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South Korea's NH Bank and SK Telecom launch blockchain “mobile employee ID”, decentralized ID has become the general trend

According to JoongAng Ilbo, yesterday, the NH Bank of Korea launched a "mobile employee ID" based on blockchain technology. The report states that this is the first commercial application of distributed identity technology developed by the "Initial DID Association." Source: Pixabay The association is a decentralized identity alliance led by the Ministry of Science and […]

Future decentralized data storage for blockchain

After a few years of development, there are now a significant number of crypto companies looking to disrupt a range of industries and they have the financial foundation to realize this vision. These companies believe that blockchain will support a new decentralized Internet, and they are hurrying to build decentralized applications that people will use […]

Babbitt Column | Blockchain industry to land, these areas still need to be greatly improved

I. Status Although each of us hopes that the blockchain can land as early as possible, and from the daily news, it seems that some blockchain products have been landing one after another, such as Tencent's blockchain invoice, such as the central bank's Blockchain's digital bill system, such as Alibaba's blockchain-based cross-border remittance system and […]

Breaking through the encirclement, how does Lambda become a dark horse for decentralized network storage?

At 7pm on June 17th, Lambda founder He Xiaoyang, HCoin CEO David L, Xingyao Capital Investment Partner Chen Liang was a guest at the ChainNode live room (formerly Babbitt Live Room). Lambda focuses on distributed storage, how do you combine decentralized storage with blockchain incentives? What can decentralized storage help the blockchain solve? How does […]

Understand the decentralized identity: Where is the bottleneck? Which solution is right?

Everyone who works on cryptography is imagining that each of us has an embedded private key chip in our brain, so that we can determine our identity at any time without worrying about identity being stolen or deceived. Unfortunately, we are not living in such a cytop punk utopia, but in a broken system where […]