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Facebook warns investors: Libra cryptocurrencies may never be available

In its latest quarterly report, social media giant Facebook said that there is no guarantee that its cryptocurrency project, Libra, will be available in time, and may even never be available. According to CNBC, Libra was closely watched by regulators and legislators from the US and around the world after the white paper was released […]

Bai Shuo: It is recommended that China establish an independent system that can compete with Libra.

Babbitt News, on the morning of July 26, the " Ant Block Chain CHAINAGE Innovation Day " hosted by Ant Financial was held in Hangzhou. At the event, Bai Shuo , director of the Chinaledger Technical Committee and former chief engineer of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, delivered a speech entitled “ Libra and Global Industry […]

Facebook currency Libra, can the financial dream of Xiaozha be realized?

Domestic Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, and Jingdong have launched financial business on the basis of their original business, and they have split and established separate subsidiaries. At present, apart from the fact that Tencent did not establish an independent financial technology company business, Baidu established Xiaoman Finance, Alibaba established Ant Financial, and Jingdong established Jingdong Digital. […]

Switzerland inquires, VISA reverses, Libra is worried

Judging from the feedback from all parties, there is neither practical cooperation with partners nor too much communication with regulators. Libra is actually just an empty shell. On July 25th, the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) released a message on its official website that it had officially sent a letter to the […]

Zuckerberg's latest open letter: Using blockchain to provide a secure, stable, well-regulated cryptocurrency for billions of users

On July 25th, Beijing time, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted an open letter on Facebook's personal homepage, sharing the company's latest achievements and vision for the last quarter, and talked about it. Libra, Facebook's newest project, describes a new, secure, stable, and well-regulated currency vision for billions of users around the world. The […]

As Facebook joins, the digital currency camp fights against the encirclement

Core Tip: Due to Facebook's participation in the digital currency camp, it caused panic, encirclement and ban on the entire traditional financial institution and the conservative camp. Because the digital currency is now in contrast to traditional forces, it is still outnumbered. Blockchain companies should adopt a technical response approach, but there are also cases […]

Five lobbying companies + a law firm, Facebook formed a luxury group to open the way for Libra

Facebook has expanded its lobbying campaign to help "sell" its upcoming Libra digital currency. As the social media giant faces a growing crisis of trust, policymakers are threatening to make this digital currency “cheated”. In addition to the internal lobbying team, Facebook also hired two lobbying companies with extensive experience in Washington's financial services, Sternhell […]

CIC Research: The "Dollar-Libra" System May Create the Next Peak of US Dollar Hegemony

The Libra white paper from Facebook in the United States shows that Libra uses a linked exchange rate system, and its smart contract features make cross-border payments, financial contracts and even the global business ecosystem possible. Libra's potentially large user base is based not only on Facebook's 2.4 billion global users, but also on the […]

Babbitt column | Libra: Premature baby in the context of Facebook innovators

The article about Libra has been dragging on for a long time because it really doesn't interest. Unlike the domestic group, which is full of people's discussions and learning about Libra, most people in the foreign industry have long known about the drugs sold in Libra's gourd. Libra's provocativeness to supervision is far greater than […]

From the dream of Nakamoto's "electronic cash", what is Libra's biggest problem?

The author, Michael J. Casey, is chairman of the CoinDesk Advisory Board and a senior consultant for blockchain research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Digital Currency Initiative. Image source: pixabay Last week, in a tiring commentary on the Capitol Hill Libra hearing, a short tweet from lawyer Marco Santori summed up the core […]