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"People" hit each other's central bank digital currency and then "veiled"

Yesterday, a "declaration of the currency of the People's Bank of China issued digital currency within 80 days". The news originated from the English page of Forbes magazine. The article said that the Chinese central bank digital currency CBDC landed within 80 days. However, just in the morning of the same day, Sina Finance quoted […]

Proficient in IPFS: IPFS Get the content below

In the previous article "IPFS Get Top Content" , we mentioned calling the streamBytes function to get the specified content based on the offset, length, and the connected array of nodes. In the process of obtaining a file, the content of the entire file is obtained by calling the streamBytes function. The through stream generated […]

Babbitt column | Liu Chang used: credit currency theory should not kill password currency

At present, the mainstream monetary theory is still the theory of commodity currency. That is to say, the essence of money is the exchange medium. It is difficult to match the barter exchange, and gradually evolves the commodity that is fixed as the exchange medium—the currency, that is, the general equivalent. But in fact, after […]

Opinions | Is the financial era coming from a giant company to develop a stable currency?

Recently, we have received many small partners to ask us about the issue of digital encryption stable currency, such as the meaning of the stable currency, the similarities and differences between the stable currency and the traditional legal currency, whether the stable currency will affect the status of the legal currency, and so on. Is […]

Introduction to Technology | Solidity Programming Language: Boolean and Integer

HelloWorld A smart contract is like a contract, and every code you write is the content of a contract. Therefore, once the contract is deployed, the content of the contract cannot be modified. It is like you can't modify it after you signed a contract with someone else. This is also based on the intangible […]

Defects of the heaviest chain rule: "The Crown Prince" in the "Public Ancestral Blocks"

In the previous issue of "The Advantages and Hidden Troubles of the Most Heavy Chain Rules," we introduced the strong potential of the heaviest chain rules in shortening the confirmation time. But we also mentioned that when the most heavy chain rule judges whether a block is confirmed, one of the preconditions is that the […]

Opinion | Talking about platform currency, which makes digital currency extension more abundant

Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, digital currencies have continued to evolve, and digital currencies such as Ethereum and Stabilized Coins have been created. Digital currency is just a function of purely money media. At the time, it did not see the scene of its application different from traditional currency. On June 18 this […]

Coinbase Report: The number of top academic students studying cryptocurrency courses doubled in 2019 compared to last year

A study published by Coinbase on Wednesday showed that academic interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchains is growing across the board. In this year's report, Coinbase outlines the growing interest in students' interest in cryptocurrencies and the fact that more and more courses are focused on blockchain, cryptocurrency or bitcoin. Main findings: 56% of the world's […]

Anti-Ruibo selling sentiment is getting worse and stronger, investors want to fork and take over XRP

The negative market impact of Ripple's selling of a large number of XRPs sparked investor dissatisfaction, and some token holders began looking for counter-attacks. @CryptoBitlord has more than 100,000 fans on Twitter, which said on Monday: "I'm thinking about forking XRP so that we don't have to face the founder's selling behavior – it's going […]

Britain's Brexit "great change", bitcoin but "failed" fell below 10,000 US dollars

On the evening of August 28th, Beijing time, Queen Elizabeth II approved the request of Prime Minister Johnson to suspend the parliament until the 14th of October. This means that lawmakers may not have time to pass the law to prevent the United Kingdom from "Brokesing" in a "no agreement" way. The possibility of a […]