Canadian Securities Authority incorporates DLT and cryptographic assets in its 2019-2020 business plan

Canadian Securities Authority incorporates DLT and cryptographic assets in its 2019-2020 business plan

The Canadian Securities Authority (CSA) is committed to understanding and managing Distributed Bookkeeping Technology (DLT) and its related components. Canadian securities regulators included part of the DLT and cryptographic assets in their 2019-2022 business plan released on July 13.

CSA's 2018-2022 business plan was approved on May 28th and represents CSA's efforts to set priorities for the next few years.

Among a number of priorities, such as fair and efficient markets, regulatory progress and risk reduction, CSA also pointed out the need to consider the impact of DLT, including blockchain technology.

CSA believes its interest in DLT has the potential to change the landscape of the financial industry. As a result, CSA will explore possible changes to adapt to existing regulatory frameworks to address the challenges of cryptographic assets. The document further states:

“This strategic goal includes (i) identifying emerging regulatory issues related to the need for regulatory action or clear technology, and (ii) developing tailored effective regulatory measures for identified major issues.”

In addition, CSA will consider hosting requirements related to cryptographic assets and financing issues that may be unique to blockchain securities.

Source: Cointelegraph

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