Compared with the data of the holders, do you still believe in IEO?

After Bitcoin broke through 4200 points in the near future, it opened a small bull market, which rose to 5,307.00 USD (data source CMC), and the bitcoin skyrocketing also followed the microblogging search. In the past week, bitcoin and blockchain were in the market. Both the Baidu Index and the WeChat Index have risen sharply. According to statistics, the search data is similar to 17 years. However, under such a market, is the real bull market coming?

Bitcoin’s ups and downs are not determined by the market, but the consortium, capital and the cat’s body behind it. After the 17-year CME futures, the price soared to a record high of 120,000+, followed by A year has ushered in a bear market. All digital coins have shrunk by more than 80%, and some have even gone to zero. Recently, Chicago Bitcoin futures may have to go offline. The result is that the current transaction volume has been created. A record high, according to data from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group, the company recorded more than 22,500 bitcoin futures contracts on April 4, equivalent to about 112,700 bitcoins. This exceeded the record of more than 18,300 (equivalent to 64,300 BTC) on February 19, 2019.

In the history of Chicago futures, there have been products. In general, products with lower liquidity are not suitable for futures, and large transactions of bitcoin are currently traded online. If there is a large-scale slump in the online market, Said bitcoin does not apply to futures futures. With futures, there will only be a greater restriction on the price of the currency, and both parties may have large orders before the settlement point.

Following the market situation of Bitcoin, many altcoins have started the pull mode. Let us explore which currencies have risen recently, and what are the secrets behind the rise.

The first thing you may notice is the top 5 BCH, which is what everyone calls the prince, the first forked bitcoin. Bitcoin cash has risen nearly 80% in the past week, and has risen by 127.69% in the past month (data source Xiao Cong). The biggest behind the bitcoin cash is Bit China, which is the supporter when it was forked. Although the community finally appeared. Fork, there is another coin, but in the end everyone may only have one purpose, that is to make money. Some time ago, the IPO of Hong Kong failed. It may affect the progress of the company more or less. In addition to the Internet winter, layoffs are even more Regional cuts, may pull the plate can not solve the problem, in the current value of bitcoin cash, currently there is no large-scale application of bitcoin cash, but the threat to bitcoin is not big, the consensus of bitcoin is still The most cognitive.

Secondly, there are some altcoins, such as some currencies that have soared and plummeted in the recent IEO mode. In fact, it may be that Zhuang and the exchange are jointly harvesting, just to change the routine.

Today's gains: MEX

  • From the above figure, we can see that the current number of holders is 11,462, that is to say, only those people are holding coins. The exchanges are all trading figures, and the digital coins that cannot be used for currency are fake digital coins. The so-called stand-alone. The MEX website can't get in, Twitter only pays attention to only 76 people, the total transaction volume is only 35,165, the top ten share is nearly 88%, and the circulation is also haha. For such coins, skyrocketing may be the so-called CX coin. In fact, no matter what currency, making money is a good coin, if you have inside information, then start!

Hot items: FET, Celer Network

FET basic information map

CELER basic information map

With the MEX analysis method, look at the FET, CELER, this holders is really less, it is completely a single machine on the exchange, it is also haha, can not write….

Look at the following star projects TRON wave field, EOS, holders are still a lot.

Tron basic information map

Eos basic information map

In a word, in the case of a highly controlled disk, there is no coin that can't be pulled…

The cottage currency chaos, only the big cake is the king, and buy and cherish! ! !

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