Libra node campaign list is big! More than ten institutions have applied for it publicly, and Gan and Gemini are waiting to see.

A node campaign for Libra is taking place worldwide.

The initiator of this campaign is the Libra Association. According to the Libra white paper, the Libra Association manages Libra, and companies, cryptocurrency investors, and blockchain infrastructure companies can apply to become nodes, thereby playing an active role in association governance and qualifying for new user rewards and transaction rebates. Dividends were paid through Libra investment tokens. At present , there are 28 founding members such as Mastercard and PayPal. It is expected that in the first half of 2020, the number of members of the association will be expanded to about 100.

Since the release of Libra's white paper, despite the frequent pressures of regulators, the enthusiasm of applicants has been blocked, and institutions and organizations including financial giants, investment institutions, exchanges, public chain teams, and industry associations have expressed their views. The node form participates in the Libra Association governance and promotes Libra on a broader scale.

The application methods of these institutions are different. Some applicants are single-handed, such as Japanese financial giant Monex Group, Atomtrans Tech Corp International Group; some applicants group action, such as the currency win network and Kebank Capital to invest 30 million US dollars to prepare for the Libra node campaign; more even intends to publicize the public Form form to participate in the election.

At the same time, many institutions have not expressed their interest in Libra, but have expressed interest in Libra, such as the currency, Gemini, Royal Bank of Scotland. Based on public reports, Mars Finance has taken stocks of organizations and organizations that are applying for or considering becoming Libra nodes.

Financial group

Japan Monex Group

According to Cointelegraph Japan, on July 26, the Japanese financial giant Monex Group officially announced its application to join the Libra Association. This is the first time a Japanese company has expressed its intention to participate in the Libra Association.

According to public reports, the Monex Group's largest online economist in Japan acquired Coincheck, a cryptocurrency exchange, in April last year, for a total amount of 3.6 billion yen. Affected by this news, Monex shares have risen 23% in one day. In January of this year, the Japanese Financial Agency officially issued a license to Coincheck.

In addition to the Japanese market, Monex also extended its reach to the United States. According to Reuters, Monex plans to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in the United States in July this year. The exchange, called TradeStation Crypto, will serve semi-professional traders.

Atomtrans Tech Corp International Group

On July 1, Atomtrans Tech Corp International announced its support and has applied for the Libra Association to achieve large-scale payment applications and change the international financial order.

According to public information, Atomtrans Tech Corp International Group was founded in 2017. It is a financial service provider with a Philippine central bank license. It is headquartered in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. It operates ATC Anda Remittance, ATC Payment and ATC Digital Currency Exchange. There are service centers in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, and Argentina.

Atomtrans Tech Corp officially said that the group has now applied to join the Libra Association's operational verification node, which will promote Libra in the Philippines and Southeast Asia markets, and apply Libra stabilized coins to its ecosystem to achieve large-scale payment applications and change international financial processes. And order.

Investment agency

Node capital

On June 20th, Du Jun, the founding partner of Node Capital, said in his circle of friends: “Node Capital & Libra, instead of being a commentator, is better to change the world together.” This news indicates that Node Capital will be preparing to participate in the Libra founder campaign. In an interview with the media, Du Jun said that he is currently in the process of preparation, and the details are not easy to disclose.

According to the official website of the Node Capital, the agency focuses on the investment blockchain industry and has invested in nearly 200 companies covering news, exchanges, blockchain technology development and applications, blockchain data mining and analysis, and third-party services. Etc., including Golden Finance, Fire Coin, Chain Technology, Kushen Wallet, etc.

Branch Bank Capital

On June 19th, Coin announced that it would jointly invest 30 million U.S. dollars in the Libra node campaign. Subsequently, Jayden Wei, CEO of Keyin Capital, said in a circle of friends: “Pchain Dr. Cao just sent me a letter to participate in the Libra node campaign! I will find more partners. We have an IPO case in Australia, and we are doing Hui Finance, serving 12 million people in Indonesia, I think we have a good chance."

According to public information, Keyin Capital is the only investment company in Australia with blockchain digital currency venture capital licenses. It focuses on blockchain infrastructure, digital currency investment and consulting asset management companies, and projects cover mines and transactions. Office, wallet, public chain and other fields.

颐 and fund

On June 24, Yanhe Fund announced that it will participate in the Libra SuperNode campaign with fund members to promote Libra's application in Greater China.

According to public information, Minhe Fund is a fund sponsored by the BTB Exchange for high-quality blockchain projects. Its fund members include the BTB Exchange, the Global Fund of the Tiger Tiger, and the BEX Derivatives Exchange.

Nicole and fund promoter Nicole said that with the entry of giant institutions such as Facebook, the blockchain industry will be more and more perfect, and the fund will promote this trillion-dollar financial market with more professional institutions and quality assets.


Currency win network

On June 19th, Coin announced that it would jointly invest 30 million U.S. dollars in the Libra node campaign. The Coin Win Network plans to establish ALPHA COMMUNITY in conjunction with a number of agencies and is currently negotiating with relevant agencies on the establishment of the business. ALPHA COMMUNITY will rely on the technology, market and community foundation among members to contribute to the ecological construction of Libra nodes and promote the upgrading of the global financial service system.

According to public information, Coin is a digital asset trading platform opened in Hong Kong. It mainly provides trading services for digital assets such as Ethereum and HSR for global users.


On June 21st, the community-based exchange Monster one monster market CEO Mao Zemin announced that his parent company MSER will jointly invest $20 million in preparation for the Libra node campaign with Monster Capital, Future Capital, Pacific Capital, and Mix Bank.

Monster one Monster Market official said that it plans to set up the Question Community together with many organizations, and is currently negotiating with relevant agencies on the establishment of the business. Question Community will work on the ecological construction of Libra nodes to help build a new global financial ecosystem.

At the same time, the Monster Market Exchange called for more institutions to add to the advent of the digital economy era and help build a new financial system.

BitTok coin extension

On June 26, according to the intelligence report, BitTok Coin Extension will jointly establish Aqua Community with well-known blockchain capital companies at home and abroad and a number of encryption agencies to fully participate in the Facebook Libra node campaign.

According to public information, Bittok Coin is a new intelligent management platform for digital assets. After the release of the Libra white paper, the agency has interpreted: Facebook has a heart of Tencent Empire, this high-profile entry into the digital currency market is actually to complete its social ecology, a major upgrade of Facebook's business model.

According to the analysis of Bittok Coin, Libra is not a contest between several currencies, not a competition between Internet giants, but a confrontation between the real world and the distributed world.

Public chain development team

Node Pacific

On June 19th, Node Pacific announced that it was participating in the Libra Global Node campaign and completed the Libra test network.

According to public information, Node Pacific is a public-chain operation crowdsourcing platform and node operator. It has participated in nearly 20 mainstream public chains in the world and has become its core block node. Node Pacific said it will launch the Libra Global Governance Council and work with quality node service providers to expand Libra's infrastructure and applications.


On June 19th, Echoin announced that it is actively preparing for the Libra node campaign, and has received 10 million US dollars of support from several energy eco partners. It will apply for the Libra node on behalf of the energy industry to build an energy digital network covering major continents.

According to public reports, Echoin aims to create a public-chain ecosystem for the global energy economy through DPoS consensus governance mechanisms, predictive energy data uplinks, and Plasma sidechains.

Previously, Echoin has entered into strategic cooperation with the world's largest power producer, EDF and the energy digital giant, and has also approached more than 40 energy companies under the UK Energy Agency. The Indian Science and Technology Bureau, Italy's largest power company Enel, GSE, etc. will also gradually participate in the ecological construction of Echoin.

Industry Association

Hong Kong Blockchain Association

On June 22nd, Hong Kong Blockchain Association HKBA announced that it will establish the Libra HKBA Community to apply for a founding member of the Libra Association to promote Libra's presence in Greater China.

It is reported that the Hong Kong Blockchain Association is an open, independent and equal organization. It aims to become a platform for Greater China and the world chain by learning, communicating and promoting blockchain technology and applications, and making Hong Kong a new era. Financial Technology Center.

Liu Zhen, founder of Clipper Coin Capital and co-chair of HKBA, said: Libra, the technology giant's Facebook release, will promote the spread of digital currency on a global scale and accelerate the breakthrough of digital currency regulation in various countries. At the same time, Libra will accelerate the digital currency of major technology financial companies. The launch of the launch of a new round of digital competition.

Asian Blockchain Society

On July 8, the Asian Blockchain Institute Investment Committee and ABNews Asia blockchain news media and other institutions announced the election of Libra Super Node to contribute to future financial equality and justice.

Public reports show that the Asian Blockchain Society is a blockchain academic organization, chaired by Dr. Cai Zhichuan, an Asian bitcoin and blockchain evangelist, and supported by scholars and financial experts from around the world.

For Libra, Cai Zhichuan once commented: "From Bitcoin to Facebook, it is a milestone in the blockchain. This is of great significance!"

Decentralized financial platform

On June 19th, HyperDao prepared to organize crowdfunding to participate in the Libra node campaign. HyperDao said it will announce crowdfunding details in the near future and raise funds in its new official website HDAO.IO.

According to public information, HyperDao is a decentralized financial service platform, which was upgraded from the original network. It is currently integrating digital currency wallets, crowdfunding platforms and exchanges, and is committed to completing the decentralized financial services ecosystem. Hundreds of thousands of users in Asia Pacific, Europe and other regions provide services.

These institutions are also interested

Mars Finance notes that while the above institutions are actively applying for Libra nodes, there are also organizations that express their intention to participate:


On June 27th, at the FinTech Junction meeting in Tel Aviv, GIN CHAO, the chief strategy officer of Coin's Announcement, revealed that the currency “will definitely” would consider becoming Libra's verifier node: “We are definitely considering this. So we want to participate in the election. Regardless of whether we will be one, we will wait and see.” He believes that Libra represents the best bridge of cryptocurrency adoption to date, as it will constitute the actual use case for crypto-fire coins, and Facebook can price services and features on Libra. .

After the release of the Libra white paper, the founder of the currency, Zhao Changpeng, said on Twitter: "Facebook's Libra currency does not require KYC. They have huge data of 2 billion people. Not only the name, ID, address, phone number. They also know Your family, friends, real-time/historical location, etc. They know yourself better than you. Now they have control over your wallet. The best KYC."


According to Coindesk, the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini will soon join the Libra Association. The exchange co-founder Cameron said: "We will definitely take it seriously, we are very excited about this project."

Co-founder Tyler bluntly stated that Libra is the direction of future cryptocurrencies: "Our feeling is that this is the first company among many giant companies (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) that has a token project. Our prediction is in In the next 24 months, almost every giant company will have a similar token or some kind of project."

Mars Finance previously reported that in September last year, the Gemini Exchange announced the issuance of a stable currency, GUSD, and claimed that GUSD has been approved by the New York Financial Asset Management. This made GUSD the world's first regulated, 1:1 anchored dollar stable currency.

Royal Bank of Scotland

According to AMBCrypto on July 10th, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is discussing with Facebook the possibility of joining the Libra Association. Kevin Hanley, head of innovation at Royal Bank of Scotland, confirmed negotiations with Facebook on July 9.

According to Baidu Encyclopedia, the Royal Bank of Scotland Group was founded in 1727 and is the largest bank in the UK, ranking first among legal, personal and overseas banking in the UK.

As early as 2015, Royal Bank of Scotland had experimented with its own digital currency. The bank's director of technology, media and telecommunications revealed that RBS has established between banks and uses its own currency as a transaction settlement tool.

Outlook: Libra still has variables

Libra's white paper has been published so far. On the one hand, the number of applicants is endless, and on the other hand, the regulators frequently test pressure, which increases Libra's uncertainty.

In a recent quarterly report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Facebook reminded investors that although it plans to launch the cryptocurrency Libra next year, there are many factors that may prevent Libra from launching as scheduled, and may even lead Libra to never come out.

Not only that, but the concerns of the existing members of the Libra Association have also buried hidden dangers. On June 26, New York Times reporter Nathaniel Popper issued a message saying that some partners in the Libra Association are still approaching Libra with caution, and seven of the company’s executives said they joined the agreement by signing a non-binding agreement. Part of the reason for the project is that they know they are not obligated to use or promote the digital token Libra. If they don't like the development of tokens, they can easily quit.

Facebook spokesperson Elka Looks said in a statement that the company plans to "completely engage in dialogue and discussions with founding members and welcome more members to join in the coming months." "We know it takes time and it's not easy, but as long as we work together, Libra's goals can be achieved."

Libra Association spokesperson Dante Disparte said that since the Libra Association was announced, it has received a large number of letters from companies interested in becoming members. He said that the Libra Association is likely to develop a list of companies that will become the first members of the association's 100 next year.

Zuckerberg’s statement also gave the node applicants a reassurance. In an open letter released last week, Zuckerberg has repeatedly reiterated that Libra will cooperate with the regulation and promised that “Facebook and the Libra Association both plan to work with regulators to resolve all concerns before the launch of Libra.” This actually conveyed Libra to the public . Face up to problems and attitudes to solve problems.

It is foreseeable in the future that more institutions will apply to join the Libra Association. The final result is unpredictable, but Libra is still highly anticipated, as Joe Lallouz, CEO of cryptocurrency company Bison Trails, said: “This is a huge Opportunity, but there are still many details that need to be addressed. "

Reference article: "Libra node campaign hot, is it a good business or a show?

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