Bitcoin broke through the world again: the mining capacity is tight, and the Huaqiang North second-hand mining machine doubles the price.

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Bitcoin broke the $13,000 mark and reignited the enthusiasm of the mining market, but it also triggered a large outage in the mining machine market.

"Our main business is the graphics card mining machine, but at present our mining machine of the official website is in a state of full sale." Panda mining machine founder Guo Weicheng said in an interview with the interchain pulse, this round of market rose, once again Users involved in mining have brought great confidence.

It is not only the panda mining machine that has a tight production capacity, but the bitcoin mining machines of Bitian, Yibang International and Jianan Zhizhi are seriously out of stock.

On the official website of the three major mining machine manufacturers, the mainstream ant series mining machine, Avalon series mining machine and Wingbit series mining machine products have been sold out, only Jianan Zhizhi's Avalon 1041 can also be reserved, but The fastest is the August futures.

Bitcoin mining machine is out of stock, in addition to the market's rapid rise in market demand, another important reason is the lack of upstream chip supply. Guo Weicheng revealed that due to political factors, the shortage of upstream chip supply caused the production capacity of mining machine manufacturers to be tight, which led to the shortage of production of mining machines.

The first-hand mining machine is seriously out of stock, the market demand is still rising, Shenzhen Huaqiang North second-hand mining machine business is popular, the price of mining machine has almost doubled.

The "bull market" accelerated to open, so that the mining machine manufacturers are caught off guard, and the second-hand market of the mining machine ushered in the carnival moment. Half a year after the “mine disaster”, from the mining machine manufacturers, mine owners to retail miners, the entire mining market began to be restless.

(Photo: Bit Continental official website ant series mining machine sold out)

(Yibang International Wingbit Series Mining Machines have been sold out)

(Jianan Zhizhi Avalon series mining machines are sold out)  

Mining machine manufacturers encounter a "capacity bottleneck"

In March of this year, most of the miners had not expected that Bitcoin would regain the $10,000 mark from $3,800 in less than three months. At that time, Yibang International even reduced the production of mining machines to 400,000 units in 2019. This goal has shrunk significantly compared with the results of its sales of 309,000 mining machines in half a year.

Nowadays, in the face of the shortage of mining machines brought about by the sharp rise of Bitcoin, the limited-capacity mining machine manufacturers can only hope to sigh.

Mutual chain pulse statistics found that as of June 27, the highest point of bitcoin price has approached the $14,000 mark, which was 30.58% in the past seven days, and the increase in the past three months was as high as 200%. This has reduced the average return on investment for miners from 120-280 days two months ago to about 60-150 days.

Steven Mosher, head of global sales and marketing at Jianan Zhizhi, revealed to the media that the current inventory of the mining industry is declining, while demand is constantly rising. The current situation seems to return to the third quarter of 2017 and the fourth. In the quarter, the market demand for mining machines at that time was three times the supply.

Steven Mosher also revealed that due to the surge in interest in mass purchases by major customers, the earliest delivery time of the new miners of Jianan Zhizhi has been scheduled for October. Even the latest ant mining machine S9 SE and ant mining machine S9k in Bitland have been delayed until August.

"The last year's sluggish market has caused some mining machine manufacturers to suffer a lot of losses. In 2019, some mining machine manufacturers were relatively conservative, and the production capacity control was strict, but the market was rising too fast, resulting in a shortage of mining machines in a short period of time." Guo Weicheng indicated to the chain pulse that the mining machine manufacturer belongs to the manufacturing industry and needs a certain period of time to prepare and expand the production line.

"Insufficient supply of upstream chips is the key reason for the tight production capacity of mining machines. The chip manufacturing companies such as Samsung and TSMC are subject to political factors. The share of the cryptocurrency mining capacity that originally occupied part of the share was squeezed away." Guo Weicheng said that from the mining machine At the beginning of the manufacturing source chip of the supply chain, there has been a shortage of production supply.

Yang Zuxing, the founder of Shenma Mining Machinery, also pointed out that one of the important reasons for the shortage of mining capacity is that the supply of chips available from upstream suppliers is limited.

Therefore, even if miners want to expand production capacity on a large scale, they have to face the shortage of chip supply. Even if the mining machine manufacturers are now expanding their production, it will take several months for the chip makers such as TSMC and Samsung to take orders and deliver the chips. It is still unclear how the cryptocurrency market will move. After all, the current bitcoin trend is still facing callback pressure.

However, Guo Weicheng is still optimistic about the follow-up trend of cryptocurrency. "Last year we carried out the flow of 12nm bitcoin mining machine chips, but due to market reasons, we put aside mass production, we will open the production plan of Bitcoin mining machine in the near future." Guo Weicheng revealed to the chain pulse.

The price doubles the “carnival moment” of the second-hand mining machine market in Huaqiang North

The demand for first-hand mining machines is in short supply, and the market demand is still rising, making the second-hand market of mining machines extremely hot.

"A large number of second-hand mining machines, used T9+10.5T, second-hand L3+L3++, S914T500 units, the above machine months, power supply is not required." Many long-selling Shenzhen Huaqiang North mining machine exchange WeChat community, mining machine sales The merchants have once again become active, and such recycling ads for used second-hand mines are overwhelming.

The supply of mining machines is insufficient, and the price has risen, and everything seems to have returned to the seller's market.

"Just received 150 second-hand ants S914T, the recycling price of 1900 yuan / Taiwan, more than two thousand sold out, cleaned up and immediately packaged and shipped, very tight." Shenzhen Huaqiang North a mine machine sales Li Na to the chain The pulse indicates, but the recycling of used miners also depends on the quantity, the quantity is too small, and the price is naturally low.

In April this year, when the inter-chain pulse visited Huaqiang North SEG Electronics Plaza, the price of the second-hand Ant S914T mining machine with power supply was only about 1,200 yuan. In less than two months, the price of second-hand mining machines rose by nearly 80%.

The price of the first-hand mining machine, which is out of stock, has doubled.

Mutual chain pulse review found that the official price of the ant mining machine S9k13.5T was only 1950 yuan/set on the official website of Bitcoin, but the display was sold out.

"The ant mining machine S9k13.5T spot 3900 yuan, paying the deposit, the futures are cheaper, but it will not be shipped until the end of August." Shenzhen Huaqiang North mining machine sales Li Na said to the chain pulse, the recent price hike, The spot mining machine is quite popular, the price is doubled and the shot is very fast.

"To buy it quickly, it is not expensive, it is out of stock immediately." Another strong sales machine in Huaqiang North, Miss Hu also said to the chain pulse that the two models of the ants S9SE and S9K have just been released. Soon, the shortage of goods on the market is very powerful.

In her view, as long as the currency price can be maintained at more than 10,000 US dollars, Huaqiang North's "mine mining business" will soon be hot again, at least the sale of second-hand mining machines is not a problem.

"Don't look at Bitcoin. They say that they want to make big calculations. They don't ship so fast. Even if the production capacity keeps up, they will first put them in their mines. The good things are not the first. ". Li Na, who is also optimistic about the second-hand market of the mining machine, told the inter-chain pulse that the inventory of the entire mining machine market is so much. As long as the bitcoin does not burst, the market demand will become larger and larger, and the mining machine market will not be a business.

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