Why give up big exchanges and invest in small exchanges? Game Da Yao Guo Haibin summed up the five future investment tracks of the blockchain

On the afternoon of October 25th, the current chairman and CEO of Actoz Soft, the angelic investor of Guoda.com, the angel investor of the Dcoin Exchange, was the AMA of the guest chain node, sharing with the community friends that he was on the blockchain. The development prospects of the game field, and why choose to invest in the exchange, answer all kinds of questions from netizens. ( Click to view all the contents of this AMA )

Guo Haibin is also the CEO of many other companies and has a veteran experience in the game field. He used to be the general manager of Qihoo 360 Game Division. He won the "Best CEO of the Year" (Game of the Year) (Game Industry) China Original Web Game Summit won the "Top Ten People of the Year" award. In addition, Guo Haibin is also a director and vice chairman of the China-Korea Youth Elite Association. Today, he is passionate and curious about the blockchain business and serves as a director of the Korea Blockchain Content Association.


Since the second half of 2019, the cryptocurrency market has once again fallen into the bear market abyss. As a veteran who has been investing in the game industry in the past, why would he choose to invest in a small exchange at this time? As everyone knows, in the bear market, many small The exchange has been difficult to announce the closure. Why did Guo Haibin not invest in the game direction he is familiar with? Why are there no direct investment in blockchain game projects? He said that he has been playing games and investing in the game industry. Starting in 2016, the game market was opened in Korea, and it was only in 2017 that Bitcoin and blockchain were noticed.

After a period of research and knowledge precipitation, Guo Haibin looked at the innovative blockchain project white papers such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and also many good friends around them, many of them are early blockchains. Practitioners have made many long talks. In the end, Guo Haibin identified five tracks for future investment in the blockchain: exchanges, blockchain finance, security technology services, mining machines, big data and privacy calculations.

Therefore, the exchange has become one of Guo Haibin's investment targets. Especially during the period in Korea, Guo Haibin realized that South Korea is a country that embraces the blockchain and cryptocurrency. The national currency rate is more than 30%, and the national recognition of the blockchain including bitcoin is very high.

Then why invest in a small exchange? The answer is simple. Guo Haibin said that he is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor. From the perspective of maximizing the benefits of investment, the large currency network he invested in has more potential and more room for development than other exchanges that have matured very well. The currency network has a solid technical foundation and recently acquired Switzerland. VQF exchange license. He believes that the exchange market is far from saturated, and there are many incremental markets that can be ploughed. He once went to Switzerland to meet the CEO of the Great Currency Network. After in-depth communication, he learned that the technical level of the major currency network has the financial security of the Swiss bank. This is in line with the purpose of investing in the blockchain direction.

Only licenses and technology are not enough, and there are new ways to play. This is the best way for exchanges to attract more new users. After investing in the big currency network, he said that he would fully assist and upgrade the big currency network from multiple dimensions. Everyone knows that the game is the core of joint operation, and this corresponds to the relationship between the current exchange and the project party. It is also very practical, including successful operating methods and platform solutions for game operations and distribution . How to make users gain benefits and protect their assets is even more important.

Is there a advantage for small exchanges compared to exchange giants such as OKEX, Firecoin, and Coin?

As a small exchange, what are the advantages of the big currency network? Guo Haibin said that the major currency network has obtained the Swiss VQF exchange license, and more importantly, it has a solid technical foundation. CEO Nico Büchel is the technical director of the exchange itself. Nico Büchel holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, extensive international software development experience and IT project leadership. He worked for 17 years at the Swiss Stock Exchange and is one of the three principals. At present, he is an executive management team at SR Saphirstein AG in Zurich, Switzerland. He is a COO / CTO manager and manages about 15 members. Proficient in German, English, French and Mandarin. A fan of blockchain, artificial intelligence and start-ups, it is important to emphasize that he has been a technical director at the Swiss Stock Exchange for the 17th consecutive year from 2000 to 2017 and is a very experienced professional.

Guo Haibin will use the experience of the game industry for many years to provide comprehensive assistance and upgrades to the major currency network from multiple dimensions. Everyone knows that the game is the core operation of the joint operation, and this corresponds to the current exchange and the project side. Relationships are also very useful, including successful operating methods and platform solutions for game operations and distribution. How to make users benefit and protect their assets is even more important.

What kind of spark will the blockchain and game combine?

Although the blockchain is considered to be a huge application in the game industry, many blockchain platforms have generated a large number of game-like Dapps, but many people also believe that the current blockchain games are pseudo-propositions. The fund disk for the game jacket. Guo Haibin agrees with this, he believes that

"Most blockchain games at this stage can be said to be not real blockchain games, just use some of the blockchain features or use the blockchain as a charging channel. There will be real high-quality blockchain games in the future. There are many R&D teams working in this direction. Many application technologies have to go through a long process of accumulation. Blockchain technology can make the economic system within the game more transparent and fair, and let players have more voice. There may be various bad phenomena in the early stage of an industry or technology, but we cannot misunderstand the nature of technology because of these bad phenomena. The combination of blockchain and games still needs some development. Blockchain natural Suitable for games, the game will also be one of the very good landing applications for the blockchain."

There are a lot of blockchain game projects that have finally become the means of project currency. How does Guo Haibin view the phenomenon of currency in the game industry? What changes can blockchain technology bring to the gaming industry, if the need to interpret the game industry's currency? He said that

"At present, it is definitely not 100% necessary for the game industry to issue currency. However, traditional Internet games do have many problems. The existing products are basically based on products under research and development and operation control. Many things are not open and transparent. Assets can't be well protected. In order to adopt blockchain technology, users' assets can be better protected, more open and transparent mechanisms, no longer controlled by developers and operators, and even servers are not in need of game operators. To open, when the product is on the chain, you can truly achieve the player's self-made. The blockchain is naturally suitable for the game, and the game will also be one of the very good landing applications of the blockchain. It will produce more beautiful and better blockchain in the future. Game products."

Some netizens said that if the game currency in the game is constant, it will be the same as mining. Later, the killing monster will get less and less game coins. When the last one is blamed, it will not produce games. The currency can only be obtained by doing the task. As for how to consume the game currency, it can be counted as a point card by using the game currency. The official will send the game currency to the novice by the task method through the point card income. Is this good for the game development? Because many games have been playing for a long time, the gold coins are too much to count.

For this phenomenon, Guo Haibin believes that if you don't want to count the number of gold coins in the late game, it can only show that the economic system design of this game is very bad, so it will cause such a situation. The economic system of the game is actually a very complicated system involving the output and consumption of gold coins. The economic design of the game is very similar to the real world currency design. In some countries, the collapse of the legal currency is also due to the design problem. Everyone has heard of Zimbabwe. Such a country, they are very tired when the number of French currency is zero. If the economic model of the game gold coin is designed to be limited, then the adjustment of the overall economic design will be involved. This is only a design problem, and it cannot be said that the game will be changed.

Guo Haibin: I believe that Libra will be released smoothly.

Facebook's Libra stable currency has now dominated the news headlines for nearly half a year. How does Guo Haibin see this project that may have a profound impact on the global monetary system?

This week, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg attended a hearing in the US Congress and answered some questions about Libra. Guo Haibin said,

The content of the hearing is more to compare and quote the payment categories of Chinese companies, so as to impress their congressional views on the global financial payment and advance layout. I believe that Libra will be issued smoothly, of course, this will give us the whole The industry will bring greater benefits, and it will also be a watershed in the blockchain.

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