"Hua Da Gene" pursues the BaaS platform, what future can genetic technology and blockchain collide?

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The listed company Huada Gene (stock code: 300676) is chasing the blockchain.

At 17:00 on March 30, Shenzhen Huada Gene Technology Co., Ltd. filed its own blockchain BaaS platform in China's largest blockchain information service.

At the China International Big Data Industry Expo in 2018 (hereinafter referred to as the “Number Expo”), Huada Gene announced its own blockchain BaaS platform for the first time and released a white paper. Yang Meng, who was then the head of the blockchain in Huada, said that by using blockchain technology to build a shared infrastructure for omics data, it will promote the flow of digital life under the premise of data security and privacy protection.

Why should the Huada Gene, which has always focused on life science and technology, explore the development of the blockchain BaaS platform? What is the possibility of combining genetic technology with blockchain? The Odaily Planet Daily reporter analyzed this.

"Net Red" in the biomedical world

From the earliest participation in the human genome project, to the publication of a large number of academic papers, to the introduction of gene sequencing instruments to explore genetic technology enabling medicine and successful landing. The Huada Gene is indeed a "net red" enterprise in the biomedical industry.

According to public information, Huada Gene was born in 1999 with the launch of the International Human Genome Project. Over the years, the company has been focusing on the life sciences and has developed a talented echelon.

Someone once commented that Huada Gene has promoted bio-industry and opened up the domestic genetic testing and bioinformatics industries.

In addition to the original human genome project, at present, Huada's genes have indeed made great achievements in the application of genetic science. If it uses genetic testing to achieve non-invasive prenatal diagnostic technology, and promote scale application, it provides a new solution for eugenics and better education, reducing costs.

On July 5, 2017, after the successful IPO of Huada Gene, Huada Gene became a “demonstration unit”.

Party A has counted a data. On November 14, 2017, the stock of Huada Gene rushed to 261.99 yuan after the opening, and the stock price rose more than 17 times. The market value of Huada Gene exceeded 1000 in 4 months after listing. 100 million yuan, once successfully ranked among the top three market capitalization of A-share pharmaceutical listed companies, became the head enterprise in the genetic field.

Boasting that Haikou wants employees to live to 100 years old,

Into the information leakage crisis

The good news of the stock price of Huada Gene did not last long.

The many wonderful quotations of Wang Jian, the chairman of Huada Gene, have inspired the negative sentiments of the investors.

At the number of fairs on May 28, 2018, Wang Jian shared several regulations on employees in the company. He said that “the children of employees are not allowed to have birth defects”, “the employees are not allowed to do stents, bypass surgery, and cannot die. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases", "Employees must live to 100 years old." On the same day, the share price of Huada Gene fell sharply.

Subsequently, in a number of public occasions, Wang Jian has repeatedly released the “confidence” quotations that “the cervical cancer vaccine is not as good as every three years” and “the chemical synthesis of any life within 10 years”. Once pushed to the cusp of public opinion, people have been strongly curious about the leader Wang Jian. Some people commented that Wang Jian is a genetic madman and a marketing master. At that time, there was still media dug out. Wang Jian once made a tombstone for himself. The death time was 2074. It was counted down. Wang Jian was 120 years old when he died.

Then, Huada Gene was caught in the information leakage crisis.

In 2018, Huada Gene published a large-scale genetic test data in the international academic journal Cell, which involved genetic data of 140,000 Chinese. After this incident, it was questioned that the relevant data would be handed over to overseas institutions without the permission of the government. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange inquired about this, and Huada Gene responded: There is no foreign cooperation organization for the “140,000 Chinese Gene Big Data” project.

Coincidentally, when the negative public opinion of genetic data outflow has not subsided, the performance of Huada Gene is also declining. 2018 The results of the first three quarters and third quarter submitted by Huada Gene were lower than market expectations.

The 2018 annual performance report released by Huada Gene this year shows that the operating profit of the company decreased by 0.64% and the basic earnings per share decreased by 3.81%.

At present, Huada's gene stocks are classified in hidden in vitro diagnostics, biomedicine, deep share, gene sequencing, health China, medical device concept, MSCI expectation, blockchain, and the blockchain concept was added on April 1. . After the list of information services for the network office on March 30 this year, the stock price of Huada Gene once showed signs of rapid recovery.

If we say that Huada Gene has become an oligarch in the field of biomedicine and gene sequencing, why should we seek to explore the blockchain? Is it possible to break into the blockchain market by entering the market as a giant BaaS gene?

What is the blockchain BaaS in China?

In fact, the BaaS platform is not uncommon in the blockchain world.

The full name of BaaS is Blockchain as a Service, which translates to “blockchain as a service”. Odaily Planet Daily reported in a blockchain BaaS research report that the BaaS platform embeds the blockchain framework into the cloud computing platform, leveraging the deployment and management advantages of the cloud service infrastructure to provide developers with convenience and high performance. The blockchain ecological environment and ecological supporting services support the developer's business development and operation support blockchain open platform.

The BaaS platform is also a hot pursuit for large companies to enter the blockchain. Currently, BAT in the domestic Internet giant BATJ has developed its own BaaS platform. The BaaS platform is also more focused on a certain segment, such as finance, copyright, and traceability, which are hot areas of BaaS service providers.

The difference is that the BaaS platform made by BGI is more focused on health care.

In the blockchain channel of Huada's official website of Huada Gene, a white paper prepared by the blockchain project team of Huada District was announced.

According to the white paper, Huada Gene has been applying blockchain technology since 2018 and has joined the super-book (Hyperledger, an open source project initiated by the Linux Foundation to promote blockchain digital technology and transaction verification). . Huada Gene said it wants to build a data-based production-level infrastructure based on blockchain.

At present, the blockchain application of Huada Gene is mostly in the field of health care. In the field of health care, data collection, storage and sharing have always been painful points such as data leakage, difficulty sharing, and uncertainty. Whether it is health care or genetic technology, if you want to achieve leap-forward development, you will inevitably have a lot of research on data and samples. In the current environment, cross-institutional data sharing of medical data is also one of the urgent problems to be solved.

To put it simply, Huada Gene wants to use the blockchain to solve these three things:

  • The first is to confirm the personal life data and asset the data resources to achieve personal data autonomy;
  • The second is to use blockchain to meet more secure data sharing and achieve secure sharing of data between organizations;
  • The third is to avoid the single database failure caused by a single point of failure through the distributed storage technology of the blockchain, reduce data leakage accidents caused by centralized storage, and improve data security.

The application of blockchain among medical institutions is not uncommon. Medical institutions mainly use private chains or alliance chains, and there is no large-scale blockchain application.

And it is not easy to build a large inter-agency health care data sharing ecosystem. For a single medical institution, the cost of building a system from zero is high, the investment is large, and there are certain technical barriers.

The Odaily Planet Daily also analyzed that the development of the BaaS platform not only requires high R&D expenses and a large amount of hardware costs, but also has a strong dependence on technology updates. Only large companies and high-income companies have the ability to afford, whether domestic or not. Still abroad, BaaS is almost always controlled by commercial giants.

It is not difficult to see that the reason why Huada Gene entered the BaaS field is more likely to be the BaaS head army in the field of medical health.

Huada Blockchain BaaS is in use

In response to the blockchain BaaS platform in China, the Odaily Planet Daily reported to Huada Gene, Wu Zongze, deputy director of the Investor Relations of Huada, revealed that the blockchain BaaS platform is the business of the non-listed company. The Huada Group blockchain BaaS application is still in the R&D and internal testing phase.

The blockchain official website of Huada District said that at present, the BaaS platform of Huada Gene has gradually opened its API interface in its internal system and external cooperation agencies to provide one-click deployment of blockchain technology for its partners.

The official website also announced five application examples of the blockchain BaaS in Huada District, the employee health data authorization incentive system, the Changsha City Maternal and Child Health Medical Association, and the rare disease multi-party benefit cooperation system.

In the employee health data authorization incentive system, Huada uses blockchain technology to securely share life big data monitored by thousands of employees.

Through the blockchain-based data security sharing system of the Huada blockchain, the data of employees has returned to the hands of individuals, and the data has real value. Employees can sign up through the APP front end and participate in some data recruitment projects. After contributing personal data, employees can get health point incentives. The data consumer can only invoke the user's personal health data through user authorization.

According to its official website, the block-based data interaction model has been applied to the internal cross-group data employee health plan and the external cancer care plan.

In the Changsha City Maternal and Child Health Medical Association System, Huada Gene accesses various institutional nodes on the Changsha City Maternal and Child Health Platform to the BazaS platform of the China University Block Chain, and scientifically screens and diagnoses data between organizations. .

In the multi-faceted benefit cooperative system of rare diseases, Huada Gene cooperates with the associated disease organization to create a rare disease gene resource sharing platform to promote multi-party collaboration and promote rare diseases under the premise of ensuring the safety and privacy protection of genetic data of rare patients. the study.

Even if a number of use cases have been disclosed, can Huada Gene swallow the blockchain + gene technology, blockchain + health care?

In fact, there are quite a few teams currently doing the same blockchain exploration. Nebula, the gene value chain HGBC, and Healio, previously reported by the Odaily Planet Daily, are exploring the possibility of blockchain+gene sequencing.

For the possibility of blockchain+gene sequencing, the HGBC team analyzed that the current medical field has gradually moved toward precision medicine. Precision medicine is inseparable from accurate data. Gene sequencing plays an important role in current targeted therapy and immunotherapy of tumors. The role. Joining the blockchain, in addition to constructing a secure and trusted shared environment, the blockchain also allows everyone to truly control their own health data, and has incentives to contribute their own data, so that more real data will be used. Future medical research.

For the layout of the blockchain BaaS in Huada District, some insiders commented that the Odaily Planet Daily said that it is only used within the enterprise and whether it can be promoted to the public.

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