In the face of the flood season, eight industries screamed for a short period of time to reveal the market prospects

On March 30th, the 2019 New Era Mining Summit, hosted by Coin Printing, was held in Chengdu. The summit focused on the upcoming “Fengshui Period”, which attracted mining distributors, miners, mines, mining pools, Cloud computing, wallets, quantification, currency lending and exchanges and many other companies.

In the face of the upcoming flood season in 2019, what do they think? Come and listen to what the industry giants say at this conference.


Coin-printed Zhu Xi: During the flood season, the whole network will challenge 70E, 180W/t mining machine or the last battle

It is the calculation power, currency price and electricity price of the whole network that determines the starting amount of the mining machine. At present, mining has entered the era of low profit, the computing power will not skyrocket, but with the arrival of the flood season, the whole network computing power will break through 50E, which may challenge 60E or even 70E. The 2019 flood season will be the last battle of some old machines. For example, a miner below 120W/t that has been shut down before the flood season can be restarted, such as Avalon 8 Series, E10. In comparison, a 180W/t miner may be the last battle, such as Shenma M3. Department and Avalon 7 series.

Bit micro Zhang Wencheng: high computing power, low power mining machine will be the mainstream of the market

On March 28th, bitcoin trading volume exceeded 380,000, which was the same as the peak of bitcoin in January 2018, indicating that the market is picking up. In 2019, the mining industry has three major characteristics. First, the volume of second-hand mining machines fell, but prices rose. Second, the mine capacity is already more than the mining capacity. Third, new funds will enter the market, and the volume will be large, and the entire industry chain will be laid.

There will be three new trends in the industry in 2019: the currency price is bullish, the computing power is bullish, the new machine trading will gradually become active, and the computing power increase may be 20%-30%. In the new era mining background, the mining machine has two characteristics. The computing power is large, the single machine power will be above 40T, the power consumption is low, and it will be below 50w. If you fail to meet these two points, the market will not be easy to do.

Qionggang, co-founder of Core Dynamics: The calculation of the wet season is expected to increase by 30%-40%

Mining is the use of electricity rather than wasting electricity, using electricity to promote power development. During the flood season, the computing power is coming to war, and it is expected to increase by 30%-40%. However, it is a gamble to dig a flood season, and the risk of gambling is extremely high. Mining should be a long-term job.

Yu Wei: The mine will become the super-calculation center of the IDC-like standard

Yu Wei once worked in Bitland and was known as the first person in China's mine construction. He believes that the price of the currency is the main or even the only factor that determines the ups and downs of Bitcoin's computing power. Electricity prices are not a problem. From the trend of computing power, in 2013, the power consumption of Bitcoin in the whole network was 0.5 million kilowatts, and in 2018 it reached 5.5 million kilowatts. But will the power consumption under the Pow mechanism increase indefinitely due to the rise in the price of coins? In fact, the power consumption ratio of computing power is declining. In the future, the mine can only mine. He believes that the value of the mine is greater than that of the mining machine. With the government's attention and policy landing, the mine will gradually develop into the IDC standard stage and become the super-calculation center.

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The coin is printed by Pan Zhiwei: Three years ago, you are no different from yours, you may be thrown out.

Holding money is the most stable way, and then work with peace of mind. If you are surrounded by news all day, you will be scared to throw away the coins, or throw up the coins. The bull market can see a lot of people who can make money, the bear market is gone, they make money in the bull market. Three years ago, you and your present are no different, you may be thrown out of the market. If you want to get rid of the fate of leek, you need to learn, but many people often don't learn.

You may not have used cash for a long time. We entered the electronic age of the renminbi and there is no privacy. In the future, the landing of privacy technology and payment networks will bring about a full-scale outbreak of the market.

Bit deer Lu Haiyi: The flood season is a battle for capital and computing power

The flood season is a battle of money and computing power. Whoever has cheap electricity will have money. The flood season is not the spring of everyone. First of all, transportation costs and loss rates are insurmountable pits. Secondly, the change in the price of the currency, the difficulty of mining, and the existing routines in the industry make the flood season full of uncertainty. Finally, after the end of the flood season, the fate of some machines is difficult to predict.

Bit deer built a cloud computing platform through industry chain integration and bargaining power, which is an opportunity in this context. During the flood season, the 7nm chip mining machine S17 mining package was launched. The energy efficiency ratio of the new mainland mining machine was significantly improved, and the electricity cost accounted for 39% of the mining cost ratio.

Bit Express Zhang Ying: When the green and yellow are not connected, give birth to opportunities

The core of mining is three points, mining machines, mines and capital. But these three points have different levels of problems at present. The price of the miner fluctuates with the price of bitcoin. Cheap hydropower is limited, what should I do during the dry season? The migration loss of the mining machine is very large, up to 20%. Guerrilla warfare is not the best option. Everyone pays attention to Bitcoin, which is worthy of the future currency price, but the long-term bear market has to be sold immediately, and there is no money to continue investing.

I don't think it is a market for oligopoly, and the new mining brand still has opportunities. Therefore, we invested more than one billion yuan to build a service from mining machine to mine to financial one-stop service. We hope to cut into the market problem from the role of service provider: on the mining machine product, we jointly developed with the top three mobile phone chip companies in the world. Film, to ensure product efficiency and stability; to create a compliant, stable scale of the mine; through the capital to provide financial services for miners. When the market is not connected, it can usher in rapid development and improvement.

Yingfeng International Li Ming: Domestic Red Sea, Blue Ocean abroad

I have three perceptions of the industry. First, the domestic Red Sea, the blue ocean abroad. Second, there are many players, the homogenization is serious, and the quality resources are scarce. The future competition will be the competition of resource integration + capital operation. Third, the practitioners lack the market value management and the interaction between industry and finance, and need to raise the awareness of “taking the world to do the world”. In other words, the mining industry needs to transform to specialization, and obtain the recognition and return of the investment market from a financial perspective.

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