2019 World Blockchain Conference • Wuzhen 2nd Day Golden Sentence Collection

On November 9th, “2019 World Blockchain Conference • Wuzhen” continued to heat up. Four sub-forums brainstormed from multiple dimensions of technology, application, investment and policy, and there were more intense hotspots such as 5G, Libra, games and DeFi. Round table discussion.

Babbitt offers a special collection of golden sentences for everyone:

About domestic public chain


Longer than the founder of the original chain said:

The alliance chain solution between the giant ants and other giants is not a competitor between the public chain and the public chain. The two are actually comrades in different tracks, and the blockchain application is implemented in different ways. When it comes to convergence, the consensus mechanisms of the public and alliance chains are merging, applications are also converging, and there is no pure alliance chain and public chain application.


The founder of the quantum chain Shuai Chu said:

The compliance issue facing the public chain, at this stage, does not have a clear answer, and the path will gradually clear over time. The country-driven blockchain should be the first to be in the field of alliance chains, which can replace many traditional opaque and untrustworthy traditional IT services.


Conflux co-founder and CTO Wu Ming said:

Giants such as Ant Financial are not easy to enter the public chain. On the one hand, there are many theoretical things in addition to engineering in the public chain. Many engineers owned by giants cannot achieve unique advantages in the development of public chain. On the other hand, the gene and the public chain of the giant are not in conformity, the public chain is decentralized, and the giant itself represents a centralization. At the same time, the public chain and the alliance chain have many opportunities for integration, and the alliance chain can be implemented as a side chain.


Han Feng, iCenter tutor at Tsinghua University, said:

A very important issue in the future development of the public chain is that you have to extend the credibility of the current public chain to the entire computing environment of the Internet. It is not difficult to do this to the individual, but the data has to be involved in the calculation to reflect its value.


The letter star founder said:

First, the public chain only needs to solve a security problem, and do not want any TPS, who is the safest and who has the greatest value. Second, the future head effect of the public chain will be very obvious. All sidechain applications must be based on the most valuable network. The more people, the more money, the users will use.

About 5G


Zhao Jun, head of China Telecom's Strategy and Innovation Institute blockchain technology, said:

Cloud services bring us computing power, AI enhances our intelligence, and big data allows us to recognize the value of data. Blockchain +5G, blockchain + Internet of Things can prosper the sharing economy, blockchain + edge computing can release the resources and capabilities of ordinary people, blockchain + car networking can allow data sharing between vehicles.


Guo Manxue, researcher at the China Mobile Research Institute's Business Research Institute, said:

The blockchain is essentially an information technology. The biggest change between it and Internet technology is that it changes from information exchange to value information exchange.


Xue Wei, senior engineer of China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute, said:

Our understanding of blockchain is a technology that changes the relationship of production. It has many characteristics, including traceability and non-tamperability, in order to establish a long-term credit system and an efficient synergy.


Zheng Jinrong, Director of Blockchain Product Planning of Zhongxing District, said:

The integration of 5G and blockchain development, one direction, is to use blockchain technology to promote and promote the construction of 5G network infrastructure, especially the co-construction and sharing of 5G networks, edge computing, network slicing and other scenarios. The other direction is that 5G has the characteristics of low latency, high bandwidth and large connection. Such features will bring many new application scenarios, such as Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, Intelligent Manufacturing, Industrial Internet and new smart city construction. and many more.


Fang Zhaoben, former member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political

The fusion of 5G and blockchain is a big opportunity and a big blue ocean. With 5G, data generation speeds beyond our imagination, blockchain, can help manage and optimize 5G, such as network slice management. 5G can also help blockchain solve scalability and speed issues.

About Libra


Bai Shuo, former chief engineer of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, said:

At present, China's legal digital currency is to B (for enterprise users), focusing on “issuing” and focusing on “within one country”. There is no traffic base for the time being, and smart contracts are not supported. The Libra issued by Facebook is to C (for ordinary users), with equal distribution and circulation. If necessary, it can abandon the issue, focus on "globalization", have a global traffic base, and support smart contracts.


Hu Jie, a professor at Shanghai Institute of Advanced Finance at Shanghai Jiaotong University, said:

Libra is completely different from the central bank's digital currency (DCEP), one is a new bottle of new wine, and the other is a new bottle of old wine. Libra is purely based on the exploration of blockchain technology, DCEP is more about applicability, open to the use of blockchain. Moreover, the purpose of the two is different. Libra is producing a cross-global and cross-sovereign currency. DCEP is relatively simple, which is to replace banknotes in RMB.


Cai Kailong, a senior researcher at the Institute of Financial Technology of Renmin University of China, said:

When everyone talks about Libra, they compare it with the central bank's digital currency. We can take a step back and compare it with Bitcoin. One to the left and one to the right, the middle man is struggling. On the left is Bitcoin, which goes completely decentralized. On the right is the central bank's digital currency, which is the centralization of sovereignty. In the middle is Facebook's Libra. Its ideal is very full. It wants to be a global cross-border alliance. In fact, its soul is to the left. But it monopolizes all social, it has privacy issues, it must be regulated, so its body is tilted to the right, so it is about the two minds in the fight.

About the game


Cocos-BCX founder Chen Yuzhi said:

The combination of blockchain technology and games lies in settlement, revenue model, user behavior record and so on. And within two years, practitioners should be more concerned about whether users are getting more and more, and whether the big players who have the right to speak are pushing.


Xiao Wei of SpiderStore CEO said:

There may be many 1-2 years for the explosion of the blockchain game. There are many reasons. First, the infrastructure is not perfect. For example, most blockchain games, such as Ethereum’s transaction confirmation delay, have a bad gaming experience. Second, the current blockchain game emphasizes the blockchain too much, resulting in relatively poor gameplay.


Zhou Zhifeng, president of Molin Group, said:

The good works in the field of mobile games must have been made with a lot of manpower and resources. Fun, well-crafted games need to be iteratively updated and updated. Games made in 2 or 3 months are fast-moving products, so whether the blockchain game can be a succession is still a problem.

Technical perspective


NEO founder Da Hongfei said:

The next generation of the Internet will be a layered structure with different layers. Layer0 (Content Center Network Layer): Almost all applications are likely to run on cloud services; Layer 1 (global state and clearing layer): records the world's important data status, the general ledger of important financial assets; Layer 2 (transactions) Layer): Everyday transactions happen at this level; Layer3 (application layer): Build the interface of the application, there will be a variety of applications for browsers and wallets.


Babel CTO Jin Lei said in his speech:

At present, the computing power of the human brain is estimated to be 10,000 Yotta Flops, which is the 28th power of 10, which is 100 billion times the sum of the global computing power. In order to implement Universal Artificial Intelligence (AGI), current computing power needs to grow by hundreds of millions of times. At present, there are tens of millions of high-end graphics cards in the world, and the number of graphics cards used for mining has reached a million level, and the inventory calculation is very impressive.

Application perspective


Zhang Xiaojun, head of the Huawei blockchain, said:

The three-point industry consensus in the blockchain industry: alliance attributes, cost savings, and focus scenarios. The blockchain is born with the attributes of alliances, and many parties participate in the goal of completing a unified trade. In addition, the blockchain is not focused on technology, but the right scene is the root of its value.


Meng Yan, deputy dean of the Institute of Digital Assets, said:

The nature of the chain reform and currency reform debate is actually two routes into the digital economy. Chain reform is the reform of the blockchain as a credible database, providing credible digital evidence for action by institutions such as finance; currency change is a revolution, directly changing the currency issuance mechanism, redistributing coinage and coinage taxes, radically transforming all financial Infrastructure and basic logic. The development of a high-level digital economy requires the digitization of products and services, the digitization of assets, and the move toward digital assetization.


Tao Xingyu, founder of X-Order.ai, said:

Finance is the most important application in the ten years since the birth of the blockchain. Currency is the basic application, and securities are the upper-level application; open communities are the basis for the development of blockchain. Beginning in 2018, the United States is the protagonist of the blockchain world, which has a dominant position in regulatory power, financial support, entrepreneurial technology, pricing power, and pricing power.


Paxos co-founder Asia CEORich Teo said:

An important obstacle to the large-scale application of blockchain is people. If you believe a company, an organization or a government regulatory agency, if the money is gone, look for the bank; if there is no goods, look for an e-commerce, this is a very habitual process. Therefore, a decentralization does not require a company to assume trust. This is a very big change, or there is a way to go.


Luo Yu, co-founder and CEO of Yulink Technology, said:

Blockchain is not without application, and the lack of killer applications. There is a lack of mutual trust in distributed commerce: on the one hand, it is difficult to achieve multi-party trust due to untrustworthy data, and it is difficult to achieve multi-party trust in funds and flows. On the other hand, due to the lack of standardized products/guarantee tools, the multi-party cooperation cycle is long and difficult, and consensus It is difficult to achieve. Once a dispute arises, it is difficult to prove the innocence. Therefore, we need three capabilities of trusted data collection, trusted data sharing, and trusted data utilization to solve mutual trust problems.

Investment perspective


Huang Haiguang, founder of Chalet Capital, said:

The primary market investment of the blockchain is uncontrollable. There is no specific business model and no benchmarking. In the secondary market of blockchain, more arbitrage is mainly in trading arbitrage and data arbitrage. In the blockchain industry, the more data people have, the more information they get. Therefore, it can be seen that sometimes the data held by the exchange is far above the ordinary investor dimension. In addition, industry compliance is incomplete, and sometimes the exchange will run on the opposite side of ordinary investors. Blockchain and traditional industry primary and secondary market investments are relatively clear.


Yang Jinyan, general manager of Firecoin Labs, said:

The blockchain industry is “agriculture” and it’s a good day to eat. The market has made money all the time, and the periodicity is very strong. From a legal point of view, for tokens and stocks, we have 100% ownership of tokens, and stocks must rely on third-party hosting, which is also a very attractive place for digital assets, which is also the blockchain in terms of asset circulation. The advantages.


Huang Junpeng, co-founder of the coin machine, said:

The biggest problem in the blockchain industry is that the primary market and the secondary market are too close together, which affects the judgment of value. The value of the companies that can be listed is verified, and the blockchain industry has too much imagination space to easily form the illusion of value prematurely.

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