Blockchain redemption guide: stay away from speculation and cultivate value awareness

The film "Schindler's List" describes an originally greedy and lascivious "speculative merchant" Schindler, who had witnessed the horrific Jewish massacre by bribing Nazi officials and employing more than 1,100 Jews to work in his factory. The story that saved them from the war slaughter.

A thought becomes a Buddha, a thought becomes a demon, and a situation creates a hero.

In this peaceful era, Schindler may be just a profiteering treacherous businessman, hiring the cheapest laborers, raking in greater profits, and his private life is still unchecked, presumably he will be sneered at.

However, in the war years, when the Jewish nation was in danger, Schindler's goodness of humanity was activated, he devoted all his wealth to save those innocent lives, and finally burst into tears because he failed to rescue more people.

Schindler's charity will always be remembered by the Jews. Someone knocked on the gold teeth and made a gold ring for Schindler. It said, "Saving one person is saving one world."

Coincidentally, in the movie "I'm Not the Medicine God", Cheng Yong, a "purchasing agent" who also regards money as life, has radiated the glory of humanity in the longing for life of leukemia patients, and has become a salvation hero.

They were originally profit-making market merchants, but in the end they all glowed with humanity and won the respect of the world.

German Schindler took to the fascist trial seat, and the purchaser Cheng Yong failed to escape legal sanctions, but they all transcended the boundaries of "law" and became "good" people respected by the world.

On the eve of the outbreak of blockchain technology, a group of people who went to eat crabs in the early days also used the 1CO model to quickly earn a lot of wealth and counterattacked to achieve freedom of wealth.

Some of them were dubbed "cut leeks". Although difficult to be sanctioned by the "law", they were "guillotine" who had been immortalized by moral sanctions and became "treacherous" people who will never stand up.


Recently, a "list" has been circulated on the Internet, including Binyi's sister He Yi, Tron Sun Yuchen, node capital Du Jun, on-chain technology Zhong Gengfa, Tiger Fu Wang Ruixi, etc., which almost includes all the well-known big coffee in the industry. (At first glance, the list was created by the Air Force, and will not be shared here.)

The people on the list are involved in almost all aspects of the digital asset ecosystem, including: exchanges, wallets, investors, public chains, technology outsourcing service providers, and media.

As if it was time to settle accounts after the fall, many people in the circle began to feel nervous.

If it is tried in the name of issuing currency, many projects have relocated the issuer of the currency to overseas, and no charges can be charged. If it is tried in the name of "cutting leek", "cutting leek" itself is a financial market behavior, and it is impossible to obtain evidence; If the name is "rich money", this is obviously a bit of a zero-sum game, and no one can prove that the blood loss of the "leeks" was harvested by them.

This is a very interesting topic. Are these early "successful" people making money from the era of blockchain technology, or wielding a scythe to eat human blood?

This problem should be defined by "law", but it is more difficult to cut into the digital asset market supervision:

1. The legal boundaries of digital assets are blurred. There is no clear definition of points or commodities, but they are definitely not "currency". However, in a small country such as Zimbabwe, where the currency is heavily inflated, its circulation value has far exceeded its national legal currency;

2. Digital assets are anonymized digital codes, which is difficult to verify retrospectively. Even if they reach the relevant address, as long as the other party does not recognize or hand over the private key, it is difficult to check in.

3. Digital assets generally circulate on a global scale and are not under the control of any sovereign country. They are strongly regulated in one country and can also flourish in another country.

Therefore, for a long time, the digital asset market was allowed to grow wildly. Today, it has grown into a super market with a market value of more than 200 billion U.S. dollars. There is no uniform standard for market order and rules, only one The consensus that "code is law" supports the influx of people.

At present, there are positive and evil evaluations of the digital asset market, and there is no objective and fair determination. It is more just an evaluation of the subjective moral layer of the individual.

This list of allegations does not have any objective logic. It is rather a kind of glory that is all glorious, all at the same time, and the old man in the currency circle is meant to be killed.

Afraid, in the eyes of those who are "prejudiced", "I'm not targeting anyone, I just want to say that all present are garbage."


In recent times, the storm of supervision has intensified. The regular army waiting is finally entering the mountains to kill the bandits. It is very confused to see the monkey buttocks everywhere. Who is the bandit?

As an outsider who is well versed in the currency circle, let ’s give the regular army a few “robbers” with the “value investment” standard:

1. The exchange colluded with the project party's behavior of harvesting users. There is a class of small and medium-sized exchanges in the currency circle, which is not well known, but has a brutal business model. I always put on some exotic currencies and co-operated with the project side. When attracted a large number of leeks to enter the market, they began to violently hit the plate and complete the harvest naked.

For example, the matcha exchange ranks in the top position by brushing trading volume, and then launches some air coins to increase explosive projects at a high rate to induce investors to participate and harvest at the appropriate time.

At present, in addition to Huobi, Binance, OKEx and other mainstream exchanges, there are still certain public opinion constraints (don't be brazen), most of the small and medium-sized digital asset exchanges have their currency listing specifications, review standards, asset transparency, security protection measures, etc. Without protection, the potential risks are high.

2. The project party issues various Ponzi schemes such as model coins, resonance coins, pyramid schemes, and air coins. This kind of project seems to have a unique model innovation system, but in fact it is all out of basic value support. The logic of its hype is nothing more than first engaging in community shouting orders to allow some speculators with a gambler mentality to get on the car and give them the sweetness, and then attract more people to the car to pick up the disk, wait until the currency price rises 10 times or even a hundred times, unexpectedly hit the plate to complete the harvest.

For example: MLM coins PGS, etc., soared nearly 60 times like crazy dogs after being launched, and investors were joked that the project party only pulls the disk and does nothing. Later, after one or two plunges, the prototype was returned, and how many people were trapped.

The reason for the existence of the model currency is that most people in the current currency circle have a hundred-fold currency dream. The mainstream currencies, such as Bitcoin, are already very large, and the increase is relatively limited, and those model currencies with great fluctuations in the price of various currencies naturally become the citron.

3. The project owner borrowed the concept of blockchain to engage in wealth management wallets to circulate money in the name of depositing money and generating interest. This type of project mainly uses the high-yield effect of digital assets to make money, seduce grandpas and a large number of purchases, deposit them in the centralized wallet they have controlled, display false floating earnings, trick them to keep reinvesting, and so on. , Rolling money to run.

For example: PlusToken wealth management wallet, etc., continue to spread a set of low-cost investment, high-yield financial management concepts, while designing a pyramid-type head-returning income model, harvesting relatively weak socially disadvantaged groups.

This type of project just replaces the P2P financial fraud scam with a blockchain vest, without changing the drug. You are staring at the interest of others, and behind the scenes traders are staring at your principal.

A brief summary, the early chaos in the blockchain industry can be summarized as: "Chaos" In the early days of blockchain technology, the Token economic model is still not mature; "Chaos" is too small on the market, and the secondary market is easily affected. Dog village manipulation; "Chaos" is small in the circle, most of them are speculators, and it is too easy to be induced by short-term benefits; "Chaos" lacks anchored landing value in most projects, and is not guided by work .

Fortunately, after the clear direction of the 1024 policy, all chaos is on the way to improvement. Supervision will smooth out the above obvious violations, and will also form a set of value-based "rules" and "orders":

Those small exchanges that do not have a competitive advantage and rely heavily on the currency fee model currency will be eliminated; those that have no commercial value support, deliberately speculative capital disks, and air coins have no evil soil; those that do not have original capabilities and rely on gray Industry media will also be eliminated.

The market is the worst "killer" and the best "cradle".


Having said so much in the currency circle, at this moment it seems that there are 10,000 voices screaming "Bitcoin goes to zero, the blockchain is dead".

Those who make money in the early days, despite the gift of God, have a hard time obtaining the forgiveness of the general public, and it is very difficult. For example, people ’s philanthropist and dreamer Sun Yuchen (no zuo no die).

For those who have been hurt and deceived, it is reasonable to have such grievances. However, pessimistically, Sun Yuchen still jumps out and disgusts you from time to time. Your "hate" does not solve any problems.

Because it is wrong to despise the underlying logic of an industry because you hate some people, let's spend more energy on learning the blockchain technology.

In fact, any industry will be chaotic in the early stages of immaturity, and the Internet and mobile Internet are no exception, not to mention an emerging blockchain industry that is still in the early stages of technology germination.

In the early days of the wild development of the Internet and mobile Internet, spam and virus Trojans flooded. Many people were abducted and fell into a "cognitive" trap. Even now, many business models on the Internet dare not say that they make money. That is justice, for example, Baidu bidding, big data killing, privacy sales, fake and shoddy.

In the nearly 20 years of the rapid development of the Internet, it has always been looking for "order" in chaos and seeing "justice" in bloodshed. The only thing that remains unchanged is the rapid development of Internet technology.

"Merchants pay attention to the benefits, and leave the previous month to buy tea." Since ancient times, merchants have been images of profit and mercy. They are treacherous and stubborn. The status is very low.

In the business environment in the context of modern society, businessmen are the most sensitive to capture market changes. They often can be the first to earn a bucket of gold in industries that are "invisible" to everyone, such as early micro-businesses and early speculation. At the same time, businessmen are also the group that can't be solidified by cognition. They can also make money silently in areas that everyone "sees but looks down on", such as mobile phone films, early childhood education, adult supplies wholesale, and so on. Modern businessmen only talk about heroes based on how much money they make. The so-called "suffocating fortune" is the truth.

"Justice" has never been a criterion for judging the legitimacy of a thing. The law is that "justice" is nothing more than a "idea" product made by most people.

As if those who make money from the asymmetry of market information and those who make money from poor cognition do not have any "morality" at all. In fact, under the premise of not breaking the law, people who make money will never advocate "morality" first. The so-called sense of morality is mostly an excuse for those who later miss out on opportunities to make money. For example, other people seized the air, we did n’t have that life, others made money, and that money was dirty, and we could make it but not make it.

The book The Origin of Wealth articulates a view that wealth was "evolved" rather than "created". In the past three to fifty years, the market economy system has undergone multiple evolutions: the first is the evolution of physical technology, such as steam engines and computers; the second is the evolution of social technologies, such as currency and joint-stock companies; the third is the business model Evolution, such as business strategy, management methods, etc.

The high probability that the trusted production relationship and Token economic incentive model involved in blockchain technology will be the inevitable choice for the next round of social technology evolution. Those who have achieved "success" in the currency circle are by no means a historical accident. They recognize the value and grasp the direction. You and I may both.

The coming of the regulatory storm and the clearing up of all chaos will not only make people outside the community happier, but the people who really do things in the circle are not "applauding."

I believe that when everything is false and true, the entire industry will be as innocent as it was when you first saw you.


Maybe without me, you can also feel that the digital market today is becoming more and more intolerant of speculation. Just speculation, even if the regulation does not kill you, the market will ruthlessly expel you.

In fact, since the beginning of this year, the digital asset market has undergone many benign evolutions.

1. The beating of the regulatory stick indicates that the barbaric growth environment will be restricted, and various types of charms will be suppressed. The market environment for good coins to drive out bad coins has been initially formed;

2. The entry of institutional funds indicates that the stability of the secondary market for digital assets will increase, and the financial disruptive behavior of using the secondary market to manipulate currency prices will be suppressed.

3. The exploration of mainstream digital currencies such as Libra and DECP may lead the blockchain era into a new chapter in the Cambrian explosion. Blockchain technology will integrate public welfare, people's livelihood, supply chain finance, commodity traceability, medical care, education, etc. , Flowering in the vertical application industry.

As for the chaos in the past that can't bear looking back, it is by no means a person. A project can be set off. In this chaos-cut chaos food chain, everyone who is speculator may be an accomplice.

As the blockchain industry continues to mature, in the foreseeable future, the blockchain market will gradually move from a narrow crowd to the mainstream. It is no exaggeration to say that the nature of the blockchain market has changed and the rules have changed.

Just a few points, a few trends I can see:

1) Digital asset exchanges will tend to be compliant and licensed, and asset inflows and outflows will be included in "supervision";

2) The public chain will launch a long-term tug-of-war with the alliance chain. The former is a hard-core technology competition between countries competing for the right to speak about world order, and the latter is the foundation for blockchain technology to take root. The beginning of

3) Digital wallets will continue to lower the barriers to entry for new users. Financial scenarios such as digital asset management, stablecoins, and DeFi will bring more and more new users into the circle, injecting new blood into the development of the industry.

In short, the blockchain is no longer an arrogant and lonely geek. He will gradually integrate and penetrate the Internet and the Internet of Things, and walk into everyone's life.

A final word:

There is no "Schindler" in the currency circle, and there is only one way to "self-redeem": value perception.


Awareness evangelist of blockchain value, senior blockchain practitioner. There is no concept of tallness, no sparse technical description, only the most popular business, the most sensitive perspective, and the most unique insights. I am still a poor elementary school student in the blockchain industry. All the thoughts and thoughts in this article are broken thoughts. If you are in the circle, do n’t laugh. Welcome to discuss.

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