Crypto industry talent demand grows 26%, let's see what new positions are available?

The market continues to fluctuate, but the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries are beginning to emerge with many jobs. Let's take a look at the hottest new positions now.

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  • Despite the ups and downs in the crypto market, the demand for skilled workers in the industry increased by 26% year-on-year
  • In the US, the industry average annual salary is $ 105,000
  • Many new positions have emerged, such as smart contract engineers and equity leaders

Whether or not we believe that the crypto spring is coming, the job market for the crypto industry has begun to flourish.

The crypto market is ups and downs, but employment sites show strong demand from the blockchain industry. According to's year-end research, job opportunities in the cryptocurrency sector increased by 26%.

Earlier, the employment market report of the blockchain industry released by Electric Capital showed that due to the rising bitcoin price, the development of decentralized finance (DeFi), and the increasing awareness of corporate blockchain, as of the summer of 2019, full-time blockchain developers The number increased by 13% year-on-year. Devin Banerjee from LinkedIn even found a correlation between the price of Bitcoin and the recruitment of blockchain developers in the chart.

In addition, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries have higher salaries. Combining data from and teQatlas, we can see that the average salary in the US blockchain industry reaches $ 105,000 / year, which is more than double the average salary in the United States.

Third, industry companies mostly gather in large cities with good geographical locations. From the job posting data, it can be seen that the crypto / blockchain industry hubs in the US, EU and Asia are respectively in San Francisco and New York, London and Berlin, Singapore and Hong Kong.

According to jobs posted by in 2019, the hottest areas of talent recruitment include engineering (31%), operations (17%), marketing (13%), design (10%), and sales (9%). Studies show that strong demand growth for sales, design and compliance jobs may mean that the industry is refocusing on product launches and that the industry is starting to mature (in a good way).

At the same time, there have been many previously non-existing jobs in the crypto industry and the blockchain industry.

Let's meet some of them.

Decentralized finance

Many companies are actively exploring decentralized financial trends, such as automated asset management strategies, pooling, mortgages, lending, and decentralized exchanges. Some emerging jobs include:

1. Decentralized financial product designer

Career description: Provide product vision, leadership to help institutional investors and individual investors easily and happily use cryptocurrencies to create simple and intuitive user experience assets, and keep the web and mobile consistent

Qualifications: Have more than 5 years experience in mobile-first financial product design field. Have a deep understanding of major blockchains, their use cases and customer base.

Bonus point: When you hear Staking and pooling, you don't consider them to be some kind of "sport."

2. Director of Decentralized Financial Public Relations

Job description: Decentralized product information is influentially responsible for handling sensitive issues, maintaining company reputation planning and recording emergency communication plans with various stakeholders

Requirements: 8 years or above related experience in public relations, marketing or corporate communication, banking and financial industries are preferred

Bonus point: the sixth sense in crisis management.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Many functions of a decentralized autonomous organization are similar to corporate business entities or non-profit organizations, but are not "inefficient" bureaucracies.

3.DAO Architect

Job description: Define the governance, business processes, fund management, and legal framework in a decentralized autonomous organization or a legal autonomous organization, and make recommendations to clients.

Requirements: Former Operations Director or Chief Operating Officer who has a deep understanding of how the company operates and envisions how to systemize operations.

Bonus point: You can distinguish between "angry exit" and code is law.

4. DAO jurors (In the DAO world, conflicts and legal disputes are no longer resolved by the courts, but are handled by the arbitrators of the blockchain network. DAO courts provide an interesting mechanism for unbiased third parties to be neutral Position to resolve third-party disputes. DAO began seeking jurors to join its symbolic "court")

Occupation description: The jurors are responsible for reviewing and adjudicating the case, and get a certain compensation. In order to do their work well, they need to track and collect all relevant information. Willing to obtain subscription fees, disputes / appeal fees in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Requirements: No individual is in a lawsuit or has been convicted of a felony between 21 and 65 with a high moral character and has sufficient knowledge of the court's language of action

Must Have: Willing to mortgage tokens or cryptocurrencies to prove your honesty and integrity and that you are part of our circle

5.DAO Signaler

Career description: Funding and fundraising professionals are good at communicating project introductions and funding needs to decentralized autonomous organizations. Responsible for coordinating application, review processes, and continuous feedback.

Requirements: More than 2 years of experience in cryptocurrency venture capital with outstanding efficient messaging skills, high sense of responsibility and excellent record keeping ability

Bonus points: understand the financial use of sablier and have outstanding performance in the past

Traders and financial practitioners

As cryptocurrency trading surges, exchanges and brokerage companies will generate unlimited demand for a variety of financial professionals.

6. Institutional Crypto Coverage Supervisor

Job description: Work closely with wealth, trading, mortgage and custody product teams to improve the services provided to institutional clients

Requirements: Excellent business intuition and high emotional intelligence

Bonus points: make informed judgments when there is sufficient information; determine priorities when the situation is uncertain.

7. Compliance Officer-Crypto Futures Market

Occupation description: Maintain and adapt to market monitoring policies. Assist quarterly and annual regulatory filings / temporary filings. Answer customer compliance issues. Conduct complaint investigations and maintain appropriate logs.

Qualifications: Experience in capital market automation

Bonus point: willing to be a pioneer in this early industry

8.Person in charge of stablecoin

Occupation description: Improve the roadmap of stablecoin business. Specific plan and build a platform for external stakeholders to establish relationships with major partners, including exchanges, DeFi protocol teams and cryptocurrency market participants.

Requirements: Have a deep understanding, interest and relationship of decentralized finance. Able to effectively exchange digital asset information with the compliance team, legal team, engineering team and senior management team. More than 5 years of work experience and more than 2 years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry.

Bonus points: can explain the differences between the following two: USDT, USDC, USDK, GUSD, BUSD, DAI, SAI, HUSD, etc.

9. Director of Cryptographic Auditing and Taxation

For the sustainable development of digital assets and financial planning and analysis, companies urgently need crypto auditors.

Occupation description: Work with the fund management team to ensure that the company's liquidity and net capital regulatory requirements are met to report the financial situation to the entire group and business units monthly. Prepare the company's annual financial statements and related disclosures in response to local currency agency requirements

Requirements: Willing to deal with crypto wallets, exchanges and APIs Good at using spreadsheets and crypto tax tools

Bonus point: At least once in your life to pay the cryptocurrency tax

Technical staff

Of course, engineers are vital in every technology business. However, the crypto and blockchain industries have some more unusual new jobs.

10. Cryptocurrency Custody Engineer

Occupation description: First contact with cryptocurrency collateral verification procedures and large financial institution digital asset teams have reserves for all aspects of cloud deployment, including provisioning, monitoring, security, high availability, disaster recovery and connectivity

Requirements: Configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of multiple technologies, such as security information and event management, web application firewalls, hardware security modules, packet capture, and network malware detection solutions willing to work with cloud services in Asia and the West Deal with

Bonus point: Your Twitter description is "Crypto wallets are not just a dish, they can be used for refrigeration."

11.QA automation engineer (smart contract)

Job description: Accurately test and retest products through functional and black box testing Create and maintain detailed test scripts to verify the functionality of software and smart contracts and compliance with business requirements

Requirements: Experience in verifying smart contracts and hardware encryption. Experience in capturing design specifications using timing assertion languages ​​such as PSL

Bonus point: For you, testing and formal verification are two things.

12. Data discovery and clue cleanup

Occupation description: Small data hunter, working with customers and investment teams, discovering that high-quality data brings a human feel to our infrastructure. Passion for data lineage and deduplication. Passion for high-quality data from partner blockchains.

Requirements: Knowledge of statistical programming, such as R, SAS or Python. Understanding of statistical concepts (such as regression, time series, mixed models, Bayes, clustering, etc.), analysis of data and providing insights.

Bonus: Familiar with game theory

13. Chief Staking Officer

(With the proof of stake, cryptocurrency investors can participate in the blockchain consensus process and get returns by mortgage tokens)

Career description: Establish a close partnership with our exchanges, custodians, OTC counters, asset managers and large financial institutions for our large-scale fault-tolerant staking as a service infrastructure

Requirements: Have more than two years of business development experience in cryptocurrency exchanges and have a good relationship with crypto hedge funds, venture funds, hybrid / hedge funds, and family offices

Bonus point: Not only for human customers, but also for staking robots

communicate with others

A decentralized world often requires a high degree of coordination between employees and community members.

14.Remote Business Leader: Form and manage mixed remote teams

Occupation description: Ensuring remoteness is a competitive advantage. Ensuring that our digital infrastructure is upgraded and adapted to remote colleagues to influence and guide company culture and communication habits.

Requirements: Five years of experience in recruitment in the service industry. Working experience in high-growth startup companies.

Bonus points: high emotional intelligence and leadership awareness

15. Funding leaders

Occupation description: Created an operations and marketing manual for the funding program. Head of logistics for hackathons in the US, Europe and Asia. Work closely with the development team to fund problem identification and coding tasks

Requirements: At least 5 years of experience as a software engineer, well-organized and strong communication skills

Bonus: Your login time on Gitcoin is longer than your login time on GitHub

16. Chinese community strategists (China offers many opportunities, but requires special sensitivity)

Career description: Design and implement a crypto community strategy for the Chinese market based on research and summary of best practices. Construct and manage sustainable, spontaneous internal content (including website information, communications, and software documentation) translation channels through the development and implementation of educational programs, Activities and other projects to carry out field community activities in China

Requirements: Have more than five years of experience in Chinese community development. Passion for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Able to deal with transactions and developer communities.

Bonus point: Chinese using WeChat

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