When the recovery and counterattack become the subject words, is the spring of the blockchain really coming?

When the recovery and counterattack become the subject words, is the spring of the blockchain really coming?

When the tide of capital made the players who had been expecting blockchains feel the chill, they began to flee from the industry that was highly anticipated. The reduction of noisy seeds began to make the blockchain industry return to rationality and objectivity, and a new evolution began. Compared with the national participation in the beginning, the blockchain industry has now become the “sphere of influence” of powerful players. With the continuous exploration of blockchain technology, they began to deeply lay out the future blockchain market.

In general, the future blockchain is mainly responsible for supporting and supporting, not just subverting the Internet. The best way to find the best combination with the Internet in the blockchain may be whether it can really return to the mainstream in the future. The key is. We look at the layout of the blockchains by the big players. In fact, they are all using blockchains to make up for the lack of Internet technology, so as to find ways to solve the pains and problems of traditional industries.

IBM is like this, Facebook is like this, and domestic BAT is also true. In the context of the blockchain still unable to shake hands with the mainstream system, it may be more reliable to regard the blockchain as an auxiliary role than to advocate the so-called subversion. As a result, we have seen that almost all investment institutions are emphasizing the landing and application of blockchain, and the investment projects are only focused on these aspects. Well, the question is coming. Just shifting the focus of blockchain development to landing and application, can it really solve the fundamental ills of the current industry development?

When the bubble in the blockchain is constantly being squeezed out, is the counterattack really coming?

Saying goodbye to the capital-led development model, many blockchain projects represented by the main blockchain concept have begun to encounter more and more new challenges. Some false and unrealistic blockchain projects have begun to be squeezed out. Many people believe that after the baptism of the winter, the development of the blockchain industry began to usher in spring. The domestic and international technology companies' blessing of the blockchain has made this trend more obvious, and has opened up a new era of blockchain from concept to landing. So, can the blockchain really achieve counterattack?

In the context of the immature technology, blockchain landing is still difficult. Digital currency allows us to see the charm of the blockchain, but it is undeniable that blockchain technology is still a very young technology. For such a technology, there must be a lot of immature and imperfect places. The application of blockchain technology in digital currency alone has caused so many dilemmas and problems. If the blockchain is applied to other fields, it will inevitably cause more problems.

If we analyze the causes of these dilemmas, we will find that the primary and original of blockchain technology is the culprit. It is the primary and original of the blockchain, so we see that almost all of the blockchain's landing and application projects will still fall into the strange circle of the coin or ICO. If you don't optimize and enrich the blockchain technology from the source, just use the current blockchain technology to land, it is almost certain that the blockchain will still return to the circle of digital currency.

Although people have been intensively cultivating technology since the early concept of hype, if the blockchain technology has not yet made a major breakthrough, it will begin to land blockchain technology. The so-called blockchain technology will still return to the strange circle of concepts. At this time, the landing and application of the so-called blockchain is still only a concept. From this perspective, it is still too early for us to talk about the counter-attack of the blockchain.

Lack of clear and reasonable business closure, and ultimately the blockchain is just an accessory. When the blockchain was just being recognized, many people seemed to have caught a “life-saving straw”, and they saw the blockchain as a subversive Internet presence. Therefore, many people will devote themselves to the torrent of blockchain entrepreneurship. Blockchain platforms, blockchain media, and blockchain centers have emerged for a long time. People have seen a picture that was familiar with the Internet.

However, the good times are not long. A crisis is coming when people think that blockchains will bring different experiences to people like the Internet. The intensification of policy supervision has caused the blockchain industry, which is dominated by digital currency, to encounter a cold winter. The tide of capital makes the blockchain need to find a new way of self-hematopoietic. Thus, a new test of the blockchain began to take place.

Due to the lack of a relatively reasonable and clear business closed loop in the blockchain, the development of the blockchain has never found a development model with its own characteristics. In the end, the so-called blockchain is still only the giants to improve their own ecosystem. One section. From this perspective, it may still be premature if we now counterattack the blockchain. The so-called blockchain can only form a clear and reasonable business closed loop, it can jump out of the Internet-style circle, and truly enter a new era with its own characteristics.

It is always impossible to shake hands with the mainstream market and let the blockchain keep moving on the edge of non-mainstream. Although the blockchain has made many attempts to return to the mainstream market, it seems that these attempts have not been successful. We have seen that many blockchain players and many blockchain projects have always been low-key. When the blockchain can't find a suitable return to the mainstream market, perhaps it will continue to swim on the non-mainstream edge. In the end, the so-called subversion is made a bubble.

When the blockchain can't really return to the mainstream market, it is obviously too early for us to talk about the counterattack of the blockchain. Because when the blockchain can't return to the mainstream market, its so-called application and landing are still only scattered, and there is no real team battle. At present, the application of the blockchain is still only a single-armed operation, and does not form an ecosystem similar to the Internet. Therefore, the landing and application of the so-called blockchain is still a very simple existence, and it is impossible to form a system operation.

It is impossible to find a way and method to return to the mainstream market. It is impossible to form a complete ecological chain. Ultimately, the so-called blockchain industry is only a niche existence, and it is always a non-mainstream industry. When the blockchain is always unable to shake hands with the mainstream market or the mainstream market can not find a suitable blockchain, the so-called blockchain may remain free from the edge of the non-mainstream, and finally let the so-called The counterattack became a bubble.

The tide of capital and the regulation of policies are bringing the development of the blockchain industry to a new stage of development. The bubbles that emerged during the barbaric growth of the early blockchains were also initially squeezed out. Many people began to think that the development of the blockchain began to bottom out. Some people even naively believe that the development of the blockchain industry will begin to counterattack and will really bring people's lives to a new stage.

However, this view seems to be a bit too optimistic. The blockchain technology, the blockchain ecology, and the blockchain model have not reached the point of true maturity. If only because of the lack of direction of the Internet dividend, the development of the blockchain industry will be brought to the rescue of ducks. It is a bit too hasty to go into the development stage of application and landing.

Counter-attacks still exist, where is the key direction of the blockchain?

When the counter-attack of the blockchain still has variables, we blindly go to the blockchain and blindly welcome the investment preference of the joint venture investment institution, which does not bring about the long-term development of the blockchain. Grasping the core logic and operation mode of the blockchain industry can truly bring the development of the blockchain industry to a new stage.

The key to the blockchain is still technology, and the perfection and maturity of technology is fundamental. Regardless of how the outside world blows up the blockchain, we must never forget that the blockchain is a technical reality. Only by truly putting the blockchain in the technology itself can we truly see its most primitive and pure side, and find a suitable development method that is really suitable for the blockchain.

When the spring of the blockchain is still there and there are variables, the players of the blockchain should continue to maintain the strength, truly look at the blockchain from the technical point of view, and lay out the blockchain. Only in this way can the blockchain be made. The technology is gradually maturing and it is really finding the right direction for development. If we are to find the development direction of the blockchain at this stage, it is imperative to continuously improve the technology of the blockchain and continuously enrich the connotation of blockchain technology.

The constant emergence of new applications based on blockchain technology that we have seen is actually based on the continuous breakthrough of blockchain technology. Only by truly developing the blockchain industry in the technology itself, the development of the blockchain industry can jump out of the trap of the concept and truly enter a new era. If we look for the direction of the blockchain, the regression blockchain technique itself may be a very correct choice.

Finding ways to shake hands with the mainstream society is far more than boasting about the reality, and the blockchain is still going back to the mainstream. At least from now on, I have not seen how long a technology that is not recognized by the mainstream society can go, and the blockchain is the same. Although the blockchain shows us too many leading applications, even if its application is leading and advanced, if it can't shake hands with the mainstream system, the so-called blockchain is always the "dark side" of the real world. Can't grow in the sun.

Since the counter-attack of the blockchain still has variables, the big reason is that it is not caused by any of the mainstream world. In this context, we find that the way the blockchain and the mainstream society shake hands and talks may be far more useful than the blindness of the blockchain technology. Even Libra, which is published by Facebook, needs to find a way to integrate with the current monetary system in order to be recognized by more people.

When the development of the blockchain still has variables, what we need to do is to find the opportunity for the blockchain to shake hands with the mainstream mainstream society, rather than simply indulging in the dream of self-construction in the blockchain. Only by taking the blockchain away from the ideal country of self-construction, and really using the mainstream eye to find the way and method of landing the blockchain, the so-called blockchain can really go a long way.

Don't just talk about subversion. Complementation is the way the blockchain goes further. Recalling the era of blockchain fanaticism, we have seen many so-called believers who believe that the blockchain can subvert the Internet, but the facts tell us that the so-called subversion is just a wishful farce. Without the support of the Internet, we may not know what the blockchain is, and the blockchain will not have such a large influence. You know, Nakamoto is bringing the digital currency and blockchain to us through the Internet.

Don't just talk about subversion. Don't blindly use the blockchain to subvert the Internet. We need to find ways to complement the blockchain and the Internet. Through the blockchain technology to solve the pain points and problems that the Internet can't solve, we can really find the function and role of the blockchain. If we just focus on subversion, then the blockchain may lose the same nutrient that it once brought to the mother like a digital currency.

Find the combination of blockchain and the Internet, bid farewell to the subversion, perhaps, the future of the blockchain can go further. And when there is still gradual uncertainty in the future of the blockchain, we should probably find more ways and means to complement the Internet, in order to truly maximize the role of the blockchain, rather than just relying on it alone. Play chicken blood and draw a big cake to live.

The bubble in the blockchain market is constantly being squeezed out, and players gradually return to the objective and rational are making the blockchain a little resurgence. However, there are still many variables in the true sense of the spring in the blockchain market. In the uncertain future, we should find more suitable development methods in line with the blockchain market, in order to let the development of the blockchain usher in the true sense of spring. (Blue Whale Finance)

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