Wanchain released the PoS Galaxy Consensus Beta in the first quarter of the year, doubling the speed of the block, the official light wallet debut


On June 26 , 2019 , Wanchain officially released the beta version of the PoS Galaxy Consensus . The galaxy consensus is a practical PoS consensus protocol proposed by the Wanchain Consensus team based on a variety of cryptographic techniques to prove security, with a complete delegation mechanism and an economic incentive model. The release of the Galaxy Consensus Beta is the announcement of the Consensus Technology Yellow Book and Concept Prototype on March 31 this year. After the launch of the Alpha version on May 18th , the Wanchain team achieved a key victory in the project of the PoS Consensus Mechanism. The Beta release schedule in the roadmap set at the beginning of the year is one quarter ahead of schedule .

Galaxy Consensus Beta, highlights five highlights

1. For the first time, the original PoW- based test network was upgraded to a test network based on the PoS galaxy consensus . This also laid a solid foundation and accumulated rich experience for the team to finally switch the consensus mechanism on the main network.

2. The Beta test network's block rate is doubled compared to the Alpha version , which means that the overall network transaction throughput TPS has doubled. This is the consensus of the team after repeated theoretical argumentation and engineering calculations, under the premise of ensuring absolute security, the galaxy consensus has achieved a huge performance breakthrough.

3. Wanchain first introduced the well-designed desktop-side light wallet Wan Wallet ( beta version) . In addition to the functions of universal token transaction transfer, Wan Wallet also provides the client with a visual operation interface for the agent. At the time of the official release, we will also provide a visual operation interface for the verification node for pledge mining.

4. The PoS browser has been upgraded from the Alpha version to the Beta version , adding a lot of useful features. Verify node information, principal information, pledge, yield, various statistics, etc. on the browser page at a glance.

5. Wanchain first launched Wanchain Network Status ( beta version) to provide professional users with a visual tracking platform for the status of Wanchain network under the galaxy consensus operation. Through the platform, users can visually monitor all status data of each verification node.

Download / Query Address: Wanchain desktop light wallet Wan Wallet: https://github.com/wanchain/wan-wallet-desktop/releases

Note: The currently released light wallet only supports the test network. Please do not send the WAN token on the main network to the address of the wallet.

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Wanchain PoS Browser: http://testnet.wanscan.org


Wanchain Node Status Tracking Platform Wanchain Network Status:



The Wanchain consensus mechanism switched from PoW to PoS will occur at a height of 3,560,000 blocks, expected next Monday. Prior to this, the Wanchain PoS browser and Wanchain Network Status were unable to display information related to the galaxy consensus.

At present, the Wan Wallet desktop light wallet can use all functions normally, and the client can also delegate the token to the existing verification node in the test network. However, since the consensus mechanism has not been completed, the current verification node and the principal can register in advance, but the interest mining cannot be performed until the consensus mechanism is automatically switched to the PoS.

Three major technological innovations in the galaxy consensus

  • Secure random number generation algorithm

We have made a lot of innovations in the random number generation algorithm, and designed a more secure and efficient random number generation algorithm Random Beacon, which ensures that the generation of random numbers is decentralized, unpredictable, unbiased, evenly distributed, and guaranteed output. And publicly verifiable, in line with the six standards for measuring the merits of random number algorithms.

  • Efficient block selector algorithm

We have innovatively designed the Unique Leader Selection (ULS) algorithm for the choice of the blocker. This algorithm can guarantee the uniqueness of the legal blocker, greatly reducing the probability of natural fork and shortening the consensus time. The choice of the blocker is fair, verifiable and anonymous.

  • Complete consensus delegation mechanism

We have designed a complete consensus delegation mechanism. The principal delegates the WAN to the trusted verification node through the smart contract. The node acts as the consensus, and the protocol layer automatically calculates and assigns the reward to the client. This ensures that even if the verification node runs, the rights of the principal can be fully guaranteed. At the same time, the principals with smaller interests participate in the consensus through entrustment, which greatly reduces the threshold for participation in the PoS consensus and improves the practicality of the consensus.

The significance of the galaxy consensus

The launch of the galaxy consensus has gradually opened the consensus nodes in the Wanchain network to the community. Wanchain will officially open the process of complete decentralization. The transaction throughput TPS and security performance of the entire network will also be greatly improved.

In the short run, the galaxy consensus assumes the normal operation of the Wanwei chain itself, ensuring chain safety and chain activity all the time. In the long run, the galaxy consensus bears the normal operation and prosperity of the Wanwei chain ecosystem, and carries the value circulation of the WAN. The galaxy consensus and the cross-chain mechanism together promote the iterative evolution of Wanchain and continue forever.

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