Grin 2.0 is coming soon, developers agree to change the technology development roadmap

According to Coindesk's June 27 report, the developer of the privacy coin Grin recently held a meeting to hold a developer conference for privacy-oriented GRIN tokens, and they agreed to postpone the change to the planned Workload Proof (PoW) update, but It will definitely be implemented in the foreseeable future.


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The move is intended to give ASIC manufacturers a return on investment on the chips they already produce, and plans to phase out the cuckatoo32 miner chips will be postponed until 2021.

After the public's view of the feasibility and inevitability of the single-chip ASIC miner, Grin no longer supports mass market miners who are driven by the market to run GPU miners on the grounds that they have improved heat density and reduced early stage Cost and possibly reduce electrical costs.

The team initially promised to “reject the chip ASIC mining machine”, but now the GRIN dedicated ASIC mining machine (different from the SHA256 algorithm ASIC) has dominated the market and is economically applicable. The team only promised to take the cuckatoo31 from the roster. Excluded. Grin developer John Tromp wrote:

"In short, blocking a single-chip ASIC miner seems to be no longer valuable and not feasible, but I thought it was worth it in the early days, so I will take a phasing out approach."

Tromp said that three OEMs, Samsung, TSMC and Intel, should be able to produce the increasingly efficient Cuckatoo32 ASIC. His support hopes to provide manufacturers with confidence to continue production.

Tromp is almost 100% confident that Cuckatoo32 (C32) is ready for deployment, but he also pointed out that "in the worst case, if the underlying computing power drops, GPU miners will be happy to use the secondary graphics card to make up for the shortfall." The only certainty is that "the phase-out of Cuckatoo31 (C31) is a foregone conclusion." He wrote to Coindesk:

"Currently, the calculated value of Cuckatoo31 is 2^8*31=7936. Starting from around January 15, 2020, after about 31 weeks, this value will drop linearly to 2^8*0 = 0. At one point, it has actually disappeared, leaving only C32."

The developers also pointed out that a simple code upgrade would make Cuckatoo33 replace the outdated technology if there was a reason for the decoupling of the Cuckatoo31 mine. However, this decision will also be postponed by the 18-month review period.

Other updates

Well-known developer Yeastplume said:

"First of all, as you know, 2.0.0 is coming, this is our first scheduled hard fork (you can also call it 'network upgrade' if you wish.) Fortunately, as far as our current In the case of a forced upgrade, this means that all users of Grin must upgrade their software to version 2.0.0."

Since the previous update was not fully adopted, resulting in months of incompatibility within the network, Yeastplume did the work to ensure that it could be used, he wrote, "For whatever reason, many users, especially the exchanges, have not followed. On the latest version of Grin, this led to communication errors between Grin and their wallet.

To ensure full compliance, Yeastplume stated that "all current versions of Grin will stop working in the HF block in a few weeks" and he hopes that when the user's node exits, this is not surprising.

He also said that the governance structure is about to change, including asking for a comment period to seek more community involvement, and a slower launch of planned upgrades. In addition, he concluded:

"The 2.0.0 version of the code does a better job of version review. The software should do a better job of clearly informing users about potential incompatibilities. We hope that when we have to introduce new features to support the upcoming technology, This will help a lot."

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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