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"968240210, 968240209, 968240208…" The "Yunqi Eye" located in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou tells us that there are still more than 900 million seconds away from 2050 .

From April 26th to 28th, the second 2050 conference was held in Yunqi Town . The 2050 conference was initiated by Alibaba's founder Wang Jian in January 2018. According to Wang Jian, "It is a 'young people' conference, let 'young people' stand in the spotlight and use 'young people' Ways to talk about innovation, the way of 'young people' people look at the future, face the challenge with the 'young people' approach. 2050 represents our expectation and imagination of the future."

1 The upper right corner is "The Eye of Yunqi"

The sunshine is blue and black, and the school uniforms are brisk. The laughter in the wind can always bring up some youth memories between the exhibition hall and the playground.


On the morning of the 27th, the new forum with the theme of “ Building a city of wisdom on the blockchain ” was held here. The forum was co-founded by Ba Mengdi co-founder Hu Mengdi and zinc link co-founder Gong Haihan, and invited a number of guests from the blockchain industry to participate in the speech.

What is a city? Writer Calvino said, “The city is like a sponge, sucking the tide of these ever-changing memories, and it is expanding.” With the advent of big data, cloud computing, blockchain and other technologies, we suddenly discovered : Little is known about the cities that live in front of us .

"Blockchain + City Big Data"

“We are working on a government blockchain with a provincial capital on the southeast coast. The Big Data Resource Authority in the city has a blockchain system based on the original chain. There are currently 4 service nodes. It is mainly used for Manage data for 'trusted identity' deposits."

In the speech entitled “Blockchain stagnation and urban big data wave” , Mr. Ma Qianli, vice president of Babbit, and the original chain operation director , shared the application of the original chain in the big data of urban government affairs .

4 The picture shows Ma Qianli

For government departments, the essence of managing smart cities is managing big city data. In the communication with the leaders of the Big Data Resources Authority, Ma Qianli learned that government departments should manage two types of data: the identification data and behavioral data.

The data of the confirmation category includes the data in the existing archives of the city such as bank deposit and withdrawal, property ownership information, and call records. Half of the data is private, and the seal (ie, the right) is as important as the data itself, and the data size is medium;

Behavioral data includes Internet service background logs, daily travel records, shopping records, etc., privacy is not strong, but the data size is large, and it needs to be processed by computer. This is the data that the government focuses on building the “urban brain”, which is “big data”.

After clarifying the categories of urban big data, Ma Qianli introduced the combination of blockchains:

“Blockchain+determination data” : Blockchain deposit and verification functions can increase the credibility of government departments or institutions, such as the Shanghai High Court, Jilin High Court, Hunan Loudi and other judicial departments and government departments already in use. Blockchain storage. The blockchain does not need to record the detailed data of each class of validity, but only hashes its hash value periodically and in batches.

In addition, if the authenticity data is chained in the form of a complete asset UTXO, and approved by the blockchain gateway, the user owns the assets of his own data and authorizes external use in real time.

"Blockchain + Behavioral Data" : The practical effect of behavioral data depends on the level of processing, the computing power of the computer. One is to use Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud and other solutions; the other is to explore blockchain solutions, blockchain provides a new system paradigm of combined computing power: data resources × computing power = computing decisions , computing power = (algorithm + chip capacity) × number of chips.

Chang Hao once said, "Calculation is power, who has mastered the power, whoever has the power." But in urban big data, having the data itself may be a kind of power. Ma Qianli concluded:


In the end, Ma Qianli made an idea. "After the data island is completely broken, it will be one person and one city ." He further explained that

“We open the Taobao APP, and everyone’s homepage is different. If the future city builds such a data system, the cities that boys and girls, old people and children see are different. The city will give everyone Showing different faces, this is one person and one city."

"Blockchain + Smart Appliances"

Guess, by 2025, how many smart devices will we connect to a smartphone?

5th floor? 10 stages? Not right. Tang Bo, chief scientist of Changhong Information Security Lab , told us in the speech “ How the Blockchain Protects Everything in the Blockchain ” is “100 billion IoT smart devices/8 billion smart phone users = 12.5/person.”

WechatIMG564 The picture shows Tang Bo

Everyone has more and more equipment, and personal needs are getting stronger. Cooperative interconnection between devices will become more and more important. " To achieve interconnection between devices, it is mainly security and trust issues ." Tang Bo said.

He said that in order to solve the multi-platform multi-terminal coexistence problem in the Internet of Things, realize the linkage between devices, and solve the problem of poor user experience, the intelligent device can be made through the blockchain-based decentralized IoT interconnection solution. Obtain an “Internet of Things Passport” as a cross-brand cross-platform linkage, which can realize the interconnection of different brands.


In addition, the hierarchical chain connects devices of global, sub-area, and sub-scenarios from top to bottom. Through the alliance chain, the operational service platforms, regulatory agencies and testing organizations of each device are connected to each other to build a multi-centered core architecture, realize device interconnection and information sharing, and design a set of features of programmable and enforceable smart contracts. The combination of linkage contracts ensures the safe and reliable implementation of all links in the process of equipment linkage, and the fair will reflect the will of all parties.

Based on the blockchain-based decentralized Internet of Things interconnection solution, by building key technologies such as “Internet of Things Passport”, linkage contract portfolio, and grading chain, the “user-centered” smart life is truly realized. "The value of this system is far more than just creating a universal Internet of Things that can scale up to ensure privacy, security, and trust-free transactions, but also to open up a new market and shape a new business model."

"Blockchain + Data Privacy"

Conflux Research Director Yang Guang shared the theme of “ Data Privacy and Private Space Defence under the Internet of Everything ”. Data privacy protection is an old-fashioned topic. Then, in the era of blockchain, revisiting data privacy protection is not a new wine replacement bottle, is it a fried rice? This is actually not the case.

WechatIMG571 The picture shows Yang Guang

"The demand for data privacy protection is different in the information age and blockchain era." Yang Guang said that he mapped Maslow's hierarchy of needs and the data privacy needs of the Internet .

For example, in the era of Web1.0, http and https correspond to physiological needs and security requirements respectively, and the basic functions and security privacy that the Internet can bring to users; in the Web2.0 era, IM and SNS correspond to social needs and respect needs, respectively. More attention is paid to the social, respectful and self-fulfilling needs that the Internet brings to them, namely the advanced application ecosystem of the Internet.


Up to now, we have two kinds of protection methods for privacy: legally and technically. However, at present, the law can do much less than the technology in the privacy protection level. For example, when publicity and privacy conflict, the public is urgent. When sex is greater than privacy, it is difficult for the law to protect the privacy needs of users. Blockchain technology is a model for protecting user data privacy from a technical perspective.

One essential difference between a blockchain and a traditional Internet is that the blockchain is open for exchange of trust. By using blockchain technology, users can protect their privacy while using data publicly. Note that the disclosure here is not to disclose the private data itself, but to disclose the process of using the data.


Yang Guang believes that most of the technologies used in the privacy protection of blockchain projects at this stage include Coin Join, Confidential Transaction, Ring Signature, Stealth Address, and Mimblewimble (Confidential). Transaction+Coin Join+Cut-through) and Zero-Knowledge Proof for transactions.

In the future, Yang Guang said that Zether (Ethernet's anonymous payment agreement) will take the heavy responsibility of privacy protection in the blockchain as a mainstream general solution.

At the same time, new technologies such as secure hardware (TEE), homomorphic encryption (FHE) zero-knowledge proof, and zk-SNARK will become a new trend in the development of blockchain privacy protection technology.

WechatIMG572_meitu_1 On-site guests, Babbitt and Zinc Finance staff

Different from last year, this year's 2050 conference also set up a "central stage" for "volunteers" to perform wonderful scientific performances.

On the afternoon of the 27th, Ba Mengdi co-founder Hu Mengdi delivered a speech entitled “ New Opportunities for Blockchain Crossing ” on the central stage.

WechatIMG2_meitu_2 Hu Mengdi

Hu Mengdi said that the blockchain is the key link for the intersection of cutting-edge technology. "Blockchain + artificial intelligence" can realize the sharing and trading of intelligence and computing power to form an open AI ecosystem; "blockchain + Internet of Things" can Form a trusted closed loop of data line acquisition and online circulation; "blockchain + big data" can clarify data ownership to promote open sharing of data; "blockchain + cloud computing" can be reduced by building a BaaS platform The blockchain deployment threshold. She also pointed out that the cross-border application scenarios of blockchain include digital information deposit, supply chain finance, cross-border remittance, international trade, online loan business and supervision, P2P energy trading, and ecological protection.

At the meeting, Hu Mengdi officially launched the Babbitt Industrial Blockchain Alliance , which aims to accurately connect the industrial and blockchain technology companies. For more information, please click:

Babbitt booth:



We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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