Which company likes to hire people the most? Which jobs are most popular? 2019 Blockchain Overseas Recruitment List

There is always a gold rush mentality surrounding Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Despite sharp price fluctuations (the value of Bitcoin soared by more than 230% in the first six months of 2019, up to more than $ 12,000), nearly half of companies cited regulatory uncertainty as a major obstacle to blockchain adoption, but employers still In continuing to capitalize on this wave, invest in blockchain technology and talent.


For example, Mark Zuckerberg hopes to launch the new global cryptocurrency Libra in 2020. Digital payment giant Square recently formed Square Crypto, a crypto-focused team with the goal of strengthening the Bitcoin ecosystem. Not only that, you will soon be able to use Bitcoin with Starbucks through a brand new trading app, which can also convert digital assets into U.S. dollars.

So, under the headline of cryptocurrency innovation, what will the employment growth of cryptocurrency-related jobs and the interest of tech talent look like this year? What can we expect in 2020? This article analyzes millions of job postings on Indeed.com (recruitment site) and reveals how Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain trends are impacting the job market and what it will look like in the future-it Is it gold-plated or pure gold?

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Bitcoin related jobs at a glance

Searches for bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies are declining, but employer demand is skyrocketing. According to Indeed.com, during the four years from September 2015 to September 2019, the share of these jobs in all job types increased by 1457%. During the same period, the share of searches increased by only 467%.


(Job seekers and employers' interest in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain is increasing year by year, image source: Indeed )

According to recent data, in the past year, the proportion of job postings related to cryptocurrencies has indeed increased by 26%, while the proportion of searches has decreased by 53%. Bitcoin's volatility seems to be related to the interest of job seekers, and the change in bitcoin price this year may be the reason for the decrease in job seekers.


(Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain related work and search volume change, image source: Indeed )

However, related companies have doubled their investment in blockchain technology, which means that job seekers with these skills or interested in this industry may have a lot of opportunities.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Technology Posts

Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency-related technical positions are in high demand. What are the specific positions?


(Top 5 cryptocurrency technology posts, from top to bottom are software engineers, senior software engineers, software architects, full stack developers, front-end developers, picture source: Indeed )

From writing smart contracts to designing user interfaces for cryptocurrency applications, to building decentralized applications (dApps) that communicate with the blockchain, there is endless stream of work in the bitcoin field-the top five technical jobs prove this.

These jobs require familiarity with basic cryptography, peer-to-peer networking, and a computer language such as C ++, Java, Python, or JavaScript (and some cryptographic soft skills). In order to stand out, learning new blockchain development languages ​​such as Hyperledger, Bitcoin Script, Ethereum's Solidity, Ripple protocol, and even languages ​​currently under development, such as Rholang, is the secret to staying ahead.

Which companies are recruiting cryptocurrency, blockchain and bitcoin related talents?

Software jobs account for the highest percentage of cryptocurrency-related jobs, but which companies have posted them in the past year?

Since the development of blockchain technology has gone far beyond the financial field, you will see some cryptocurrency startups, but you will also see some larger and more mature companies, which are not directly related to the cryptocurrency (or even the financial industry) relationship.


(15 companies recruiting the most talents related to cryptocurrency, blockchain and bitcoin, image source: Indeed )

1. IT, consulting and professional services company

Two of the top four accounting firms are among the top ten, and technology giant IBM is among them. Earlier this year, EY launched a new cryptocurrency tax accounting tool for investors, and many consulting companies are also hiring blockchain talent to advise customers on how to apply these new technologies. IBM also launched IBM Blockchain World Wire, a blockchain network that clears international payments in near real time.

2. Cryptocurrency company

It is to be expected that five companies directly related to cryptocurrencies-coinbase, Ripple, Circle, Kraken and ConsenSys-appeared on this list.


Why are financial companies hiring so many blockchain and cryptocurrency talents? Many of them are designing their own dollar-backed digital currencies. For example, Signature Bank has established its own blockchain platform Signet, which allows its customers to complete the transfer within 30 seconds by converting USD into an Ethereum-based token, or "Signets". This service is uninterrupted 24 hours.

4. Non-financial companies

Considering the potential of the blockchain, companies outside the traditional financial ecosystem are beginning to use it in areas such as supply chain management, e-commerce, and telecommunications.

Collins Aviation, ranked fifth, is an Iowa-based company that provides solutions for the aerospace and defense industry. It uses blockchain technology to make complex global supply chains more efficient and protect defense- and space-related data from cyberattacks.

Online stock retailer Overstock.com (eighth place) was the first major retailer to accept bitcoin payments, and it has been around since early 2014. The company now accepts all mainstream cryptocurrencies and has established a venture capital unit, Medici Ventures, to accelerate blockchain innovation.

Bitcoin-related jobs are not as unstable as the price of coins

As the bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency industries continue to grow rapidly and are widely adopted, companies of all sizes and industries are investing in these technologies over the long term, adding jobs in the past year. This trend is likely to continue until 2020-although cryptocurrencies still face extreme price volatility and regulatory uncertainty.

Although bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may function more like an asset than a currency (in fact you can't buy much with it), as large retailers begin to accept digital tokens, and these technologies become more Many unique use cases are constantly emerging, and this is clearly changing.

Therefore, as employers invest more in bitcoin-related work, cryptocurrencies are becoming easier to accept and use, and blockchain technology has become popular.

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