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Billionaire Mike Novogratz: The valuable thing is that the bubble encryption revolution is real

According to CCN, the encryption market may not grow as fast as many people hope, and there have been some unexpected twists and turns. Despite this, today's blockchain industry is more mature than it was two years ago. Some of the foam has been removed and a healthier, higher level ecosystem is emerging. In December […]

2019 World Blockchain Conference • Wuzhen 2nd Day Golden Sentence Collection

On November 9th, “2019 World Blockchain Conference • Wuzhen” continued to heat up. Four sub-forums brainstormed from multiple dimensions of technology, application, investment and policy, and there were more intense hotspots such as 5G, Libra, games and DeFi. Round table discussion. Babbitt offers a special collection of golden sentences for everyone: About domestic public chain […]

Thoughts on the Strategic Positioning of Blockchain Entrepreneurship Project under the Supervision Policy

Recently, China's regulatory policies on blockchain technology have been intensively introduced, and many countries in the world have also been active in this field. After reading this information, it creates an intuitive feeling. The world is very big, because there are so many different ideas about the same problem, and the world is small, because […]

5G Chain Network – New Era Spark Program (Funding) Rural Revitalization Closed Meeting is about to be held

The high-profile China 5G Chain Network Industry Innovation Summit will be held from September 6th to 7th, 2019 at the Ruisili Hotel in Nanjing Jiangbei New District Research and Development Park. On the afternoon of September 7, Mr. Yuan Dao, Chairman of the Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance, and Mr. Xu Yuanzhong, the promoter of the […]

Data observation: Ethereum DApp ecology begins to recover

There are indications that Ethereum, which has been behind for a long time, is beginning to recover. DAppTotal data shows that Ethereum has officially surpassed TRON since August 9th, and reached 84,000 on September 2, which is higher than the pre-history in May 2018 and is currently second only to EOS. (Source DAppTotal) On the […]

Bitcoin rose $1,000 in two days, which may be the three reasons

According to the push data, the highest value cryptocurrency bitcoin broke through $10,700 in the early morning of September 4th, Beijing time, and rose by $1,000 in two days. Encrypted media Bitcoinist believes there are three reasons why Bitcoin may bounce. Bitcoin derivatives from Bitcoin and Bitfinex Although Bitcoin was originally a decentralized digital currency […]

A-share blockchain concept stocks "interim examination" handed over: some profits of several hundred million yuan, and some received a million subsidies

The A-share “Interim Examination” ended and the performance of various industries was mixed. Choice data shows that among the 86 A-share blockchain concept stocks, a total of 43 stock-related companies mentioned “blockchain” in the semi-annual report, 21 of which not only mentioned blockchain technology, but also specific Floor application. The listed companies that mentioned the […]

The volume of trading has not been significantly enlarged, and the rebound is suspected to be more attractive.

Today is a day worth more than a few years. The market is running smoothly and still in the rebound structure. The trading volume has been enlarged compared with the previous trading day. In fact, the rise and fall of the whole market mainly depends on the two big leading targets, and other currencies are […]

After the Bell chain crashes, it is suspected that the new disk will be restarted.

One of the largest funds in the history of the currency circle, the Bell Chain, has ushered in a recent collapse. Since the end of July, a number of "games" under the Bell Chain have stopped mining output, and investor income has stagnated. On August 30th, Bell Chain CEO Vincent posted a long article on […]

Legal Daily Report: How to Inherit Digital Assets (I)

With the rapid development of Internet technology, people are entering a digital survival era. More and more Internet services are bound with more personal and property-oriented information content such as personal identification information and fund accounts. Can these huge digital assets be inherited according to existing laws and regulations? If you can inherit, what principles […]