Articles of Blockchain and Payment

A paper on the value accumulation, security and settlement efficiency of the public chain

Bitcoin has gradually been recognized as a value storage asset with the ability to fight inflation. Ethereum, as a smart contract platform, was recently proposed by Eric's co-founder and ConsenSys founder Joe Lubin as a " global financial settlement layer ." It seems that there is no relationship between the "value store" and the "clearing […]

Depth | From the history of currency and payment, Facebook’s “return to the ancestors”

“We have always believed that if you try to marry the US economy, you only need to take out its payment system. The bank will have to return to the inefficient state of physical transfer of money, and business will only be able to rely on bartering and private debt. The level of economic activity […]

Digital currency payment tax exemption How far are we from the blockchain payment?

On July 5, the Singapore Revenue Agency (IRAS) published a draft on how to impose a Goods and Services Tax (GST) on payment-type cryptocurrency (DPT) transactions, which stipulates which cryptocurrency is in which mode. You can be exempt from paying Goods and Services Tax (GST). These include: 1. Payment of goods or services using digital […]

What kind of cryptocurrency is the payment tool that people expect?

When everyone is saying that bitcoin is difficult to become a "payment tool", the most popular example is that it is unrealistic to buy coffee with bitcoin, because bitcoin transfer is slow, the handling fee is high, the currency price is unstable, and so on. Many people joked that if you buy coffee for 30 […]