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Technical Articles | What are the bottlenecks and thresholds for developing Dapps on Ethereum?

Source | CSDN Blog Editor-in-Chief | Carol Production | Blockchain Camp (blockchain_camp) Decentralized applications (Dapps) are widely considered to bring disruptive innovation to areas such as banking (Di-Fi) and gaming. However, even the most innovative solutions will not be recognized if they fail to meet consumer expectations. Consumers need a smooth and mature user experience, […]

Brand value on the chain, Nike blockchain anti-counterfeiting patents can still play like this?

Recently, the world ’s top 500 company NIKE ’s blockchain sneaker “CryptoKick” patent was approved by the US Patent Office , and the company may also issue ERC 721 or ERC1155 tokens on the Ethereum public chain. so what? Can it solve the problem of Putian shoes? (Picture from: This article will tell you, […]

Joseph Lubin: How do you get to the decentralized internet?

Foreword: This is a speech by Joe Lubin at Devcon, Osaka, Japan. Today's Internet is the world dominated by web 2.0, so how to enter the world of web 3.0, a world of value networks without the need to license without trust. The author believes that to reach the world of web 3.0, there are […]

Getting started with blockchain | Ethereum 2.0 terminology at a glance

With the release of Ethereum 2.0 coming, this is the first of many articles about it, and we hope that more relevant articles will be published later. Serinity 2.0 is an important update that everyone has been waiting for for a long time, and developers are working hard on it, including some major upgrades in […]

Viewpoint | IEO is moving towards death, and the blockchain financing model is imminent!

Unknowingly, the once popular IEO is cooling rapidly. Looking back at the cryptocurrency bull market in 2017, we can think that ICO has boosted the outbreak of speculative tides, and the shortcomings of this financing structure are also obvious, which is easily abused by scammers, and even “cracked up”. Imagine that the project party spent […]

Blockchain Security Science: How Counterfeit Attacks Steal Your Digital Assets

As more and more people participate in the blockchain industry, the new vitality of the industry, as well as the lack of relevant knowledge and lack of security awareness, gives attackers more opportunities. In the face of frequent security incidents, Slow Fog introduced the blockchain security entry notes series to introduce the blockchain security related […]

Ethereum Essence: Complex Consensus Agreement Operation

Background introduction The most important part of a distributed system is its consensus layer. But what does “consensus” mean? By definition, it is the opinion or position reached by a group as a whole. This may mean that most of the people involved agree or make a judgment.   A consensus agreement can usually be […]

Getting Started with Blockchain | Really Understanding Ethereum Smart Contracts

Foreword: You may have heard the term smart contract many times, but how many people really understand what a smart contract is? This article will help you understand the Ethereum Smart Contract. The writer is Gjermund Bjaanes, translated by Dyna of the Blue Fox Notes community. You may have heard of "smart contracts" and may […]

Getting started with blockchain | Three minutes to understand the difference between ERC-20 and ERC-721

We often see the word " ERC-20 " in industry media reports, a standard protocol on the Ethereum. In addition to ERC-20, another agreement that many other people on Ethereum have heard of is ERC-721 . Although I have heard of it, many people still don't understand what these two agreements are and how they […]

The loss of power, the confusion of the foundation, how to retain the developer in Ethereum?

Ethereum is facing a situation of internal and external troubles. The second largest public chain of the market value, external, EOS, Tron and other new-generation public chain catch up; internal, community governance problems, the trend is full. Compared with external competition, the chaos inside Ethereum is even more deadly, because it not only delays the […]