Exclusive 丨 Alipay launched the world's first flying blockchain phone on April Fool's Day!

Today is April Fool's Day. According to unwritten practices, technology companies usually choose to show their own "black technology" to the outside world on this day. Alipay opened a huge brain for everyone on this April Fool's Day and launched an imaginative super smartphone.

Alipay April Fools Day mobile phone

As can be seen from the video, this mobile phone uses a flexible full-screen, with a built-in micro-turbojet engine on both sides of the phone. The internal circuit is equipped with sensors for sound, smell, vision, fingerprint, etc., while using 5G, IOT, AI, Biometrics and a series of cutting-edge technologies to achieve folding, flying, anti-counterfeiting, anti-bullying, anti-theft and many other functions.

Hey, isn’t that the world’s first blockchain mobile phone that will fly? Flying is flying, where is the blockchain used?

Babbitt noticed that it was really impossible to visually see where the cell phone chain technology was used from the 1 minute promotional video given by Alipay. However, there are some details that may be worth our attention.

Detail 1: Product traceability

Alipay April Fools Day Phone 1

As shown in the picture, a box of earth eggs is placed on the table, and a super smart phone can be used to easily know the origin, source and date of production of the eggs.

Babbitt speculated that behind this technology it is possible to use the ant blockchain technology.

This is not difficult to understand. I still remember the Alipay blockchain traceability machine that Alipay displayed on the scene of the popular science column "Intelligence in the Future" broadcasted by Zhejiang Satellite TV last month. In a very grounded way, the public display of the blockchain in the life of the public, not only let everyone know what blockchain, but also rely on blockchain technology to buy authentic goods.

In fact, as early as November 2017, Ant Financial Services has applied the self-developed blockchain technology to food safety and authentic traceability. Users only need to open the Alipay App to scan the QR code of the product. Includes all information such as origin, date of manufacture, logistics, inspection, etc.

Detail 2: The mobile phone automatically flies back remotely (recognize the master return)

Alipay April Fools Day Phone 2

(In a smart city scene, the stolen phone automatically flies back to the owner)

If the phone is stolen, don't worry. With facial recognition technology and a micro-turbojet engine, the phone refuses to provide service and flies back to the owner when it finds that the owner is not operating the phone.

In the process of finding the owner of the mobile phone, the position of the owner is moving at any time. The mobile phone can communicate with the surrounding IoT devices in the smart city through its own multi-dimensional sensor, calculate and determine the flight path in real time.

The transmission and calculation of data must be carried out under the premise of ensuring user privacy. This is because, for mobile phones, if the owner's appearance or sound is directly sent to the IoT device in the city, the privacy of the owner's personal information will be revealed. For IoT devices, if the photo of the owner's location is directly captured and transmitted to the mobile phone, the surrounding information will be leaked.

At this time, MPC (Secure Multiparty Computing) comes in handy. Secure multi-party computing technology enables raw data to be calculated without the need for collection and sharing, protecting the privacy of data owners.

According to Babbitt observation , blockchain + safe multi-party calculation is an important direction of ant blockchain technology research . Therefore, we can boldly guess: In order to protect personal privacy, the ant blockchain uses a secure multi-party computing technology in this mobile phone. The mobile phone and the sensor use the one-time irreversible transformation method agreed by both parties to process the biometric data, and the transformed data will be processed. Fuzzy matching is done to ensure that the owner's information "who, where, and what to do" is not available to other IoT devices on the Internet of Things. Then combine TEE (Trusted Execution Environment), ZKP (Zero Knowledge Proof) and other technologies to achieve trusted edge calculation, predict the owner's position through encrypted machine learning, determine the flight trajectory, and quickly fly back to the owner.

Detail three: wallet

Alipay April Fools Day Phone 3

In the digital economy, every smartphone is an e-wallet. Although this feature is not shown in the video, as a super smart phone, the e-wallet is definitely there, and it should be unusual.

Why do you say that?

I still remember that in June 2018, a Filipino domestic worker working in Hong Kong realized cross-border remittance within 3 seconds through Alipay? Behind it is the support of ant blockchain technology.

We know that traditional bank cross-border remittances can take anywhere from 10 minutes to several days and can only be serviced during working hours. The use of blockchain technology allows cross-border remittance agencies to simultaneously process and verify remittance transactions, significantly increasing cross-border remittance efficiency. According to reports, Alipay blockchain wallet can complete cross-border remittance 24 hours a day, 3 seconds.

Of course, this wallet is more than just daily payments and remittances. Babbitt has heard from Alipay engineers, and this wallet can also provide users with a credible identification .

Translated into vernacular is: no longer use ID card! The wallet is a universal ID card .

In daily life, a large number of scenes need to use ID cards, such as Internet cafes, hotels, etc. If you want to go abroad to apply for a visa, ask for more materials. The main purpose of asking for this information is to prove "you are you". As for what "you" is, sometimes it doesn't matter.

For example, if you go to the Internet, you need to provide an ID card only to prove that you are at least 18 years old. The privacy information such as age, name, household registration, and ID number on the ID card is not necessary. However, incidents of user information disclosure caused by the abuse of identity cards are not uncommon.

In January 2019, one of the "Top Ten Consumer Infringements in 2018" jointly selected by the Ministry of Public Security, the China Consumers Association, the All-China Lawyers Association and the Central Radio and Television General Station was: personal information was peddled, and Internet users were "streaking". . Websites, hotels, express delivery companies, etc. have all become the source of information disclosure. The sale of personal information has become an open black industry chain. Personal information that should be protected has become a publicly advertised commodity. The public is similar in the Internet world. "Streaking."

Therefore, Alipay Encrypted Wallet proposes to solve the problem of "you are you" using a zero-knowledge proof scheme. Zero-knowledge proof can enable the prover to believe in a certain prover without providing any useful information to the verifier. The argument is correct.

In this way, when you go to the Internet cafe, you only need to pull out the mobile phone. If the network management scans through a special instrument, you can only be a legal citizen who is 18 years old or older. In addition to this information, Internet cafes will not obtain any other irrelevant information to prevent personal information from being abused. For example, when you need to provide a property certificate and other property certificates when you apply for a visa, you only need to prove that the value of your property meets the visa requirements. The private information such as the value and location of the property will not be disclosed.

In general, this flying blockchain mobile phone, blockchain technology is mainly used for product traceability, identification of the return of the main, encrypted electronic wallet three places. Among them, the traceability of goods and cross-border remittances have been completed in the application of real life scenarios. The safe multi-party computing involved in returning to the home is still facing some technical bottlenecks that need to be broken. The universal ID card is still in the stage of imagination.

This is the second time Alipay has implanted blockchain elements into April Fool's Day products . Last year, Alipay announced that it was the world's first blockchain paint block 7, the driver sprayed it on the car, it can turn the car into a node on the blockchain, thus preventing the collision of porcelain and smart travel. Looking at it now, this blockchain paint is a bit too avant-garde, and it is not easy to get on the chain. The blockchain mobile phone released this year seems to be more grounded, and there is not much problem from the technical argument.

As the Alibaba Dharma Institute released at the beginning of this year, "Dharma Institute 2019 Top Ten Technology Trends" said that the blockchain has returned to rationality and commercialization has accelerated. In fact, in the past two years, the ant blockchain has been deployed in more than 30 application scenarios, from charity, commodity traceability, cross-border remittance, supply chain finance, electronic bills to copyright protection.

Behind this is the self-controllable, high-performance, high-reliability, high-security financial-grade blockchain platform created by Ant Financial, the ant blockchain BaaS platform. Through the ant blockchain BaaS platform empowerment, it provides blockchain node services for enterprises in the sub-sectors, helping enterprises to quickly adapt to the underlying technology of the blockchain and establish the scenarios and environments required for their own business.

Want to achieve more blockchain innovation with ants, join the blockchain innovation contest organized by Ant Financial, the official website experience: https://dc.cloud.alipay.com/index#/topic/intro?id= 10

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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