Analysis of the market on June 20: The Fed’s inflation expectations are rising, and what is the mainstream currency market?

Yesterday's analysis mentioned that knowing that it is not a normal callback, there is no big risk. Last night, the Fed once again put a "pigeon" to pave the way for a rate cut during the year. At this stage, a global interest rate cut, the stock market bond market is soaring, the cryptocurrency market is An anti-inflation market does not have a reason for its decline, and we find that the varieties that have risen in this round are basically concentrated in the top varieties of market capitalization. The varieties with smaller market values ​​are basically in a state of no one to care about. After all, the previous decline Too big, the set is really too much.

In a circle, Daxie said that after a rough estimate, the number of investors who are currently active in the domestic currency circle is about 500,000. When the market is hot in 2017, the number of investors is between 3 million and 5 million. In other words, it is still far from the bull market, and it has not reached the point where it blooms everywhere. Most of the reason for the current rebound is because inflation expectations are heating up. Investors are pursuing their own property preservation and appreciation. The cryptocurrency market is just a good place to go. Really If the bull market comes, the number of people directly involved in the investment may exceed 10 million.


After the BTC stepped back on the 5 antennas, it pulled out a positive line again today, away from the 5 antennas. At present, it has not completely reversed the front of the negative line. If it can be successfully reversed, the target will come out of the two yang clips. The classic bullish trend, the volume shrinking is more serious, and then it may continue to fluctuate along the 5 antennas, the target is near the 9800-10000 US dollars, do a good job of defense, the current round has never fallen below 5 antennas, 5 antennas fall Can leave the field to wait and see.


Although they all rebounded, the strength of ETH was much worse. BTC did not fall below 5 antennas at all. The ETH fell below 5 antennas and has not yet stood back. There is no event-catalytic effect. The target does not seem to have any investors at present. Attractive, big probability is still a follow-up BTC trend, but the trend may be weaker than BTC, the direction is still the same, there is still hope of continuing to innovate high, the daily line level of macd indicator gold fork after bonding, as long as there is heavy volume Breakthrough, I think the target will inevitably hit a new high in the recent rebound, and a break below $260 can leave the market.


XRP is still tossing around the support level of 0.43 US dollars. From the daily level, the small Yangyang line of the target is not strong, and there is no half of the position of the anti-inclusive line. The volume is also a shrinking state. If the target can be replenished, if it can successfully replenish, it will continue to test the pressure on the upper rail. If there is no volume, the target will lose 0.43 US dollars, then it will test the support of the lower rail. In the short term, it will be a triangular shock consolidation. The trend, the volume of the breakthrough on the upper rail can be seen to rise to 0.56 US dollars, fell below the lower rail departure.


LTC has broken through the upper rail of the triangle finishing. It is currently back on the support of the upper rail. If it is effectively supported above the modified track line, the target will once again challenge the new high. The target has a higher probability to choose to break through the new high. The time-divided level macd indicator has a golden cross sign. The daily-level moving average system is arranged in a long position. The price of the currency is above the 5th line. The trend is much better. Do a good job of defense and fall below $130 to pay attention.


Yesterday's analysis mentioned that BCH once again fell below the support level of 425 US dollars, there are signs of broken position, the trend is weak, delays will not wait for the volume, and the volume is getting smaller and smaller, may go back to test the lower track of the triangle finishing Support, observe whether the integer mark of $400 can stabilize and rebound. Now it is still not ruled out that it will release a large Yangxian line and fall below the $400 to wait and see.


EOS a big Yinxian fell back below $6.90, but the volume did not increase, but we saw that today's stop-K line has a smaller volume, indicating that the market wait-and-see mood is more serious, observe the next two days can If the counter-package is successful, the target will re-challenge the important pressure of 7.3 US dollars. If it does not stand above 6.9 US dollars within three days, it will confirm that the break is effective and may fall back. To the support level of 6.5 US dollars, individuals tend to the latter situation, pay attention to risks.


BNB continuously pulled up, in line with the judgment that the duck's mouth is speeding up. Now it has basically reversed the big Yinxian line in front. Now the macd indicator is finally golden, and the volume is also on the line, but we can see from the time-sharing chart. Out, the target's macd indicator is a divergence, and there is a risk of a dead fork, and the negative line near the front high has released a relatively large volume, I personally think that the standard of June 14th is big. The Yinxian is a shipment rather than a dishwashing. If the hypothesis is established, the target may reach a new high and then appear like this Yinxian, pay attention to the risk.

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