Is it a breakthrough? Still falling back? The key battle of BTC is about to start

Is it a breakthrough? Still falling back? The key battle of BTC is about to start

ETH Ethereum's recent trend adjustment is mostly, but there is currently a resistance zone of 300 US dollars, so the trend will be biased downwards, short-term bearish pressures will show signs of weakening, so pay attention to 285-290 US dollars, it is short-term can follow up more A single operation point, but if you break this area, it will directly drop to around $270. Chen Chuchu suggested that the empty order be the main one. See $290 for the $300-310 follow-up order. Once it breaks, continue. Exploring, in the early morning, the light warehouse can follow the 285-290 USD to see more than 295-300 US dollars, earn a wave of rebound earnings, support 270 US dollars, resistance 305 US dollars; in operation, remember to take a good stop loss, take risks control;

Is it a breakthrough? Still falling back? The key battle of BTC is about to start

BCH bottom rebounded to the current trend of slowly standing at 400 US dollars, so the trend will be biased upwards, the current trend is blocked at 420 US dollars, but the bulls will have a better will, but also slowly increase the attitude, then the BCH follow-up trend will form A turbulent upward trend, then the operation suggests that you can see $420 in the early morning at $400-410. If you can break it, you will continue to see $430. But the overall operation is still high-low and low-suction. If more than one single fails to follow up, then in the follow-up operation, it is recommended to follow the empty order near $420-430 to see $400, and the break will see $380, support $370, and resistance is $430. The grasp of the position can also make your own income more magnified;

From the overall trend, Bitcoin still has the ability to go up in the near future, but the follow-up trend is that we need to continue to adjust, so we need to be prepared for the key resistance, do not be induced and choose to follow up blindly. , then it is easy to appear quilt cover, deep set of circumstances, so Chen Chuchu here also hope that everyone can do a good job plan, so that their own income is more reasonable; friends who are not likely to operate in the near future can pay attention to Chen Chuchu's real-time analysis suggestion to grasp more income stage; (New Finance)

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