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The Fed's current rate cut is fundamentally different from the 2008 financial crisis, or may trigger a new round of global central bank interest rate cuts

Author | Xu Yiying In the early hours of March 16, the Fed announced that it would lower the federal funds rate by 100 basis points to 0-0.25%, and also announced the launch of a US $ 700 billion quantitative easing program, including the purchase of US Treasury bonds of US $ 500 billion and […]

How does the Fed's unlimited "print money" affect the crypto market?

On March 23, the Federal Reserve announced an unprecedented QE, including open asset purchases, which will be purchased daily With $ 75 billion in national debt and $ 50 billion in institutional housing mortgage-backed securities (MBS), daily and regular repo rates will be reset to 0% and more. What is unlimited QE? Quantitative easing mainly […]

Unlimited printing of the Federal Reserve will increase public trust in Bitcoin

After the opening of US stocks on the evening of March 24, Beijing time, the three major indexes ushered in a surge. As of today, the Dow Jones Index has risen more than 11%, the Nasdaq has risen more than 8%, and the S & P 500 has risen more than 9%. I wonder if […]

Fed announces unlimited QE, bitcoin surges 10%

On the evening of March 23, Beijing time, before the stock market opened, the Fed announced a new round of large-scale rescue measures, including an unlimited purchase of bonds to keep borrowing costs low, and formulated plans to ensure credit flows to businesses and state and local governments. The Fed said it would buy $ […]

U.S. Federal Reserve cuts interest rates sharply

Yesterday (March 3) at 23:00 Beijing time, the Fed suddenly announced a 50 basis point cut in the benchmark interest rate and reduced the excess reserve ratio (IOER) by 50 basis points to 1.1%. The US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) unanimously agreed to a rate cut. This is the ninth unconventional meeting of the […]

Fed Chairman: China has not officially started creating digital dollars, China's new crown virus could hurt global economy

Author: Xiu MU Source: Tweet Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell attended a hearing on the House Financial Services Committee on Tuesday, saying that the Fed has not yet officially started creating or issuing digital dollars, and China's new coronavirus outbreak could hurt the global economy. According to CNN, he spoke at the hearing about […]

Babbitt Column | America First? Discrimination of the attitude of the Federal Reserve's two parties to the CBDC

The hawks and doves are a political term used to describe people or groups that deal with major political, economic, diplomatic, or military issues, and whether they are dealt with in a tough, violent, or moderate, conservative manner. They are also used to refer to the above. Problem attitude. The United States Federal Reserve System […]

The possibility of the Federal Reserve issuing coins has greatly increased, the director talked about Libra, digital RMB and stablecoin

On February 6th, Fed director Lael Brainard said that the Fed was exploring the potential application of the central bank's digital currency (CBDC), and she also warned about the risks of stablecoins. It is reported that Brainerd delivered an important speech at a future payment theme seminar held at Stanford Business School on Wednesday. Brainard […]

Fed directors: Fed is studying the feasibility of digital currency

Source: Sina Finance Fed Governor Lael Brainard said on Wednesday that the Fed is studying a range of issues related to digital payments and digital currency regulations and protections, including the cost and potential benefits of issuing its own digital currency. Leonard said in a written speech at Stanford Business School on Wednesday: "Given the […]

Former Federal Reserve official 怼 Bank of England Governor: The idea of ​​cryptocurrency replacing the US dollar is unreasonable

According to Coindesk's September 27 report, a former Federal Reserve official responded to the statement that the Bank of England governor had previously suggested that cryptocurrencies might be more beneficial in the international market than the US dollar. (Source: pixabay ) The Bank of England Governor said in August that a Libra-like "new hegemonic currency […]