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In the era of the Internet of Things, the terminalization of "centralized networks" is "abrupt"

Text / Tang Bo Editor / Wang Qiao This article first appeared on WeChat public account zinc link (ID: xinlianjie-), pay attention to the public account, and explore the value of the industrial blockchain with us. If you need to reprint the article, please apply for white list on WeChat. I. Sudden changes in network […]

Viewpoint | KPMG's Blockchain Leader: In 2020, Blockchain Technology Will Be Used to Address Climate Change

According to Cointelegraph reported on January 10, Arun Ghosh, head of the US blockchain at KPMG, predicts that by 2020, blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be used to combat climate change. (Image source: piqsels ) Devices in the Internet of Things are embedded with sensors, software, and connected to the network, enabling […]

The "Internet of Things + Blockchain" market research report has been released. So many companies have already used it?

Can the Internet of Things + blockchain “chain” moving capital? Agriculture, finance, industry, medical, people's livelihood and other application scenarios, who will become the next breaking point of blockchain technology? On December 4th, the theme salon of "Internet of Things + Blockchain Intelligent Integration in Business Scenarios" hosted by the Internet of Things Think Tank […]

It is not enough to have a blockchain, and there is a way out in combination with AIOT.

Source: Ji Shi Communication The blockchain can't cover everything. It also needs to combine various technical means such as Internet of Things, AI and 5G to effectively solve the pain points in the landing scene. The blockchain really plays its due role. Summary The blockchain is enough to ensure that the data is credible, but […]

Interpretation | Internet of Things + Blockchain Series: Where are the current limitations?

Relying on blockchain technology, IoT devices can have more autonomy to complete independent decisions, coordinate workloads and maintenance work, and freely trade assets and resources through localization decisions. We are finally able to usher in an autonomous network of self-evolving, which is only seen in science fiction. This article is the third article in this […]

Internet of Things + Blockchain Series: The Challenges of the Internet of Things

Blockchains are often advertised as the perfect complement to the Internet of Things (IoT) system, but to understand why these two seemingly unrelated technologies are combined, so many people will be optimistic, we need to first look at The major challenges facing the IoT industry today are focused on several levels: technical challenges, business challenges […]

How difficult is food traceability? Teach you to write a blockchain + IoT traceability system

What is the use to prove how hot the blockchain is? Probably, the blockchain was put on the “two sessions” on the table to discuss, the demand for related posts increased by 400% in one year, and a listed company’s share price soared by 500% after adding “blockchain” to the company name. The blockchain and […]

Are the Internet of Things and blockchain ready to embark on the road to success?

"Impact", when you talk about business or technology, this vocabulary will inevitably enter your conversation. I think this has become an unwritten rule. It's like no one will take your words seriously unless you mention operational shocks or how to use breakthrough technologies to drive business growth and provide a competitive advantage. In terms of […]

AI+Internet of Things + Blockchain: These 10 companies need to be medical network security guardians

There is a network security risk in places where there is a network. With the increase of networked medical devices, the network security risks associated with them are also rising, and become a major issue in the entire network security field. In the past few years, cyber attacks have shown a rapid upward trend. According […]

How to combine the Internet of Things + blockchain, IoTEdge (Silicon Valley team) gave the solution

Under the guidance of the social status of science and technology, the Internet of Things and the blockchain are being mentioned more and more, and new technologies are likely to be inflated. What it brings is massive data or true value, which has always been worthy of the industry. Thoughtful question. According to many agencies, […]