Tencent is also unable to make blockchain games? Today's online "Catch the demon together" tells you the truth

On April 11th, Tencent's first blockchain + AR exploration mobile game "to catch the demon" was officially launched. "Catch the demon together" is a popular "Pokémon" on mobile phones two years ago. Based on AR (Virtual Reality) + LBS (Location Based Service) technology, it is a city social game.

Friends who have paid attention to "Catch the demon together" should know that as early as April 23, 2018, Tencent has officially announced "to catch the demon together" at the Wenchuang Ecological Conference, and specifically emphasized that it is a blockchain. The game, and officially began the internal test of nearly one year on May 10.

Tencent games also block the blockchain hotspot?

Today, "Catch the demon together" officially launched, but we found that in its official website, the official public number, can not find any traces of the blockchain. In the official website of the blockchain of Tencent, although there is still a game to "catch the demon together" in the case page, the page has not been updated for a long time.

Last year, Tencent Games was a hot spot, and the blockchain technology was used as a game gimmick. Or is the blockchain an important data technology that has played a role in the game "Catch the demon together"? According to the Golden Finance interview, the exclusive cat gameplay in "Catch the Demon Together" is based on the blockchain technology of Tencent, and the virtual digital assets in the game are effectively protected. In addition, based on the blockchain technology of Tencent, cats can also freely reproduce and use blockchain technology to store and never disappear.

It can be seen that although the current blockchain technology is only used in the pet function in "Catch the demon together", it is a positive exploration, which can provide valuable experience for the development of blockchain games in the future. Therefore, Tencent Games is involved in the blockchain, not a hot spot.

In addition, not only in the game field, the blockchain team of Tencent has previously landed blockchain electronic invoices, supply chain finance, public welfare tracing, and smart medical care. According to public information, Tencent has established a blockchain team since 2015, self-developing the underlying technology and exploring the application scenarios. For example, the blockchain electronic invoices that have been landed in Shenzhen, according to the data released by the previous Tencent blockchain, have already issued invoices worth more than 1.5 billion yuan and more than one million invoices.

How is blockchain technology applied to mass games?

As we all know, although there are a lot of blockchain games, and blockchain games like "Encrypted Cat" and "Fomo 3D" have been famous for a long time, most of these "pure" blockchain games are only suitable for coins. Circle players, and often have the shadow of "gambling." The mature and playable mass blockchain game has not been born yet.


So, what role can blockchain technology play in the game, does the game really need blockchain technology? It became a question that has been discussed for more than a year. According to Tencent’s white paper on “Catch the Demon” together, Tencent believes that:

Most of the game industry is purely digital and virtual. The game world originally had user communities, virtual goods transactions, and token settlements, and it also coincided with many elements of the blockchain application. The operating principle of the blockchain determines its spontaneity and irreversible modification. The transaction information of the blockchain is asymmetrically encrypted, which ensures the accuracy and security of the transaction information. In addition to ensuring the security of information, asymmetric encryption can also perform identity verification to ensure the accuracy of information.

We hope to solve the problem of distrust of the operators to the operators caused by the problems of black box, dark change and player status in the traditional game design by means of the characteristics of “openness, fairness and fairness” in the blockchain technology. Using the gamification method to popularize the blockchain concept, players will experience the functions and mechanisms related to blockchain books and smart contracts in the acquisition and trading of game props.

In response to the existing pain points in the game industry, Tencent has integrated the blockchain into the existing game process. The goal is to provide a safer, fairer and more independent game environment by creating a blockchain product design that fits the game itself. Good game experience

1. The data can be trusted to record the unique online digital collection (exclusive cat) through the blockchain account. The core data of the virtual item content and the quantity 'extraction probability are stored in the blockchain, and the game operator cannot spam the game goods. And props. Make the game data transparent, trustworthy, and reduce various contradictions and disputes caused by power inequality between operators and players.

2. The virtual item in the game props game is one of the most important assets of the player. The blockchain provides a safe and controllable way of storing the rights of game items. Based on the research and development design of online game companies, in the game that allows props to trade, the buying and selling behavior becomes difficult to tamper with. While ensuring the security of transactions, it also provides the possibility for players to hold virtual assets and digital collections. Based on multi-centered storage, as long as the network exists for one day, these items can exist forever, and are not affected by the centralized operation mode. For the player, this is almost an absolute possession. Of course, the player's possession still has to accept Tencent's constraints.

3, strengthen the actual role of blockchain props in the game compared with the blockchain games on the market, such as dongle, player monkey, etc., in the "Catch the demon together" player in the game with a dedicated cat into the battle At the time, all members will add some attributes, which may make it easier to win the battle.

4. Through the blockchain account book, the asset inheritance in the game process. Once the game props assets are on the chain, the transfer, split, cash withdrawal and other operations will be strictly controlled by the account public and private keys, and all operations will have signature verification. Will leave traces. The inheritance of the game props will be permanently recorded, creating a full emotional connection between the player and the virtual character, making it an eternal memory for the player.

5. The virtual asset of the security protection user is stored in the blockchain of multi-node accounting. Even if the game operator database is compromised, it will not cause loss or misappropriation of the user's game assets.

6. The introduction of media nodes introduces some media into the blockchain nodes to monitor the exclusive cat transactions in the blockchain in the game. For the media, it is technically capable of supervising whether the game assets are fair and super-issued.

It can be seen that the application of blockchain technology in games mainly lies in the virtual goods transaction and value transfer, creating fair, transparent and non-tamperable data, as well as copyright protection. These functions are extraordinary, but they are not directly related to gameplay. Hook, in other words, has little effect on the game experience. Perhaps this is the reason to "catch the demon together" is no longer like the player mentions the blockchain technology. Because the player only cares about how to play, and does not care how it is designed. This is like being a player who doesn't care whether the game is developed in Java or in C/C++ or Python.

In "Catch the Demon Together", the reporter learned that players who reach level 22 will be exposed to the exclusive cat's gameplay, rather than the 15 officially announced before. In addition to the 0-generation cats that the cat bells summoned and some of the exclusive cats that are rewarded through operational activities, all cats in the game are un-chained by default. Unchained cats can't be sold, and you can't enter the market to pair with other players; but you can use these cats to pair with your QQ/WeChat friends to produce new kittens. Use the props [天书笔] to record your cat to the blockchain. When cats are recorded in the blockchain, the cats can enter the market, earn points by pairing, or sell to earn points. Whether the exclusive cat is on the chain does not affect its gain effect. But only after the chain, it can face all the players of the server to breed and trade.

It can be seen that compared with the blockchain's ancestor "Encryption Cat", "to catch the demon" has made significant progress in both playability and technicality. But I have to say that the blockchain technology does not show more innovations in "Catch the Demon Together", at least for the blockchain industry players, it is not surprising.

In summary, although the blockchain game has been developed for nearly two years, it is still in a very early stage of exploration. However, when the first real mass and blockchain game was born, the author is positive. Since the game giant Tencent has already entered the game, I believe that it will take a long time to have a more playable blockchain game. appear.

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