Blockchain thinking – prologue

"It’s awkward to learn without thinking, but not to learn." I hope that Blockchain Thinking can help you become a "smart person"…

"It’s awkward to learn without thinking, but not to learn."

Interpretation: Learning without thinking, people will be blinded by the appearance of knowledge; thinking without learning will be more dangerous because of doubts.

I. Some thoughts on learning

We have been educated since we were young, we must study hard and go up every day. At the same time, we are instilled the idea that “learning is to find a good job”, and the only test that “find a good job” is the “examination”. This is also the "test-oriented education", which is the essence of the current education system in China.

Slowly, it seems that fewer and fewer people still remember that the essence of learning is actually to solve problems , not to find a good job, not to score high scores.

In the just-concluded college entrance examination, perhaps a large number of students have scored ideal results and rushed to their favorite university, but I don't know how many of them are learning to solve problems.

There is such a scene in the movie "Three Stupid Bollywood":

In the engineering class, the teacher asked the students a question: "What is a mechanical device?"

Amir Khan replied: "The things that can save energy are mechanical devices, such as power switches, telephones, and calculators."

The teacher sneered at the answer and asked: "Do you answer the exam?"

Another "good student" replied: "Teacher, the mechanical device is a combination of physical components, each part has a certain relative motion. Thereby, energy and momentum are converted to each other, like screws and nuts, or the lever rotates around the fulcrum. There are also skating hubs and the like."

The teacher smiled and recognized the answer of the "good classmate".

The same scene is constantly being re-emerged in many schools in our country.

The right-angled edge a2+b2 of the triangle can be equal to the hypotenuse c2, but it must be due to the Pythagorean theorem.

This is the exam-oriented education , also called cramming education. It is just like stuffing the feed into the duck's stomach. You can still swim without swimming. It is not fast, and the meat is long.

Therefore, the students have a deep understanding of this kind of education, and have adopted the “dead-remembering” learning strategy, because the answer that is backed up by the teacher is definitely the one that the teacher wants to see and can get high. Minute.

In our memory, it seems that it is difficult for a well-learned student to quickly adapt to society after entering the society. why? It is because your original knowledge of learning is for the exam, and no one in the society will take the exam paper to ask you to answer the question, but you need to use your knowledge to solve the problem. The original purpose of learning was suddenly denied, and these "good students" often took a long time to adapt to such changes.

This is why the current corporate recruitment is less and less important, but the reason for the work experience. The situation of “education is king” is slowly changing.

This "dead-remembering" thinking mode is what I call "zero-dimensional thinking, " which is point-like thinking. The knowledge you have learned is being solidified into isolated islands of thinking, and there is no interoperability between them. Just like the multiplication table, you are very familiar with the number of digits, but ask 50 times 50. You can't think of it as equal to 5×5×10×10.

If your knowledge does not produce a link, then it will be useless.

After learning the knowledge, you should think about how to solve the problem with it, not just write it down. This is also my understanding of "learning without thinking ."

Second, based on the blockchain thinking mode

In fact, I always think that the most exciting blockchain is actually its mode of thinking. The magical power of the results of human thinking that can be achieved through technical means is really dazzling me. Just as it can completely remove "trust", but can achieve true trust, so the dialectical technical system fascinated me.

As I just said, I feel the unique way of thinking in the blockchain. Perhaps a technology-owned thinking may be arrogant, but I think the blockchain is a technology that is really thinking.

This is also the reason why I started to create the idea of "blockchain thinking" , which is inspired by the blockchain thinking, and subject to the defects of the current education system, and the way of thinking is in urgent need of perfect pain points. For this reason, Blockchain Thinking came into being.

Just like the progress from “zero-dimensional thinking” to “one-dimensional thinking”, it is like the process of linking between blocks and blocks.

“Zero-dimensional thinking is point-like thinking, just like a knowledge block. If it is packaged, if it does not link with other knowledge blocks, it will become an isolated island of knowledge. These islands will only exist as information. Without any value to solve the problem.

And linking these knowledge blocks together to form a complete chain is completely different. Knowledge and knowledge are related to each other. A, b, and c in our heads are not just a, b, and c, but There will be many reasons for a, b, so there is a combination of knowledge such as c.

During the First World War, the Germans violently attacked the French army. In order to avoid the German front, the French army concealed the troops and the Germans lost their targets.

One day, when a German military officer used a telescope to inspect the enemy, he suddenly found a valuable Persian cat slowly crawling out of the front position, lying lazily in the sun.

So the German officers found the French command post according to the location of the Persian cat, and destroyed it in one fell swoop!

Because a Persian cat actually ruined an army, how did this reason out?

The senior commander of the French army likes to raise expensive Persian cats;

There are expensive Persian cats in front of the battlefield;

There may be a senior commander of the French army in front of the battlefield.

The senior commander of the French army lived in the senior command post of the French army;

There may be a senior commander of the French army in front of the position;

There may also be a senior command post of the French army in front of the battlefield!

This is the importance of linking knowledge together . If you don't link, the cat that appears in the opposite position is just a cat. When you put all the knowledge in tandem, you will find that since the senior officers of the French army like to raise expensive Persian cats, and the Persian cats appear on the opposite side, can you narrow down the scope of investigation according to the clues and find the French army? The location of the senior command post?

This is the importance of the way of thinking . Why a wise man is smart, often because he knows much, but because he thinks far.

Next, I will improve the chapter on Blockchain Thinking. I hope that my blockchain thinking based on blockchain technology can help everyone improve their thinking style and become a "smart person." Ok, today's "blockchain thinking" is here, we will see you in the next issue!

Author: block chain Ni Laoshi

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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