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This is the real blockchain! Tens of billions of dollars are put here, 4 industry experts bring you first-line experience

"People always overestimate the changes in the next one to two years and underestimate the changes in the next ten years." To describe the blockchain with this statement from Bill Gates is really appropriate. Blockchain uselessness and blockchain omnipotence both fail to accurately understand the uniqueness of technological change in the dimension of time. In […]

How to invest in half? Where do companies go public? Where is the capital? Blockchain First Trader Decrypts For You | Babbitt Industry Lesson

Did you know that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are opportunities or traps in the eyes of traditional capital markets? On the evening of Monday (March 23), the second phase of the Babbitt Industry Class, "Financial Trap or Wealth Treasure? —— "Blockchain and Finance" Study Week officially opened. Zhang Li, vice president of Canaan Technology, took the […]

The secrets of the distributed capital investment mindset: how to use the "impossible triangle" for blockchain investment?

Looking at blockchain projects, do investors focus on technology or business? Current price and future value, which is the real opportunity? To G, to B or to C, what is the industry trend in 2020? On the evening of March 24th, the second issue of Babbitt Industry Class "Finance is a Trap or a Wealth […]

U.S. stocks melt down and the currency market plummets. How should assets be allocated in 2020?

Global financial markets are undergoing a "extreme storm." Global stock markets plummeted, crude oil crashed, 10-year U.S. Treasury yields hit record lows, gold fluctuated and dived, and Bitcoin still fell back to the 7th era with halving expectations … Will the financial crisis repeat itself in 2008? Hedging or dips? Offense or wait and see? […]

Zhu Jiaming as the chief of the digital economy leader class | strong mentor lineup, waiting for nothing

The digital economy leader class is just around the corner. On June 25th, he officially announced the appointment of Zhu Jiaming, a well-known economist and dean of the Digital Assets Research Institute, as the provost, to participate in the teaching and research work of the digital economy foreman, and to gradually announce the latest research […]