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BTC "blood sucking" is fierce, only 6 coins have won BTC in the past year

According to crypt analyst Ceteris Paribus, only 4% of the more than 150 competing currencies have a positive return against BTC over the past year. Among the six currencies, except for BNB, the market value of the remaining coins did not enter the top 100 a year ago. Today, last year, the price of Bitcoin […]

Hash pie: BTC 10,000 knife mark rebounded again, but the middle of the top may be shaped

Author | Hash sent analysis team

A "three-nation kill" incident triggered by a quarterly destruction of BNB

"Actually, I am still not awkward in the morning, just answering the question of the big HT. In the morning, when the big households said that this program is very good to ask the fire coins for their sincerity, I analyzed the essence of this program on a straightforward basis; then tell everyone if they […]

The road to the currency security: the DEX project is on the main station, and the IEO diversion effect is only 7 days.

As a place for the digital currency to provide liquidity, the exchange is already at the top of the “coin circle” food chain. Among the many exchanges, the currency security in the head of the industry in less than two years, became a counter-attack black horse, a production-free "printing machine." According to the latest analysis […]

The currency security gives up 80 million BNB team share, is it really good?

According to the official Weibo news, the well-known currency has completed the eighth BNB quarterly destruction. This time it destroyed the 800,000 BNB (worth $23.83 million) of the team position. It also said that from the beginning of this destruction, the Binance team will abandon the BNB share held by the team (40% of the […]

Is Bitfinex's platform coin LEO more valuable than BNB?

LEO is an exchange token introduced by iFinex, the parent company of cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex. The token has similar features and advantages as BNB, one of the first companies to use the encrypted exchange platform token. Encrypted traders have been frantically selling an exchange token called "UNUS SED LEO (LEO)". LEO is a token introduced […]

BNB stopped falling and rebounded! Concerned about the second rebound opportunity of EOS, LTC and XTZ

But one hour after the incident, Sun Yuchen sent Weibo to deposit 7,000 bitcoins in his own name to increase the holding of BNB. Affected by this news, the price of BNB began to rebound. From a technical point of view, between 19.99-19.41 US dollars in the intersection of the previous breakthrough platform and the […]