Blockchain trading platform technology provider raised $15 million

Blockchain trading platform technology provider raised $15 million

New York-based capital market trading platform blockchain technology providers have raised $15 million in Series A financing.

AlphaPoint provides trading and asset digitization technology to customers worldwide, including major exchange operators such as CME Group and private equity firm Muirfield Investment Partners to launch trading platforms and digital assets.

Financial technology companies cover a wide range of markets, from commodities to real estate, cryptocurrencies and securitized token products.

Founded in 2013, AlphaPoint is comprised of industry veterans in the fields of financial technology, exchange technology and securitization.

The team's background in the capital markets combines the experience of Bloomberg, Barclays, BlackRock, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Nasdaq, NYSE and UBS.

The company explained that the funding comes from Galaxy Digital Ventures and will be used to accelerate AlphaPoint's expansion and global growth.

Salil Donde, AlphaPoint's CEO and Executive Vice President of Global Information, said: "We are delighted that Galaxy Digital Ventures has become a strategic investor, sharing our vision with a wider range of investors and traders to unlock the value of non-current assets." Stark's service.

As part of the deal, Greg Wasserman, general manager of Galaxy Digital Venture, will join AlphaPoint's board of directors.

“The market opportunities for digital non-current assets are huge,” adds Wasserman. “Consumers are demanding increased access, transparency and trust. Companies are looking to increase liquidity, reduce fraud, risk and cost.

“Executing this market opportunity requires proven, state-of-the-art technology and an experienced management team with extensive experience in providing new technologies to a variety of financial institutions.”

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