Awards for Call for Papers | Celebrating the first anniversary of the PlatON Cloud Map release!

When the power of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things is still growing, the era of 5G is coming soon. In recent years, the blockchain firepower has been fully opened and is moving from concept to application. Among them, privacy computing, distributed finance, distributed data storage…. The technology about blockchain is gradually being valued by the society and widely used in many industries.

PlatON Cloud Map was released on July 19, 2018. It is deeply rooted in blockchain and privacy computing technology. It is committed to solving various problems in complex network environments through a new generation of computing architecture and a combination of hardware and software. Social production and living efficiency.

◆◆Event introduction◆◆

In order to celebrate the important moment of the first anniversary of Platto's cloud map release, we launched a one-month “PlatON Cloud Map Released One Year Award-winning Essay Competition” for the majority of community friends. If you are concerned about the Platon cloud map, or have a unique idea of ​​blockchain technology, you are welcome to contribute!

◆◆ Call time ◆◆

June 19, 2019, 8:00 am – July 19, 24:00, please submit the manuscript in time within the specified time.

◆◆Reward settings◆◆

Excellent first prize: 1 in total

Award anniversary custom souvenir + 5000 honors;

Excellent second prize: 3 in total

Award anniversary custom souvenir +2000 honors;

Excellent third prize: 3 in total

Award anniversary custom souvenir +1500 honors;

Best Technology Interpretation Award: 3 in total

Award anniversary custom souvenir + 3000 honors;

Active participation award: 50 in total

Reward 500 honors (only 50 people, first submission);

◆◆ Call for Papers ◆◆

1) It needs to be related to Platon cloud image and its technology. Please choose the topic freely or refer to the following topics:

  • Introduce the relevant blockchain technology of Platon cloud map to the community;
  • Blockchain related books reading sentiment, involving technology;
  • PlatON cloud map honor system experience, accumulation of honors and other sharing;
  • PlatON cloud map and its community-related story sharing;
  • Freely choose other topics related to the Platon cloud map;

2) Content must be original, plagiarized or otherwise published.

3) The contributor promises that his manuscript has no infringement. If the copyright of the other person is infringed, the contributor bears the tort liability.

4) The copyright of the entry is owned by the author. Platon has the right to use the work and edit the copyright, as well as the power to promote any media channel, and the contributor is deemed to have accepted this agreement.

◆◆ Entry method ◆◆

1. Donate a limited number of articles, allow text, pictures, comics, videos and other forms to make the most of your brain and creativity.

2. If it is a text form work, please set the title to the fourth character of Song Style, the body name is Song No. 5, and the number of words is not less than 500 words.

3. Your name, phone number, Platon cloud chart honor system account number and express address will be indicated in the work, so that we can send you rewards.

4. Please send the work to the designated mailbox of Platon Cloud Map at the specified time – [email protected], and name it "PlatON Cloud Essay – Original Title".

No matter how much you know about blockchain technology, just follow the Platon cloud map and welcome to contribute!

◆◆ Award process ◆◆

1. From July 20th to July 27th, PlatON Cloud Map will screen the entries and select 10 finalists. The staff will contact the author who informed the finalist, and if the author does not receive a response within 7 days, the author will automatically be considered unfinished.

2. The event will be announced on July 30, 2019 in PlatON Cloud WeChat public account, and will be awarded within one week. Please pay attention to the public number message at any time.

If you have any questions, please add PlatON Clouds Group Alita (Platon-Alita).

* The final interpretation of this activity belongs to Platon Cloud.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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