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Launch the first Libra transfer minimalist tutorial

Yesterday I heard that Facebook's digital currency Libra official website has been officially launched. It took a long time to find the website: Can not always open, had to read the various articles, some optimistic, some sing, and so on. After reading it, I feel that Libra is very likely to become a very […]

Meng Yan: Zha Xiaoge, can you still be more sharp? 丨SheKnows in-depth interpretation of Libra white paper

On June 18th, Facebook released Libra's white paper on the blockchain project. It was the king of the world. For a time, Libra’s tsunami swept the cryptocurrency and even the entire financial and technology industries. Before the publication of the white paper, the article "Facebook Digital Currency: Origin, Significance and Consequences" also made people scream. […]

Facebook currency, don't miss out on these details and cold knowledge.

With the release of Libra's white paper on Facebook's stable currency project, Libra's attention has reached a very high level, and even on the microblogging and knowledgeable hot search list. In order to provide simple, borderless currency and financial infrastructure to billions of people around the world, Facebook has detailed in the white paper what […]

Facebook cryptocurrency Libra or facing review by European authorities

According to Coindesk's June 18 report, Facebook's information about its cryptocurrency, Libra, was immediately exposed by European political circles. Image source: Visulhunt According to Bloomberg News, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire and German Congressman Markus Ferber called on governments to conduct a regulatory review of the social networking Facebook blockchain project. Faber warned that […]

Will the future be converted to a PoS public chain? Facebook's Libra blockchain reveals this possibility

After waiting for nearly a year, Facebook finally released the white paper (Chinese/English version) of the cryptocurrency Libra. The current industry view is that Libra's function is similar to Alipay, but the chain found that the Libra blockchain did not refuse to become a PoS public chain, revealing plans to become a "non-licensed blockchain" in […]

Facebook brings a bull market? Pour cold water for you

These days, about the issue of Facebook currency, the circle is a bit too much. Especially yesterday, Libra's white paper was released, and the social media was full of the atmosphere of "the fate of the currency circle changed." It seems that from today, the currency circle has stood up, and once it has become […]

Gu Yanxi: Facebook's stable currency Libra brings opportunities, challenges and a visible future

Written by: Gu Yanxi, a multi-year practitioner in China and the US financial market, a researcher and practitioner of blockchain and encrypted digital assets, served as the deputy director of information technology at Huatai United Securities and several financial services companies COO, once served in the United States An option settlement company that provides clearing […]

US lawmakers ask Facebook to suspend cryptocurrency projects and accept hearings first.

According to Coindesk's June 18 report, Maxine Waters, chairman of the US House Financial Services Committee, asked Facebook to suspend the development of the Libra cryptocurrency network until a hearing was held. (Source: Pixabay ) Earlier, Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry wrote to Waters. McHenry wrote: We know that there are many unresolved issues in the […]

Cai Weide: Libra is the tool for the US dollar to continue to dominate, the terminator of Ruibo and USDT

Mutual Chain Pulse Press: On the afternoon of June 18th, the white paper of the Facebook cryptocurrency Libra project was widely discussed in the blockchain field. In response to this white paper, the inter-chain pulse was interviewed for the first time. National special experts, Beihang University, and MIT Bachelor of Science and Technology, together, discussed […]

Move language: Libra's biggest highlight in my eyes

In the field of blockchain, no solution wins the traditional method, only innovation can have a future. ——Guo Yu I believe that everyone, like me, is being smashed by Facebook today. Libra, a Facebook-sponsored encrypted digital currency project, officially made its debut today (June 18). Libra has simultaneously released a multi-language official website and white […]