EOS hits high and BTC once again challenges 5200 points still strong

Market sentiment: Fear & Greed Index 65 points (greed)

[EOS technical analysis]

On April 6th, EOS/USDT rose strongly, and the daily line closed the long-term line. On the line, the daily line recently relied on the 5-day moving average, and the current upward trend is intact. The current position is in the second brother platform, and the top is 6 dollars. In the vicinity of the previous half-year period, the pressure on the set-up pressure has formed pressure. After the recent retreat, it is expected to fall back after the trial of the annual line. The low position will continue to hold more, the bargain-hunting will be more than the main, and the recent long-range Fengshui Ridge will be 5 US dollars. The average price of Jiancang is divided. The long line does not matter. The US$3.6 is recommended to open the position. At present, the fixed investment cost is higher. It can be seen at the bottom. The long line can be fixed. Today, the support is 5.3 USD, 5.12 USD, and the pressure is 5.5 USD, 5.65 USD.

[EOS Trading Strategy]

If the EOS/USDT does not exceed $5.5 on April 7th, or loses 5.3 yuan, stand on the side, if it is steadily 5.5 dollars, stand more than one side, short-term operation: wait for oversold to do more than one, wait for overbought to make a single empty The sideways are not made.

[BTC technical analysis]

On April 6th, BTC/USDT rose strongly. The daily line closed the mid-yang line. On the line, the daily line relied on the 5MA. After the line change in the morning, it rushed to test the 260-day moving average and then fell back. After the 5-day moving average support, it rebounded. The current price is recovered above the 5-day moving average, and the platform is continued. After waiting for the 10-day moving average, the new uptrend will be brewed. With the right shift of the timeline, the 260-day moving average will fall, and the price will stand above the moving average. Most of the views, long and short feng shui moved up to 4950 points, the upper pressure level is 5200 points, the lower 4950 points, it is recommended to open more positions in the low position, the market bulls dominate, today it is expected to support 5,000 US dollars, 4950 US dollars, the pressure fell 5080 US dollars, $5,200.

[BTC Trading Strategy]

On April 7th, if BTC/USDT has not exceeded $5020, or lost $5,000, the station is empty. If it is stable at $5020, stand on multiple sides, short-term operation: wait for oversold to do more than one, wait for overbought to make a single empty , sideways finishing does not make a single. Due to the random nature of short-term trading, if the HOPEX perpetual contract short-term operation is randomly communicated in the Andy community.

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