The Stock Exchange technology drives the AAX Exchange to be officially launched, and the four dimensions define the new industry standards.

Lead: As a next-generation digital currency trading platform, AAX leverages LSEG's Millennium ExchangeTM engine to provide institutional-level trading performance and experience for individual and institutional investors. AAX provides fast, secure and trusted over-the-counter, currency trading and derivatives trading platforms that provide seamless connectivity to key nodes for individual and institutional investors and institutionalize digital asset classes.

Hong Kong time, November 7, 2019, the AAX exchange, a digital asset trading platform driven by the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) technology, was officially launched today. AAX will create a more reliable, authentic, secure and higher performance one-stop over-the-counter, currency trading and derivatives trading platform for investors in the digital currency arena. At the same time, this exciting news was also announced on the official website of the London Stock Exchange Group. 1

At present, the AAX platform supports more than 50 mainstream currency trading pairs, as well as five sustainable products such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS and XRP, with leverage up to 100 times. For cash investors, AAX also offers an over-the-counter trading platform for investors who are new to digital currency and investors who want to convert US dollars, Renminbi and Hong Kong dollars into French currency in asset class allocation.

AAX uses the London Stock Exchange's Millennium

The transaction matching engine provides technology drivers for the exchange. LSEG Technology is responsible for providing technical solutions to the London Stock Exchange Group and is used in other globally renowned exchanges including the London Stock Exchange. The matching engine can process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second with an average latency of less than 500 milliseconds, giving investors a trading environment and performance experience that is comparable to traditional financial markets. As part of the AAX technology deployment, this is the first time the engine has been used in a 24 hour continuous trading environment and deployed on a cloud computing platform.


AAX combines speed, security, stability, and seamless market access services for individuals and institutional investors. AAX's operations center is located in Asia, where the world's largest and most active digital currency trading crowd, AAX is the region's first institutional-level digital currency trading platform. At AAX, individual investors can view OTC trading accounts, currency trading accounts and contract positions through a one-stop integrated account, while institutional investors can directly and trading platforms through FIX (Financial Information Exchange Protocol) and binary interface protocols. Docking. In the future, AAX also plans to launch a series of certified assets, including securities-based tokens, asset-backed tokens and stable coins.

“AAX is actually setting a standard for a new generation of digital currency exchanges that provides individual investors and institutional investors with an unprecedented level of trust, integrity, performance and security experience,” said AAX co-founder and CEO Thor Chan. Said this. “The combination of LSEG's blending engine and the highest required compliance standards and security protocols has made AAX the only institutional-level trading platform in the most active and fastest-growing Asian digital currency market.”

“We are very happy to be able to successfully apply the world-class matching engine of the Stock Exchange to AAX. This is the first time that Millennium Exchange has been deployed in the cloud, and it can be extended, flexible, stable and seamless. Market entry services bring AAX.” Ann Neidenbach, Chief Information Officer of the London Stock Exchange Group responded.

At present, the total market value of the cryptocurrency market is nearly 250 billion US dollars, and the daily trading volume reaches 500 billion US dollars, of which the derivative transaction volume reaches 9 billion US dollars.

The development of AAX is based on a world-class technology platform.

  • The London Stock Exchange's matching engine handles high volume orders with extremely low latency. Delays of up to 90 microseconds, average latency of less than 500 microseconds, and hundreds of thousands of transactions per second;
  • Through the financial information exchange protocol and the binary interface protocol, institutional users can access the market of the exchanges in a simple and fast manner;
  • Highly secure and scalable core system; world-class global cloud storage infrastructure; top security framework and tools from strategic partner Kroll;
  • Collaborate with Refinitiv and blockchain analysis provider Elliptic to create industry-leading KYC/AML processes and market monitoring capabilities.

Faced with the ever-changing future of the regulated digital asset market, AAX came into being.

“We are now at a special moment. In a dynamic digital currency environment, individual investors and more and more institutional investors are constantly interacting directly.”

AAX's Thor said.

“This requires a trading platform that meets both the institutional level and a degree of flexibility to innovate to meet changing regulatory needs and rapidly evolving market needs.”

About AAX

AAX is part of Atom International Technology Co., Ltd., an expert in the application of advanced digital technology to provide decentralized blockchain solutions. AAX is the world's first technology-driven digital currency trading platform for the London Stock Exchange Group. Providing one-stop legal currency transactions, currency transactions and contract trading services, users can trade a variety of digital currencies and digital assets to experience high security, deep liquidity and ultra-low latency trading experience.

About the London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) is a global financial market infrastructure services provider. Its global operations cover and focus on information services, risk and balance sheet management, and financing. The Stock Exchange Group supports global financial stability and sustainable economic growth by helping companies and economies invest in innovation, risk management and job creation. The group's history dates back to 1698. LSEG Technology develops and operates high-performance technology solutions for more than 40 organizations and exchanges worldwide, including the Group's own markets, including trading, market surveillance and post-trade systems.


The AAX platform has been officially launched to open the "One Bit One Bitcoin" campaign. During the event, invite new users to trade to unlock the corresponding Bitcoin rewards, and the invitation will be sent, up to 5 BTC! Event details:

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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