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The world after the Bitcoin inflection point

Author: Kay's Story Editor's note: This article has been deleted without changing the original intention of the author. In the article "Bitcoin's turning point signal will appear in December" at the beginning of the month, I clearly described the point that Bitcoin Ethereum encountered last week. At the same time, I also said that we […]

Ali, Tencent, Baidu blockchain landing case big PK, who is weak and strong?

Source: Blockchain Learning Society Baidu lacks goodness and has no highlights; Tencent's invoice field is strong and its social advantage is obvious; Ali is deeply integrated into its own business, and the scene is rich and diverse. No giant wants to be a fallen giant. The rise of new technology is accompanied by the decline […]

Facebook will take a step forward, will Ali Tencent follow up?

Libra (Libra), a digital currency led by global social networking giant Facebook (Facebook), tested the online line and released a white paper, which triggered a heated discussion in related fields around the world. Many in the industry believe that Libra will realize the "global currency" ideal that Bitcoin has not achieved in the past decade. […]

Rain is coming? Baidu, Ali, Tencent, Jingdong Science and Technology in the blockchain field secretly compete

In the past year, with the tightening of the supervision of encrypted digital currency, many powerful blockchain companies have disappeared. After a year of silence, the BTC market seems to have taken a roller coaster ride and opened a new round of adventure. On April 2, Bitcoin opened a new round of main rally At […]

From Baidu to Ali, the blockchain patent is the world's number one, detailing China's cryptocurrency industry version.

Government and supervision In 2016, blockchain technology was included in the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016 – 2020), which means that China became one of the first countries in the world to accept the technology in its official policy. It is worth noting that the government-supported blockchain technology application projects have been greatly favored compared to […]