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Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: China's blockchain core technology is at risk

Author: Mr Cheng, Qiu Wang Jie (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing 100191, China) Source: National Natural Science Foundation of China Editor's Note: The original title was "Development Trends and Reflections on China's Blockchain" Abstract : Blockchain is a trusted system built for the first time in human history, and its core function is […]

The latest evaluation of the blockchain by 11 national leaders and politicians, or the future global regulatory “wind vane”

“I am not a fan of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. These cryptocurrencies are not currencies. The value is highly unstable and is based on air. ” On July 12th, US President Trump, known as the "Truth Governing Country", issued three tweets to evaluate the cryptocurrency including Bitcoin and Facebook's Libra. The attitudes of the world […]

Is the blockchain mobile phone running Bitcoin full node reliable?

Mobile phone maker HTC wants its smartphone users to access the Bitcoin blockchain. At a conference last weekend, HTC's Phil Chen announced a new blockchain phone EXODUS 1s, which revealed that the device can be used as a full node of a bitcoin network, which means customers can be on their own devices. Stores data […]

Ten minutes to read the book of the currency must read books: "The blockchain ten years"

The Blockchain Decade brings together representatives of the 12 blockchain industries, sharing their stories with blockchains, telling how they are jealous, aware and ultimately involved in this wave of technology. Different authors share their different views on the most representative events of the decade from multiple perspectives, from public chains, wallets to exchanges, from finance […]