Monthly market report | market value and transaction volume have increased sharply, but only 30% of profitable people

Monthly report summary

  • “Investor Research”: More than 60% of investors did not make a profit in April. More than 67% of investors believe that the overall market value of digital assets will only fluctuate in a small range in May.
  • “Secondary Market Quotes Overview”: The average daily market value and daily average trading volume of global blockchain digital assets in April increased significantly. TOP200 digital assets have a large increase in the four vertical areas.
  • “First-tier market financing analysis”: In April, there were 41 global public offerings, of which the financial sector was the largest. In addition, a total of 29 blockchain projects completed equity financing.
  • “Analysis of chain data and Dapp activity”: The activity of the bitcoin chain in April increased slightly year-on-year, and the daily average bitcoin transaction volume exceeded 50%.
  • “The biggest hot spot of the month”: multiple exchanges off-line BSV.

Investor research

In April, OK Research conducted a survey for open-ended users, setting a total of nine questions, including this month's earnings, next month's currency market expectations, IEO participation, BSV removal/USDT mode/decentralized exchanges, etc. the opinion of. A total of 3,518 copies of valid samples were collected.

The results of the questionnaire show that in terms of investment income , the basic flat, small losses and large losses accounted for more than 60% of the total, that is, more than half of the positions did not make a profit in April.

In terms of expectations for the May digital asset market, the results show that nearly 70% of investors believe that the overall market value of digital assets will fluctuate in a small range in May ; less than 22% of users believe that 2019 will likely appear A sharp rise or fall. Another 10.01% of users believe that the current situation is unclear and difficult to judge.

Based on the flat expectation of the digital asset market in 2019, 32.35% of investors will not change substantially in the survey of position changes in May 2019. Another 35.53% of users will choose a smaller size to add positions. The overall investment sentiment is positive.


Regarding IEO , investors began to actively participate in the IEO project in April. Only 33.71% of investors did not participate in the IEO project. Most investors chose to try 1 to 3 IEOs.

In response to recent initiatives by the National Development and Reform Commission to classify mining as a phase-out industry, investors are clearly worried about future policy trends.

For the recent BSV down event, 50% of investors believe that the removal is unreasonable, and nearly 37% of investors believe that it has a positive effect on the market.

On the DEX (decentralized exchange) , the vast majority of investors have a positive attitude towards DEX's complementary market ecology, but 30.84% ​​are also skeptical.

Source: OK Research April Questionnaire

In terms of how to view the USDT (100% collateral mortgage) and Maker Dao (Ethernet chain over-collateralized) two models of stable coins, despite the USDT storm, investors still have a strong confidence in USDT, and for Maker Only 23.56% of Dao's investors consider it an excellent stable currency.

Source: OK Research April Questionnaire

Secondary Market Quotes Overview

Unlike the daily average market capitalization and daily average trading volume of global blockchain in March, the average daily market value rose to around US$170 billion in April, and the average daily trading volume rose sharply to around US$50 billion. Specifically, the average daily market value of global digital assets in April was 175.33 billion US dollars, up 27.31% from the previous month; the average daily trading volume was 50.27 billion US dollars, up 58.71% from the previous month.

Among the digital assets with a market capitalization of TOP200 in April, MONA gained the most, with a monthly increase of 92.56%. The performance of the cryptocurrency and payment item DGD and the content copyright item UIP is also more eye-catching.

In April, the overall weekly market value of Top200 digital assets increased by 28.47% from the previous month. According to the classification of payment currency, general public chain, industry public chain and industry application, the four major areas rose in April, and the largest increase was for vertical industry applications, with an increase of 29.79%.

30 trading platforms including OKEx, Huobi Global, Bitfinex, Bitmumb,, Upbit, HitBTC, Bittrex, and a total of 61 new listings in April . The distribution of new listings is mainly concentrated in the general public chain and financial direction; the exchanges such as Huobi Pro, Bitfinex and Hitbtc are more active.

Primary market financing analysis

In April, there were 41 global public offerings, and the total amount of project fundraising soft top exceeded US$186 million, down 61.96% from the previous month. In terms of quantity, the categories of public offerings completed in April were mainly concentrated in the fields of finance, platform currency and corporate services. In addition, social sector project financing has the highest soft top.

A total of 29 projects completed equity financing in April, with a total financing of more than 160 million US dollars.

Link data and Dapp activity analysis

In April, the bitcoin chain activity increased slightly, and the average daily chain transaction volume and the average daily chain transaction volume increased. The average daily active address of Bitcoin was 644,500, up 33.00% year-on-year and 8.97% quarter-on-quarter. Source:
In April, the average number of daily transactions on Bitcoin was 366,600, up 91.32% year-on-year, up 20.23% from the previous month. The average daily chain transaction volume in April totaled 7.769 billion US dollars, down 22.37% year-on-year and 54.86%.


In the statistics of the cumulative number of Dapps on the three major public chains in April, the proportion of Dapp on ETH continued to decline, and TRX's gains were relatively strong.


In the average daily Dapp active user statistics of the public chain in April, the number of EOS active users was the highest, reaching 147,500, and the number of EOS active users also increased the most, reaching 42.65%.


In April, Dapp's cumulative trading volume in the three major public chains increased sharply except TRX, with ETH rising the most, reaching 52.38%, while the cumulative trading volume on EOS was ahead of ETH and TRX.

Note: Co-released by OK Capital in conjunction with OKEx.

List of important global policies

Giant layout

Source: OK Research

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