The gambler's bitcoin carnival: the world financial situation changes, and bitcoin is a future pass

The great dictator Napoleon once said: The best evidence of a person falling into madness is so high. There are countless leads for people to fall into madness.

For example: money, power and extreme religiousization, and of course cryptocurrency.

Since the beginning of 2019, the cryptocurrency market has changed the bear market in 2018, and the IEO boom has been raging. It seems that people are going back to the madness of the big bull market in 2017.

This wave of rising cycles has many favorable benefits, and Litecoin will be halved on August 8, 2019. Under the halving of expectations, Litecoin will open the path of “vengeance”.

According to binances data, the lowest price of Litecoin is 22.32$, and the current price is up to 98.5$. The increase is close to 4.5 times.

The madness is not only the Litecoin, but also the collective riots of various hills and altcoins. The trend is like a broken bamboo, which is ten times as many times as frequent. The most eye-catching is the fire currency network. The myth that the unknown currency is doubled every day is being played every day.

Yes, this is a gambler's carnival.

See who runs fast, sometimes it is not necessarily happy to run fast, often followed by the resentment of emptying, and the firm holding may be the sorrow of standing on the top of the mountain, everyone does not know what the critical point The time is coming.

Seeing others making money is even more uncomfortable than losing money. What is ridiculous is the "mystery buyer" who came out at the cost, pulling at the cost, and the followers like a gambler swarmed in and participated in the event.

However, is the gambler really bad?

a gambler’s way of making a fortune

In the history of cryptocurrencies, there were also a group of gamblers in the early days. They were betting on the future of bitcoin, and gambling cryptocurrencies would bring them the freedom of wealth in their dreams.

In 2015, Eric was one of them. At the time, he was only 29 years old. Three years ago, he lived a life of poverty and his debts were high. Every night he was out of the casino, he was decadent, and suddenly one day he was radiant and he didn’t need the trepidation to bear the fear of losing.

Just because he just sold a gambling website that was paid for by Bitcoin, he knew that he only bought 225$ three years ago, and now he is selling at 1100w$, which realizes the freedom of wealth.

At the same time, he still holds a lot of bitcoin, but he is still very worried. He often tells his friends about his concerns. He is afraid that Bitcoin will suddenly fall over the day. He is already bored with the feeling of poverty, complaining and complaining. The belief in his heart did not collapse. He always believed that Bitcoin could change the world and sit on the Iron Throne of the world currency.

Years ago, when Eric first heard about Bitcoin, the situation was quite different. He received a self-introduction from a mysterious character called Nakamoto from an unknown subscription email.

Satoshi Nakamoto first compared Bitcoin with gold: Bitcoin will be a global currency that everyone can own and use. Bitcoin is also like gold, and its value is priced by the person who wants to buy it. The total amount of 21 million is generated by the encryption algorithm, and it also needs to be proof of the work of “mining” like the gold rush.

Bitcoin also has superior features over gold, such as storage. The convenience of transfer payment, you can complete the payment with a little mouse click, the whole process is much faster than the liquidation of the banking system.

The contrast between Bitcoin and gold is like the contrast between humans and primitive dinosaurs. It seems that dinosaurs are huge. In fact, they are just vulnerable. Humans can use tools to reduce the impact. Bitcoin is also the same. Native Internet, with multi-dimensional attributes. As long as the earth continues to net, there is nothing in Bitcoin to block.

Holy Grail of Bitcoin

In the early days, a group of loyal bitcoin fans understood the basic characteristics of the currency. In short, it's a new way to create, hold, and send money. Bitcoin is different from the dollar and the euro, not issued by a country's history, nor by large financial institutions. Bitcoin is a currency created and managed by the user himself. The new currency is slowly created by people who maintain the currency network.

Because the starting point for creating Bitcoin is to challenge the most powerful financial institutions, Bitcoin's network has been described as a utopia by a group of loyal Bitcoin fans from the very beginning. The Internet has won power from large media and empowered bloggers and dissidents of blogs. Bitcoin also claims to seize power from banks and governments and empowers people who use it.

The highly philosophical monetary thoughts are ridiculed by countless people. They contemptuously believe that the final outcome of the cryptocurrency will only be shattered like the tulip bubble and the South China Sea bubble. At that time, all investors will follow the funeral.

However, the current financial system is not as stable as they think. Every time the world's money crisis has exposed too many shortcomings in the financial and political circles, people are yearning for a new financial system.

The Tea Party, the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, WikiLeaks, and other sports have different purposes, but the core is to take power back from a few elites and distribute it to individuals. Bitcoin provides a clear technical solution for these people's wishes. Bitcoin is so attractive to the world that many people give up everything to follow Bitcoin, as is Eric and many of his friends.

If Bitcoin is really successful, there will be many people who will be wealthy. As Eric often said: "This is the first thing that can make a lot of money and can make a difference in the world." Since bit can make money, it attracts not only cynical revolutionaries. Dan Moried, the one who enters Eric, is one of them. He graduated from the Puppet University, worked at the Goman Fund, and then created a hedge fund. He became a man of the bitcoin circle, and recently he invested in bitcoin, hoping to get huge returns.

It is really possible to have a world currency and change the whole world. When you go out for a trip, you don't need to look around for the acne and bad attitude of the staff, and you don't need to delay too much precious time. Even in Africa, it is enough for a relative in the United States to remit money to a family account with only one bitcoin account. Not to mention international trade settlement, it can greatly improve efficiency.

Many bankers, economists, and government officials have sneered at Bitcoin, saying that it is a marketing tool for fanatics, and they all issued a high-risk warning to Bitcoin, saying that it is moving toward a more digital world without central authority control. Heavy. In particular, the Mt.Gox exchange runs as an excuse for attack.

In fact, the reality is that every scandal about Bitcoin will only increase public awareness of it, and it does not stop investors from buying Bitcoin.

Trying to build a bitcoin empire

At the time of the Morid family gathering, netizens have opened more than 5 million bitcoin wallets on various websites, and most of them are outside the United States. The people who gambled at Morid’s house are all kinds of people, and everyone has it. Former Wal-Mart executives who have just returned from China: college students who have just graduated from Slovenia; bankers from the UK; and two brothers from the Brotherhood of the Georgia Institute of Technology. Some people are deeply skeptical about the government's practices. Some people hate it because of the bank's practices. Some people come because of deeper personal reasons. For example, the executive at Wal-Mart in China, when his grandparents fled China, fled with gold. In today's uncertain world, Bitcoin seems to be an asset that is easier to transfer.

These people are not the same, in fact, each is a ghost. They are involved in the creation of Bitcoin and will continue to participate; they are also Bitcoin users and evangelists, hoping more people will come to them

One of them, Wu Xisi, is a dreamer. Recently he quit his job as the CEO of the company. He was very worried about Mured: My ambition is not to run a company, but to build a bitcoin kingdom. His attitude is determined, his expression is quite determined, as if everything is about to happen.

Gamblers also have dreams. They want to change the world. In the era of great voyages, Columbus’s status in history is mixed. Some people praise him as a great navigator. Some people disdain for it, derogating him from being a robber, a gambler, and a Help the bottom people who don’t know how to live and die, set foot on the road to the Americas, and ruthlessly draw wealth.

Is it their fault? The world's financial changes, bitcoin is just a slap in the face, as a passport to protect the future, and they are just betting on the future, life is a gamble, who is not gambling?

(Author: Bitcoin Caesar)

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