Cryptocurrency Market Report 2019: "Air Project" is being abandoned by the market, more projects are expedited to explore and integrate the real economy

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Editor's Note: The original title was "2019 Cryptocurrency Market Report"


2019 is an extraordinary year for the blockchain and digital asset markets. We see that this once-naive, "a movement" initiated by the geek community and enthusiasts has gradually grown, and more and more people have started to pay attention and participate in the industry.

2019 is a year of "good money expelling bad money" for the market. From the trough at the beginning of the year, we ushered in a small climax brought by "1E0"; concepts such as "Staking" and "DeFi" subsequently became hot; Facebook's "Libra" project brought the world's focus to blockchain; tight Then, the blockchain technology itself began to receive great attention; towards the end of the year, relevant regulations began to tighten, and illegal digital asset exchanges were strictly investigated.

Although there are still a lot of unreasonable phenomena in the market, such as "Ponzi scheme" and "capital disk", but the market is becoming smarter. "1C0" is increasingly being used as a form of illegal financing. People realize. "Air projects" are being abandoned by the market due to a lack of value, and more and more projects are beginning to accelerate the exploration of ways to integrate with the real economy.

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