Getting started with blockchain | Bitcoin can't be seen or not, how can virtual money be worth?

In the first two days, the news that Bitcoin returned to 8,000 US dollars was on the hot search. This bitcoin seems to have returned to the good time of the $20,000 price. In addition to the secondary market investors’ attention, the block The eyes of chain industry investment institutions and even traditional investment institutions have returned to this fiery financial battlefield. In this hot investment moment, discussions with controversy have not stopped. Some people say that blockchain technology has changed the world, so Bitcoin can certainly represent the future and foresee the future. Some people say that Bitcoin is a game of drumming and flowering. It is completely airless. Let's talk about this topic today.

Bitcoin has been in operation since its official launch in 2009, but it has only been a full 10 years. This well-known program with a total market value of more than $160 billion has been invented by a programmer who is completely unknown. The programmer of the pseudonym "Zhong Ben Cong" was able to give up this priceless treasure after inventing Bitcoin. Then it was given to all mankind, and this is really the ultimate romantic legend in the real world.

When Nakamoto became a bitcoin, it did have a very clear purpose. The US subprime mortgage crisis that began in 2006 caused a terrible financial turmoil in the United States, and eventually swept the world in 2008. The negative effects of dollar hegemonism began to appear. The United States coughed and caught a cold all over the world.

At this time, a group of password geeks have seen such a big problem in the financial industry supported by the traditional monetary system and then consider whether there is a way to fundamentally eradicate the problems of traditional finance. The ultimate solution to the problem is the one of the world's best, named "Zhongben Cong". The answer to this optimal solution is bitcoin.

Before the advent of Bitcoin, password geeks also explored digital cryptocurrencies in many other directions. The technology used in these currencies is still derived from the encryption technology of traditional Internet technologies. There is no essential technological innovation, but some of the technologies are still bit-bit. The underlying technology of the currency laid the foundation. Such as elliptical encryption algorithms and so on. It was on the solid foundation of these predecessors that Bitcoin came into being, and the blockchain technology was born.

Blockchain technology has gradually entered people's field of vision after the birth of Bitcoin. When people really understand the blockchain technology, it is found that this technology is quite useful. For example, in traceability, confirmation of rights, anti-counterfeiting, financial transfer, banking, etc. There are landing application scenarios that can be used. People are slowly discovering that blockchain technology is different from previous traditional or Internet technologies. It is not a technology to solve a certain pain point, but more like an innovative technology to solve production relations.

For example, blockchain and 5G can change the distribution of current video or audio content. From a centralized enterprise or platform to everyone, it can be regarded as video and audio content, and then use blockchain technology to distribute and Execute the contract and use 5G to transmit. Or, for example, the combination of the blockchain and the traditional banking industry, the use of the decentralization of the blockchain, the accounting information between the bank and the bank, the transfer operation, the inter-bank remittance, etc., originally required a large amount of review and verification of the cost. The use of blockchain decentralized ledgers to complete, in addition to saving manpower, financial resources, resources, can greatly improve efficiency, providing a strong guarantee for banks to reduce costs and reduce burdens.

Finally, go back to the question, the value of an item can't just look at its external appearance, but also depends on what broad possibilities it can provide. In the primitive society, oil was not worth the fur; in the 19th century, rare earths were not worth the money of coal; now Bitcoin is suspected of being invisible and intangible and certainly not worth the money. But what can be expected is that when the blockchain technology can really promote the development of the human world in the future, at that time, there may be no more people to question bitcoin or blockchain technology. What are your opinions about your friends? Welcome to communicate with us.

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