can get token incentives. Let Amino community contributors grow with Amino, build a cloud-edge global computing network beyond Amazon in the 5G era and share the growth gains from the growth of the network.


Currently, Amino has deployed 4000+ nodes to generate $15 million in revenue. In the future, with the increase in computing nodes, revenue and market value will continue to grow exponentially.

At the same time, revenue growth will lead to the growth of the community network and the expansion of influence. The positive cycle of computing network and community network will jointly promote the all-round growth of Amino market value, revenue, and server nodes. Finally, feed back all Amino “fogging plan” community contributors.

The “fogging plan” is divided into two parts: the social network and the power network.

FOG values ​​are available to nodes that contribute to both the social network and the power network. The social network is a fixed ratio: 1000 Amino produces 1 FOG per hour.

The computing network evaluates the computing power of the computing nodes according to AI, such as CPU, GPU, RAM, HDD, Network, etc., and derives the FOG generated per hour according to the supply and demand relationship (refer to Amino English Technical White Paper 2). Users can access their own computers to access the Amino network to provide computing power to obtain FOG output.

Each cycle (7 days) receives a dividend based on the ratio of the FOG value to the total FOG value of the cycle. The dividend source is Amino network computing revenue + new network value, and the fixed dividend per cycle is 10% in the dividend pool.

Both the primary and super nodes have additional incentives.


Amino vs. COSMOS

For the Staking project, Amino is inevitably compared with Staking leader COSMOS.

First, than the Staking yield

COSMOS is a cross-chain project and a pioneer in the Staking economy. COSMOS's annual staking yields range from 7% to 20%. Amino's Staking yield is also dynamically adjusted, but according to official data, the annual yield is well over 20%. Especially in the first few cycles, the yield per 7 days can reach 8-11%. The initial horrific rate of return is difficult for COSMOS to surpass.

Second, than the market value of circulation

The total amount of COSMOS is 236,382,221, and the circulation of 150,000,000 has a market capitalization of 6.319 billion yuan. Amino has a total of 1 billion, with a circulation of 40 million, and a market capitalization of 16 million yuan.

The difference between the two is 393 times! Amino is clearly undervalued.

Third, than the future prospects

As a Staking and cross-chain probabilistic project, COSMOS has a bright future. However, there is no revenue at the moment. If the project cannot bring revolutionary changes in the later stage, the currency price may be adjusted back.

As a commercial 5G edge computing network, Amino has caught up with the 5G wave, and the future industry prospect is the trillion-scale blue ocean market. The most important thing is that Amino has achieved revenue as a project to empower the real economy. In 2019, it has confirmed revenue of 15 million US dollars.

The real revenue gives Amino a real value support, and it also has a bottoming effect on the currency price.

Conclusion: Amino Network Nuggets is a trillion-scale segment of the edge computing in the 5G era. Being a super node is an important way to participate in the Amino "fog plan" and the first step in the Amino computing network to challenge the Amazon cloud with community power. Embrace the 5G wave and grasp the bonus of the times – starting with becoming an Amino super node.


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