CCB Information Director: Applying the best technology in the field of blockchain to construction banking

CCB Information Director: Applying the best technology in the field of blockchain to construction banking

According to relevant media reports, CCB Information Director Jin Yushi said at the 2019 Financial Street Forum Annual Meeting that CCB has a financial technology strategy, referred to as “TOP+”.

“T” is a technology-driven, two-factor, two-wheel drive financial innovation with technology and data. We summarize the new technology as "ABCDMIX", A is artificial intelligence, B is blockchain, C is cloud computing, D is big data, M is mobile internet, I is Internet of Things, X is not officially commercialized yet. Cutting-edge technologies like 5G and quantum computing.

For these technologies themselves, as a construction bank, it will not put too much energy, because the essence of financial technology is finance, business, not technology.

Therefore, CCB’s strategy is to stand on the shoulders of giants to innovate and establish the “China Construction Bank Group Joint Innovation Center” with world-renowned universities, enterprises and research institutes, to integrate its technological advantages and our deep understanding of the business. The best technology in the "ABCDMIX" field is applied to CCB. (New Finance)

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