Can the coin be rich?

Can the coin be rich?

Before I saw a blogger stepping on the "coin riches party", I also sent an article specifically: Why is it that the 2019 coin must not be a fucking rich.

I have a lot of money, I like the project, I am willing to hold it, instead of doubling or falling, I will sell it, so I will also point to this topic:

1. The definition of the first rich is 啥

That is, how much do you think is enough? I think everyone should have different answers.

Can the coin be rich?

Nowadays, earning one million is obviously not rich.

Before I saw a comment saying that 10 million, you can work in a small city in the third line, but have you ever thought about whether the children will go to the big city in the future? Parents' love sons are far-reaching, is it much more planning? (Sorry, there is a bit of selling anxiety here)

Once a bitcoin, the loyalty of the loyalty has defined riches as assets over 160 million:

Let's assume that this forecast is true, but to be honest, there are 339 btc. How much is the value now? I also know how it is. I really want this price. I want to go up. The channel is more, I don’t have to wait for a few years. . For retail investors, waiting for 10 to 20 years, it can not be called rich, can only be regarded as slowly getting rich, and now 10 million and ten years ago is incomparable, the same decade after the 160 million Also value geometry.

So, let me say, come to this circle, don't say the coin, even if it is speculation, don't worry about the rich, expecting the 8-digit number will be tender? Too young too naive. The game is to play all the time, can't stop. .

2. How many have you got rich in history?

Take the pie, let's not see how many times this decade has been turned over. When it came to China, it was basically four digits, and it was still a small one, and the first impression of the average person is certain. It will be, lying in the trough, this stuff is so expensive.

When I first saw the big cake, it was 3,000 pieces. I don't know if there is still such a low position cost, and 3000 has just passed ten times now. It still has to be 3-4. When you started holding it years ago, you might say that the bit is up to $20,000, but in fact, many old leeks can get 30,000 soft sisters for 17 years instead of selling them early, and they are already very few winners. .

Therefore, the coin is not earned as much as you think. The vast majority of the rich stories that have been seen on the Internet in these years are either survivor biases. You only see how many times the iota wing has been turned over and not seen. How many coins are zeroed in these years; or they are rich people themselves, even if they don’t have a lot of money, they can make big money.

3. The coin cannot be rich, but it is still useful.

Think about how long you have been in the currency circle, are you out of the cost line? Have you ever bought ten times of coins?

For most people, I think the most practical goal compared to getting rich is whether digital assets can be turned 5-10 times.

Short-term trading, assuming an average profit of 20%, according to compound interest, it takes 12-13 times to turn your assets ten times. There can be no losses in the middle, and there is no need to say that losses should be compensated for by subsequent profit. For this compound interest investment, many people can’t do it, 10,000 inputs, 20% profit, the next investment of 12000, and so on. And if there is a loss when the compound interest cycle is eight or nine rounds, what should I do?

Coin, buy in this very simple, suitable price, keep it safe, sell it five times ten times, and don't have to tangled every day.

The reason why the coin is useful is because this market is a path that few people take, more than 80% are short-term speculative traders, especially those who like to operate, not only contribute to the liquidity of this market, but also Always buy high and sell low, increase the cost of holding money by itself, and play a key role in the price support of digital currency.

If you are still squatting someday, you may have to reconsider this idea.


1. In summary, I don't recommend all kinds of big V to advocate this kind of value too much. First, most don't believe it, second, you can't do it, and investment strategy is the best for you.

2. There are also various strategies in the coin. Some people only make big cakes, some people configure mainstream, some people choose the kind of small coins with very low market value, and others only pow coins. I am afraid that I can only wait for the answer of time. Different strategies mean that there are profits and losses. I can’t say that as long as the coins can win. (Wind wheel blockchain)

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