Bitcoin confirms daily trading volume to the highest level in 16 months

Bitcoin confirms daily trading volume to the highest level in 16 months

So far, due to the growing economic activity on the Bitcoin network, the token has confirmed the daily transaction volume to the highest level in 16 months, and the number of transactions confirmed in one day is nearly 440,000 – more than last year. Monthly confirmed volume of the month.

Bitcoin confirms daily trading volume to the highest level in 16 months

The data shows that the daily trading volume of Bitcoin increased in December 2017, when the price of the encrypted digital currency reached an all-time high of nearly $20,000.

As trading activity increased, Bitcoin's second-tier expansion solution, the Lightning Network, also grew. According to 1ML data, the capacity of the network has exceeded 1060 BTCs, and there are currently 8,200 nodes and 38,290 open channels.

The industry believes that many people have shown a stronger interest in the field of encryption when the transaction volume has reached a 16-month high, and the price of Bitcoin itself has continued to rise. According to CryptoCompare data, since Bitcoin has risen 11.15% in the past 30 days, its current transaction price is $5,640. (Mars Finance)

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