CCTV re-approves blockchain scams: closing big V, online celebrity Weibo, and stepping up efforts

Source: Mars Finance

On December 18, the CCTV News Channel reported on the conduct of virtual currency transactions and fraud under the banner of "blockchain". It is reported that policies have recently been introduced in various parts of the country to increase crackdowns, such as closing big blogs that violate relevant regulations and the microblogs of Internet celebrities.

The video pointed out that according to the monitoring of the financial regulatory department, some criminals have recently hyped up "virtual currencies" under the banner of the blockchain. To this end, the China Internet Finance Association has released "About Preventing ICOs and" Virtual Currency "in the Name of Blockchain. Risk Tips for Trading Activities.

The video pointed out that ICO refers to the first time that a blockchain project issues tokens and raises common digital currencies such as Bitcoin. According to the risk warning of the Mutual Gold Association, some criminals hyped up "virtual currency" under the banner of blockchain. The essence of this activity is that such activities are not really based on blockchain technology, but are implemented in the name of blockchain. Seriously damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Zhang Lina, the person in charge of the statistical analysis and monitoring department of the China Internet Finance Association, said that in many cases of risk monitoring, in fact, you will find that there are many variations of this ICO behavior, including the current blockbuster boom, and many want to use the blockchain. The name, for example, the innovation of the blockchain, is actually doing token activities, like speculative speculation of virtual currency, each period will show some different characteristics.

To this end, the country including Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Xi'an and other places have issued policies to increase crackdowns, such as closing the currency circle celebrities who violate the relevant regulations, and the accounts of large V bloggers' social networking sites.

Zhang Lina finally said: It is mainly through technical and manual investigations. After the investigation, some clues discovered are reported to the regulatory department in time. The regulatory department shuts down the website through some measures or investigates some payment channels to deal with the risks.

On December 13, the official public account of the China Internet Finance Association (NIFA) released a risk alert saying that according to monitoring by the financial regulatory department and the China Internet Finance Association, some criminals have recently hyped up "virtual currencies" under the banner of blockchain. ICO There are signs of resurgence in trading activities with "virtual currency" in China.

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