Analysis of the market: Up-and-coming 6000 seccoin money stolen 7000btc, how to develop the market outlook?

1. According to the official announcement of the currency security, the currency security exchange discovered a large-scale security vulnerability, and the hacker was able to obtain a large number of user API keys, 2FA codes and other possible information to steal cryptocurrency. At 17:15:24 on May 7, the hacker stole 7,000 bitcoins (worth about $40 million) from the coin security wallet at block height 575012. The currency said that the transaction was the only transaction affected. Coin Security will use the SAFU Fund to pay for this event in full.

The money was stolen yesterday afternoon, but the btc broke through the 6000 pressure level at night, and then it fell sharply. The btc repair rebounded very healthy this morning, but found that the currency stopped the re-coin, and then announced the stolen Information, and then btc continues to explore support, at a time point will not be very coincidental. Let's make a hypothesis. If the money-cutting incident is true, then why was the stolen yesterday not announced in time, and the bullish atmosphere was strong yesterday. Is it that the money security personnel did not find it in time, or did they intentionally put the time in the early hours? If the stolen incident is self-directed by the currency, it is worthwhile to think deeply about the intention behind it. However, in general, the use of SAFU funds in full payment from the public security of the currency security after the incident was stolen, deepened the trust of investors. In conjunction with the collapse of the currency security incident to match the market analysis, the current high level of shocks, four hours of top divergence, the upside of the 6000 barrier, which indicates that the disk is about to undergo major adjustments. Therefore, it is recommended that the position of the investor's full position be reduced by one. If the depth adjustment is not too passive, even if you continue to break through, you can go to the position.


At present, the shock has been repaired and the station has been re-established at 5900. The panic has been repaired, and the market is accustomed to the thief. However, from the 4 hour boundary above, the macd dead fork is formed, but due to btc's repair bounce, the current passivation, the reference value depends on whether btc can rebound or not. If the pressure is not up in 5950, 4 hours. Deviation will increase the adjustment period of the disk.

Yesterday reminded everyone to lighten up near 6000, because there will be a false breakthrough under heavy pressure, and after the rise, there will be new chips. At present, the market is repaired, and the above focus is on the 5950 pressure level. After breaking through the stable position, it is expected to continue to rebound, and vice versa. (data from change)

BTC current price: 5929 Support level: 5776, 5600 Pressure level: 5950, 6027

ETH165 stopped falling. At present, there is no breakthrough in repairing the rebound. 177,170-172 belongs to the pressure range. Last night, the chassis was quilted. Currently, it is oscillating in this range. You can pay attention to whether it can break through 172. The breakthrough can be above 175, and vice versa. Test 165 support, but observe the entire main line 158-160 is the strong support area.

ETH current price: 170.75 Support level: 165.02, 160 Pressure level: 175.25, 180.16

Eos4.75 stopped falling, and it was better to destroy the 4% inflation eos. At present, in the shock consolidation, you can choose the direction of the breakthrough according to the direction of the finishing. Above the focus of the 5.02 pressure level, the breakthrough can chase more to see 5.2, and vice versa continue to test support 4.78, can not hold on to continue down 4.63.

EOS current price: 4.90 support level 4.78, 4.63 pressure level 5.02, 5.2

It is very similar to the trend of eos. It is a weak rebound in the early stage. Even if btc breaks through 6000, it has not broken new heights. Pay attention to the support level of 71.64, hold on to continue to rebound above the pressure level of 75.91, and vice versa continue to test support 766.55.

LTC current price: 76.81 support level: 71.63, 66.55 Pressure level: 75.91, 80.03


1. data shows that today's panic and greed index is 63 (69 for yesterday), greed is reduced, and the level is still greedy.

2. Trader AlbertTheKing sent an analysis of the white paper published by Bitfinex today. There are several important interpretations: 1. The white paper is not legally binding; 2. It emphasizes that investment in LEO may be lost; 3. The white paper has public BFX profits, but All figures are unaudited. Moreover, the main body of the LEO is not Bitfinex or iFinex, but a newly established company. In order to clarify the responsibilities of BFX, if LEO investors have any problems in the future, they will not affect BFX/iFinex. . In addition, the newly established company has limited assets; 4. Bitfinex is not sure whether to get back the frozen $850 million; 5. The issuer is pricing each token is 1usdt, but may decide to sell it to different people at different prices; 5. The issuer will issue 1 billion tokens, but if the private placements are not sold out, the remaining tokens will also be BFX, and BFX will decide at its own discretion at what price; 6. White Paper on the repurchase period The description is not permanent, but conditional, repurchase until no tokens are in commercial circulation (LEO without commercial circulation)

This article is not intended as an investment suggestion, and investors are expected to be sensible.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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