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Zuckerberg talks about Libra: Facebook can't build a financial system on its own, only one vote for Libra.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made some rare comments on Facebook's new cryptocurrency Libra. CNBC's Fast Money posted a video of Zuckerberg's speech on Twitter. In this video, Zuckerberg says: “To build a financial system, this is not something a company can do on its own. So we have a role in helping to […]

Conversation with Microsoft Azure Blockchain: Will Microsoft's blockchain solution be combined with Libra?

Unitimes AMA (Ask Me Anything) No. 33 Guest project: Microsoft Azure Blockchain Special guest: Jacky Hsu, Chief Project Manager Theme: Either's Enterprise Use Cases and Architecture The AMA is divided into two parts: fixed question and answer and free question and answer. Fixed question and answer 1, Unitimes: Hello Jacky, welcome to Unitimes AMA. Please […]

Silicon Valley Wang Chuan: The horn that has entered the smart contract has been blown

1. The launch of Facebook's Libra blockchain white paper blew the horn of the smart contract. Prior to Facebook, the total installed base of all types of wallet software in the blockchain industry was estimated to be only 35 million worldwide (data source statista website), and now such technology will be popularized on Facebook, close […]

These eight people are the most "hate" Facebook, but Lirba is still Libra.

When we are no longer us, will Libra still be Libra? What is the biggest benefit of Facebook's latest cryptocurrency Libra? Is it its BTF consensus algorithm? Is it the Move programming language? Or is it an account-based data model or a standalone Merkle tree structure? neither. The greatest thing about Libra is that it […]

What is the significance of Facebook launching Libra?

Recently, Facebook's global cryptocurrency project Libra official website officially launched and released a white paper. A world-class Internet giant has adopted not only blockchain technology, but also currency, and the impact is self-evident. Some even believe that this is the most important white paper in the digital currency field since Bitcoin in 2009 and Ethereum […]

Evaluating Libra from the history, current status and future of the monetary and financial system

(This article has a total of 27,000 words, the expected reading time is 60 minutes) Dr. Long Baiyi Guide In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin, which gave a solution to the global financial crisis by means of technical geeks. Today, ten years later, Libra, Facebook's stable cryptocurrency project, was born in 2019, which has stimulated […]

Facebook Libra in-depth analysis report

Summary of key points Facebook officially released the Libra project white paper on June 18, 2019, along with technical documentation, governance documentation, and Reserve documentation. There are many analyses on Libra in the market. The extreme view regards the emergence of Libra as a “super-sovereign national currency” and a “currency war weapon” between different sovereign […]

Babbitt column | Six key points of Facebook's CaLibra/Libra

1. Scalable Licensed Alliance Chain/DLT Technology Based on LibraBFT Consensus Algorithm: There are currently 28 nodes, and it is planned to reach 100 nodes in the near future. FB is only one of them, and finally hopes to evolve into a license-free public chain. Scalable permission Blockchain/DLT based on LibraBFT consensus (current only 28 nodes […]

In-depth interpretation of the use of Suichang: Libra is the future of cryptocurrency innovation

Guide Facebook's release of the new cryptocurrency Libra has attracted a lot of global attention, and there have been mixed reviews from different perspectives such as traditional finance, blockchain, and technology. From the perspective of blockchain technology, Libra has no bright spots compared to the recent eye-catching cosmos, polkadot, nervos, diffinity, conflux, Algorand and other […]

Zhu Jiaming: The Super Experiment of Currency Internet——Libra Analysis

What attitude should I face the impact of Libra? In the past week, the most impactful event on the global scale was the publication of the Libra white paper and the vision, implementation and path of Libra as reflected in the white paper. In the Chinese world, in the past few days, the climax of […]