Bitcoin is 15 minutes deep and $1,700. Coinbase and other platforms once 瘫痪

According to data provided by, bitcoin prices sprinted to a maximum of $13,965 at around 3 am today, and then fell more than $1,700 in 15 minutes. As a result, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase reported its website and API. Not working properly.


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According to Coinbase's status page, the exchange reported significant disruptions to its website, mobile applications and APIs, although its internal systems appeared to be working during this time. In an interview with the media, a Coinbase spokesperson said: P4

"We have recovered, we have implemented the fix and are monitoring the results."

It is reported that at the same time, the trading application Robinhood also reported the issue of its encrypted trading service. The platform is inaccessible on both mobile and desktop browsers at around 20:45 UTC time.

As of press time, the market price of Bitcoin has recovered to $12,893.

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